How to use WEEDMAPS in my hometown.

hello everybody this is high academic

Syme Willy this is the YouTube channel

for the new cannabis user and today I'm

going to show you how to get medical

cannabis in Fresno California the first

thing you're gonna do is go to your App

Store type in weed maps into your search

browser it should be pretty easy to find

download onto your phone fill out the

prompts and you're gonna look for a

doctor on your area these guys have 4.9

so we're going to go with him hello I

was wondering if if today you're

available to do a walk-in okay cool


I'm not exactly sure how cool it is for

me to record in there so we'll see what


all right I just left dr. Douglas kurz

office he didn't want me to record the

session where that was because he really

wanted to protect the privacy of what he

does and a lot of the stigma around you

know it still was still kind of sketchy

when it comes to this kind of situation

so he preferred not to be recorded which

is fine

I really respect him he's a really great

guy we did let me take a picture with

him which is awesome but it was really

quick he's very professional it was just

very awesome he asked questions it

wasn't just over a computer he took his

time and it was at a very reasonable

price so all right my head home and go

medicate so next what you're gonna do is

register with a delivery service you can

find one around your area or wherever

you like I like these guys because they

have pretty good stuff in there fast

quick you gotta take a picture of your

recommendation and your ID have them

verify for you send it to them in the

head of verified

within an hour or two they'll have

something delivered to your front door

very discreetly and you'll be ready to

do whatever you like now you've got your

stuff you can take it edible take a DAB

you can also vape it or my favorite is

to smoke the [ __ ] thanks for watching

high dynamics everybody saw it for now

poses I have vastly underestimated how

much hard work YouTube is so I put a

little bit more money into my production

side of things hopefully I put bring

more content for you guys thanks for

watching henkaa demyx guys until the

next video