How to Sell on Wayfair

I'm confused I don't understand how to sell the Wayfair. My name is Heather

Roberts and I am the Co-Founder and COO of RSG Sales. We help brands and

suppliers grow their e-commerce sales channel through account management and

e-commerce account training. We get this question a lot with potential

clients. They say I'm confused I don't I don't get it. How do I do this

with Wayfair? So, what do I mean by that there are three common misconceptions

that suppliers have when they want to become a new partner with

The first is price. Second is freight or shipping. The third is returns.

Wayfair is more a more traditional retailer or retailer in general. They are

not a marketplace at all. It is the biggest misconception I

think that suppliers have when they want to work with The

first difference is price. Wayfair sets a retail price and the supplier

sets the wholesale price. Period. Just that easy.

The second confusion is freight and shipping. Wayfair makes this

so easy for suppliers. pays the cost of freight whether you ship

LTL or you are shipping small parcel. Wayfair provides the suppliers with

their account numbers. And makes it easy as 1-2-3. The last big

difference is returns, damages, and defects.Wayfair makes this very easy for

suppliers. They have an allowance program.The percentage is different by category. The

allowance it comes off of each invoice. This allows the suppliers to not have to

deal with the hassle of returns, the cost and the expense of taking those

returns back .The returns allowance and damage defects allowance is

all rolled into one. The percentage is it is different by category.

Some are higher. Some are lower but, it is a program that in the end says saves

suppliers quite a bit of money. To recap the most common misconceptions: price, returns, and

freight. If you have any questions please go to

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