The Best Selling Products on | 2019

hi I'm Megan and I'm Kelly as 2019 comes

to a close we wanted to share with you

some of our top products from this year

and why our staff love them just as much

as you guys do


one of my favorite products is Egyptian

magic if you're like me and your skin

gets boned dry as soon as the weather

gets cold this is a must-have in your

cabinet it's a thick rich creamy bomb

and it's great for everything from

cuticles to your lips to your face

everything in between this cabinet size

should last you all winter long I love

everything from the ordinary and their


is no exception it's my go-to everyday

serum I put it on every morning and

every night it's perfect for my acne

prone skin and I find it super balancing

and super calming the mad hippy vitamin

C serum is an award-winning serum and

it's one of our customers favorite

beauty products of 2019 the reviews are

amazing with many of our customers

saying that it's been a game changer in

their beauty routine for me personally

I've tried a lot of vitamin C serums and

what I love about this one is that it's

vegan very importantly it goes on non

sticky it's packed full of antioxidants

and it has a great texture which kind of

gives your skin that natural glow which

I absolutely love this year out of

collagen is my routine to help maintain

healthy hair skin and nails

I love the progressive collagen because

it dissolves easily and it's completely

flavorless so I can add it into my

morning coffee and I can't even taste it

these honest company baby wipes are

strong thick and absorbent but most of

all they're gentle and effective perfect

for sensitive little buttons

I love all of the smart sweets flavors

equally so the variety bundle is

absolutely perfect for me it gives me

three of each flavor that I can keep a

stockpile in my house for any time I'm

feeling snacky I can kick sugar with

just three grams of sugar per bag and

only 80 calories my favorite product

from 2019 is the Ordinaries glycolic

acid seven percent toning solution I

started using this product a couple of

months ago and it instantly became a

staple in my nighttime skincare routine

I was really struggling with some

breakouts and my skin was looking pretty

dull once I started using this product

my skin start to clear up look brighter

and it felt a lot smoother so if you've

been struggling with the same issues

that I've been struggling with I highly

recommend this product I love this

peanut butter because one it's called

fat so I mean who doesn't love a name

like fat so but once I tried it I

realized it was a little bit different

because it's got avocado oil coconut oil

and chia seeds so recently I've been

having this with on a piece of bread or

in my smoothie and I really love it I

love the crispiness three-in-one

flattening iron because it lets me

straighten curl or wave my hair and it

has four different temperature settings

it keeps my hair smooth and sleek


I am so excited to talk about my

favorite romper from smashing tusks this

is a Sunday romper this Canadian brand

is a favorite for our employees to our

customers I love to wear it on cozy

night ends when I'm running errands and

on travel days it's perfect and it's one

of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe