Warframe: How to get Platinum and How to Trade for Beginners 2020

hey everybody what is going on cereal of

Jeff here and today I'm playing a

warframe what I'm gonna be doing today

in the game warframe is showing you guys

how to trade and how to get platinum in

warframe so there's a few different ways

of doing this but the first way we're

gonna cover in the way that you can do

the earliest in the game is to go to

Marie's Bazaar naruse Bazaar is located

on Mars and it's a unique area in

warframe where avatars or warframes can

come and trade or list items up for

trade and what they call a shop so

what's gonna happen you're gonna go into

this weird this bizarre-looking Bazaar

get what I did there you're gonna go

into this weird-looking area basically

where all these warframes have their

hands held high above their heads if you

message these guys and you ask what

question they have they're gonna get

very mad at you so don't do that what

these avatars are what these warframes

are doing is they actually have things

for trade so if you go out to them you

hit X you can trade with them if you

look at their avatar above their head

there's gonna be a list of items that

they've got up for sale now if you're

the entrepreneurial type and you

actually want to list your own items up

for sale hit the Q key or whatever you

set the emot-- key to I don't know what

you did but whatever you set that ammo

key to that's what you're gonna click

that's gonna give you the option to set

up a shop once you've got your shop set

up or once you're going into the sort of

the screen that I've got here you can

see all the items that you have that you

can trade if an item is not showing up

here and you actually have that item it

means you just can't trade that item so

you can take any item that you want to

trade and you can just click it bring it

over to one of these six items over on

the right-hand side of the screen and

those are gonna be the six items that

you have up for sale what this means is

that at any one time in the game

warframe you can trade six items and

based on your mastery rank you're gonna

be able to do more or less trade so if

you're a low mastery rank you might only

get a few trades a day that you can do

so keep that in mind when you're making

trades and try to make every trade

account especially if you're one of

those people who's just going hardcore

into this game and you're gonna have

more hours and I do in under a week

you're gonna want to well you're gonna

want to save your trades and make as

many as you can or early on and make

those things really count because that's

how you're gonna get platinum or you're

gonna use your little credit card you

know you just swipe the credit card and

then you get platinum miraculously it's

crazy how it works you can actually pay

to get

or you can grind your way up and get

platinum the good old-fashioned hard way

through trading so here we go basically

I'm putting these items up for sale

what's gonna happen then is my avatars

gonna raise his hand above his head that

means I've got these items up for sale

anyone can click ax and initiate a trade

with me now the real thing to pay

attention to here is that this Bazaar

opens up pretty early it's on the planet

Mars so if you're looking to trade or

turn platinum and your mastery rank is

above two that means you're gonna have

the option to trade with the mastery

rank above two it's completely okay if

you don't have a dojo yet but if you and

whoever you're trying to trade with

neither of you has a dojo you're gonna

want to come here it's gonna be a little

bit harder to meet you're gonna have to

explain what your warframes look like

but you're still gonna be able to meet

and make a trade so if you're very new

you don't have a dojo pay attention here

because this is the place to go

especially if you and whoever you're

trading with don't have dojos and if

you're wondering how to get a dojo there

will be a cereal overdrive video on that

but just not yet anyways next up here's

the next sort of best way to sell your

item well the second best way to sell

your items the first best way is coming

up by the way so you can go to the trade

chat so you're gonna see here you just

click over to this trading channel and

then you type in what you want to sell

WTS sell stands for want to sell WT B

and stands for want to buy anything else

you're typing into this chat is

completely useless but um here you go

you can put those brackets in it's gonna

autofill the item for you so it's a

super nice that it does that and then

you can just put whatever item you want

for trade up there and someone's gonna

message you if they've got it same with

want to buy you can also look for

someone selling an item you know how it

works now if you want the easiest way to

make a trade in warframe and to earn

platinum in warframe here it is you go

to the site called warframe markets you

can just google that here there's gonna

be a list of well there's gonna be a

search box in that search box you type

the item you're looking for you the item

you're looking to sell and you're gonna

get a list of buyers and sellers if

you're looking to sell an item go to the

list of sellers see how much platinum

they have that item listed for and then

just copy the text that's gonna pop up

on the site you paste that text into

your chat box it's gonna automatically

match the mess

the person looking to buy or sell the

item that you're looking to buy or sell

that messages are gonna be sent out

there's gonna be a few follow-up

questions like how many of these items

are you trying to sell maybe there's

gonna be some price haggling if the

person wasn't quite honest and they're

listing or if you want to get a little

bit more a little bit less generally if

an items worth one platinum and that's

what everybody's paying is probably not

worth hassling but if you can see one

guy online trying to buy an item for one

platinum and normally about item sells

for 20 platinum you can probably get him

to raise his price a little bit so don't

don't be afraid to haggle and don't be

afraid to walk away if people are

offline and they're offering a better

price and it might just be worth waiting

it out but don't wait for the best price

buyer to show up because some of these

guys are literally never gonna come

online or you're never gonna see my mind

at least and for those you wondering

this this game does sort of hook up to

so the website hooks up to the game so

it can tell when you're online anyways

what's gonna happen then and once you

initiate a trade you can get invited to

a players dojo or you're gonna invite

them to your dojo and from there you can

initiate a trade what you do there is

then you just put the items that you

agreed to trade into the trade box again

you can only trade six items at any one

time so pay attention to your mastery

rank because you only have a certain

amount of trades to make based on your

mastery rank also please note that this

is per day so this is how many trades

you can make per day so don't agree to

trade five million items with a player

because you're not gonna be able to do

it so yeah once you've got that you're

gonna just see how this goes I'm selling

some amber stars it's probably not the

best thing to sell because you can use

those later for endo farming but I

decided to sell them for five platinum

so I sold five stars got five platinum

and now I've got five more platinum to

my account so it's that easy that is how

easy it is to make platinum in the game

warframe again I'm gonna go into how do

you can farm platinum and all that later

on but the way sort of if you're a new

player this is the way you want to do it

you just go through everything you've

got you sell what you're not looking to

use at the time and you can get platinum

for that later on you're gonna want to

get a little bit more efficient with it

start farming things that actually give

you better payouts but for now this is

how it's gonna work for you and this is

probably the best way to do it anyways

that's a video I hope it helped you guys

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