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hey guys this dad was born in here from EECOM cash Queen dot-com your e-commerce

business coach and marketing success strategist

welcome welcome in guys today we're talking about connecting the Bonello

dot-com sales channel to a Shopify store just to give you a little bit of

background when the video if you have been kind of following along with the

series I'm kind of doing a case study where I'm setting up a general store

Shopify store for my mom and I am connecting as many sales channels so

that she can generate some free traffic guys some free traffic so today guys

we're discussing with nello so if you kind of want to follow along be sure to

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that all the links are below so that you can grab that and let's get started so

I'm gonna go into her Shopify dashboard so far guys I have added the wish

dot-com sales channel which I believe that they're still currently reviewing

I've added Pinterest which is a prove I've added Facebook and the facebook

Messenger as well so today guys I'm going to be working on adding her when

that little account to the store so I want to connect when lo2 her products so

I'm literally just gonna click Add sales channel and I'm gonna wait and see what


so now what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to sign in to her um

Whannell Oh business account so she already actually has but when Loa

Council if you already have an account guys you can just click sign in and you

can use your information just to log into your 1ll account if you don't

already have one that will account you're gonna need to go through and just

create the account so I'm going to pause just a moment so I can feel her

information I'll be right back hey guys so I'm back I went ahead and logged into

my mom's I'm store so I'm gonna go ahead and upload the store logo so so it's

very easy to do this guys because they're literally just going to like

walk you through the steps from doing this so it's really not hard to do so

I'm gonna go I'm down and grab my mom's square logo for this I'm going to go

ahead and paste the description that I already have on her store at the bottom

um and I am going to I'm just gonna say

thank you for visiting instead of shopping okay estimated delivery time

I'll just say 5 to 15 on business days shipping charge I'm actually not gonna

charge that I'm just gonna say it's free

customer support email address I'm gonna go ahead and put in the one she has

right now and guys I don't suggest that you use like a yahoo account for now

chatting her up so you know okay number of days for returns I'll say 14 and this

is not her address information it's just um some other stuff so you can put any

of your additional terms or services here in the box you can stay whatever

else that you want to say to your customers for now I'm just gonna leave

it blank I'm gonna go next and this looks like it's too long when they're

making me do the country codes I'm just gonna phone number I'm gonna do like a

random thing for now

let me shorten this a little bit like I did and you see so I'm just shortening

these words a little bit so they can fit

you're shortening some of these words guys you see if this will be the trick

not sure let me see if this still too long I'm just gonna say thanks for

visiting see if that does it

you you




hmmm I think it's still too long so down here your return policy you can go ahead

and paste that in there you can just say like 14 days we allow 14 days returns

are reviewed on a case-by-case basis certain items are not able to be

returned due to sanitary items must be received

in unborn condition and original packaging

returns may be subject to a 20% restocking fee now the thing is is that

when owl may not allow that to be honest but I'm just putting it in because

that's typically like my standard this is still too long so I'm just gonna take

out thanks for visiting and see if that will do the trick

extremely short they really don't give you much space to see much okay we got

it so um I will just say she's an individual and down here I'm just going

to put all of her information so

her bank account and routing number all this information I'm actually gonna have

to get directly from her so what I'm gonna do is pause and go ahead and get

that information and come back to you guys in just a moment all right I'm back

so I went ahead and submitted the bank account information social security

number all that information you want to put the account that you want payments

to be deposited in and now I'm on this page where it says my request is being

processed let me refresh um and see where we're at they're still reviewing

or what yeah so it looks like as of right now they're still processing it

typically as long as you have all the information in here and the information

is accurate and my mom already has a one that little store so it shouldn't take

long so the key to making these process guys go quickly is you know just making

sure that you fill out all the information that they require and you

should be good to go if you want to learn more about selling or now I do

have other videos I'm sure I have some trainings and my group says Wow and just

remember that with the one that will sales channel you will have to pay 2 out

of your own money to fill the orders first and then when that will you know

reimburse you after the tracking numbers are added and maybe some days past that

so just keep that in mind that you will have to kind of so fill orders in the

hole for a while will always and get paid later before you add that sales

channel so that's pretty much it that concludes this video guys thank you so

much for joining in get that money love you guys be blessed and prosperous

and I will see you later