How to Sell on Walmart Marketplace - 2021 Step by Step guide

hey what's up youtube in today's video

i'm going to be talking about what i

think is going to be the next

massive gold brush in e-commerce sales

and that's selling on stay


all right welcome everybody nate back

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sometimes walmart sellers

okay now a lot of people don't actually

realize that

is almost entirely third-party sellers i

looked up the data on this

and walmart released that 92.5 of all

the inventory on

is by third party sellers that's a huge


i mean if you compare that to amazon

amazon is about 70

30 like 70 third-party sellers 30

actually amazon

walmart 92 and then the rest seven and a

half percent is

walmart and that's crazy so i want to

show you guys what this looks like so

let's say you're a walmart customer and

you're trying to buy some

nike socks so you can go here we search

for nike socks

we'll just click one now if i'm a

customer normally this is as far as i

scroll these are the socks that i want

35 is the price i'm cool paying add to


but if you scroll down you can actually


that it's sold and shipped by that


okay now that is a third party that's

not actually amazon that's someone like

us who's who could very well be just

shipping stuff out of their garage okay

same thing with

with this so we switch variations and

now we actually see that there's

multiple sellers selling the same item

so it's it's

built just like amazon where there's a


and multiple sellers can be on the same

listing we can see here there's two

different sellers

this one's a little bit cheaper this one

will ship you a little bit faster

but there's two different sellers on

this same listing and neither one

is actually walmart it's third-party


like me and like you that are trying to

make an income from home and that's why

i think this is going to be

sort of the next big thing selling on

walmart so we're going to talk about


of the numbers that go behind this some


the crazy like estimations that i

actually found when i was doing my


and then i'll show you guys how to

actually set up your account alright so

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so let's dive into some of these numbers

um i i was looking up how big is

uh and how much they actually sell and

what kind of growth they're looking at

apparently they rose in the first

quarter of this year they rose 74

that's a monstrous number and it's due


i mean all of the crazy things that are

happening in the world people don't want

to go

into stores they want to shop online so

it grew by 74

which is a huge number now how huge is


well when i went over to forbes they are

estimating that walmart is going to pull

in about 38

billion dollars from their e-commerce

side in

2020. now this particular forbes article

was actually written

in march march 2nd so

this was right at the beginning of

everything that happened

all the lockdowns and everything so i

wouldn't be surprised if this is


significantly larger but let's just go

with it let's say 38 billion is is what

they're gonna do

i was curious to compare these numbers

to amazon numbers because

as you know if you've watched our

channel we are amazon sellers i love

selling on amazon i think it's great i

think there's a lot of opportunity and i

think you should all be doing it

but i wanted to compare the walmart

seller numbers to the amazon seller

numbers to get an idea of what kind of

competition and sales we can be looking

at so

the first thing i did is i pulled up the

walmart stats now i get this data from a

site it's called marketplace pulse big

shout out to you guys

you put out some awesome stuff um so

we're looking at this data this is from

amazon so

amazon in 2019 third-party sellers sold

200 billion dollars of

inventory and there were three million

active sellers on amazon okay so i

did just some quick and easy math that

means for every seller there is on


every seller theoretically could roughly

be generating about 66

666 dollars okay if you take that 200

billion divided by three million

different sellers

that's roughly what you get okay now

obviously there's some sellers that are


10 million and there's some sellers

doing a hundred dollars okay but

on average that's how much uh money each

seller is generating

now i wanted to compare that with

walmart okay

now with walmart these are

unfortunately these are last year's

numbers we don't have this year's

numbers yet but if we extrapolate this


continue on the same course i think it's


to guess that there's going to be going

to be about a 25

growth in the number of sellers that

will put us

for the sake of easy math roughly at 38

000 sellers okay i think that's a

reasonable guess for how many sellers

there are going to be on the walmart

marketplace 38 000.

now if you remember i'll jump back over

here to forbes they're estimating 38

billion in sales it's 92 and a half


third-party sellers and there's 38

000 sellers if we do that math

that means for every one seller on each one of those one


theoretically could be generating one

million dollars

in revenue that is a huge difference

comparing amazon the 66 000 per seller

to walmart one million dollars per


now walmart obviously they're not as big

as amazon

but they're not microscopic either i

mean 38 billion

compared to 200 billion yeah it's


but it's in the same ballpark you're

playing the same game so

we highly recommend people look into

this if it works for you

jump into it okay now i want to get into

some of the nitty-gritty details of how

this actually works

if you are currently an amazon seller

this will make a lot more sense to you

if you're not currently an amazon seller

i recommend watching a previous video

that talks about it's called merchant

fulfilling on amazon and that will sort

of explain some of these concepts so

i'm going to assume that you are

currently selling on amazon or

ebay it would be a similar model for


so with walmart everything is merchant

fulfilled there's no fulfillment center

that you're shipping stuff to there's no

warehouse that you're shipping stuff to

you are shipping directly from you to

the customer okay

so just like with amazon it would be

like you're doing fbm so if you are

accustomed or you're used to doing fbm

orders on amazon it's going to be very

simple for you to transition over

you list your product on walmart if the

customer buys it it ships directly from

you to the customer

easy peasy the shipping stuff is very

similar you're using like the same kind

of usps

boxes and all of that stuff so all of

like the shipping logistics

are very very similar to what you're

already doing

there's not really much of a learning

curve that you're going to have there

now in order to actually get this

account set up you're going to need to



okay i'll show you guys this on my

screen here


it's very very very simple um what i

like about the walmart application i'm

again going to compare

amazon to walmart if you're applying to

sell on

amazon amazon

is a little bit finicky they sometimes

accept certain documents and sometimes

they don't it really depends on who is


at your application um so sometimes

maybe your license

your driver's license will get rejected

sometimes your passport will get

rejected sometimes the other one will

work and the first one won't

okay it's it's a little bit frustrating

but the barrier to entry is smaller


you on amazon you can use your own

personal name you don't have to have a

business entity you don't have to have

like an ein or an llc

or a tax id number none of that is


to sell on amazon but then because of

that they have a lot of applicants and

they're trying to weed through people

and sometimes they get things wrong

so it can be a little bit frustrating

when you're first starting on amazon

getting set up

on walmart to contrast that

it's more difficult um to actually get

an account

it's they have much higher requirements

you can't just use your social security

you have to actually have a business you

have to have an ein number you have to

have your

your tax exempt uh number id all of that


all set you need like your bank account

all of that stuff needs to be set in

order for you to sell on walmart they

don't want joe schmo off the street

they want businesses to come and join

them and partner with them to sell on

their e-commerce platform

now on the flip side because they're

more stringent they don't have as many


it's easier to deal with 38 000 sellers

than 3 million

sellers so logistically it's a much


function to manage and for the most part

we haven't heard crazy stories of people

getting denied when they should have

been accepted or vice versa

it's very straightforward so again we're

at marketplace

walmart you just click that request to

sell button

the application is very straightforward


about five steps it will take you 10 to

15 minutes not too crazy as long as you

have all your ducks in a row make sure

you have all your like ein information

and all of that if you do not currently

have a business then don't bother with


that's step one you can't do anything on

walmart if you don't actually have

a legal business entity it doesn't

matter if it's a sole proprietor or an

llc or

what have you but you you will need to

have like your

your business id your ein number your

tax id all of that stuff you need to

have up front so make sure you grab all

of that

um yeah and they give you a list here

and again they specify they do not

accept your social security you have to

have a business

you'll need to figure out if you're a

w-9 or a w-8

um you can do a quick google search to

figure that out for your business

um they're going to ask you if like how

you're uploading products are you going

to be doing it yourself

are you using a third party to help you

out for the most part you're doing that


um and then they're going to ask you

what types of things you're selling now

this doesn't have to be taken too

seriously you can always change this


as far as we know for us we sell a lot

of clothing and groceries on amazon so

that's what we said that we're going to


primarily selling on walmart but it's

primarily it's not exclusively so you

can sell whatever you want

just put something in here okay so we're

going to click start application

i can't go through all of this with you

guys but it's very straightforward you

you can't really get this stuff wrong i

mean put your name in put your email in

do the captcha um

put your your company name your your ein


there again figure out if you're a w9 or


um where are you incorporated it's okay

if you're not even within the us

um now shipping is going to be a little

bit trickier if you're

trying to ship stuff directly to us

customers from outside the us

on a regular basis so i probably don't


doing it but maybe you have a workaround

again i'm not located outside the u.s

and i don't know those shipping tricks

for that but yeah

very straightforward very easy as long

as you input all of this stuff correctly

you should get accepted for us i believe

it took about 10 days for

our application to be processed and

accepted you can see here we got this

email congratulations

that's me uh congratulations you've been

approved to

join our curated community of


sellers all right so we are good to go

we're going to be listing up some


i will be doing more videos about how to

actually like create listings and all of

that on

this is as far as we've gotten and we

wanted to share that with you

as i learn more information i will teach

more information

all right let me know in the comment

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experience has been like

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