How To Get Accepted To Sell On Walmart Marketplace Step By Step

hey guys what's up it's Noah and welcome

back to the channel so in today's video

we're gonna be discussing a topic that

is not really discussed on YouTube and

I'm gonna be showing you how to apply

for a seller account so you can sell on

the Walmart Marketplace if you've been

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the description below then you'll know

that I recently applied for a second

selling account on Walmart for my second

business in my opinion there's a lot of

potential for sellers who are able to

get in early to start selling on Walmart

we all know that Amazon dominates the

e-commerce space over 50% of all

ecommerce sales in the United States

happen on Amazon but that doesn't even

compare to how large Walmart is so if

you just take a look at the company

revenues this is not going to break down

how much is on e-commerce how much of

Walmart is actually done online but just

to take a look at the actual amount of

revenue that each company did you'll see

that Amazon which is widely regarded as

one of the largest companies in the

world did two hundred and eighty billion

dollars last year in 2019 and then if

you take a look at Walmart which is the

largest retailer in the world they did

over five hundred billion dollars in

2019 so this is still a company that

does almost double what Amazon did last

year on top of that Walmart is putting a

lot of funding into their e-commerce

site as well as they're trying to

expedite the onboarding process for

allowing new sellers when I tried to

apply for my first business about three

months ago the application process was a

lot harder than it is now and I believe

as time progresses the application

process for selling on Walmart is going

to become easier now why should you want

to sell on Walmart aside from them being

a massive company there's only about

33,000 sellers according to this article

compare that to Amazon where there's

several million sellers on the platform

and Walmart has around the same amount

of traffic to their website so yes there

are a lot more hoops to jump through but

if you are able to start selling on

Walmart there's a lot less competition

which means there's a lot more

opportunity so now that I've Illustrated

why in my opinion selling on Walmart is

going to be a great opportunity for not

only my business but for every other

business and they do state in their

Terms of Service that you do need to

have the full rights to sell the product

so that's why on my

I always recommend wholesale that's also

why you can't really do online arbitrage

but in this video I'm just going to

break down the entire application

process so first step to selling on

Walmart is that you're going to go to

Google and you're gonna type in sell on

Walmart this is going to bring up the

top search result which is going to be

sell your products on Walmart

marketplace so once you click that link

it's going to bring you up to this page

this is kind of like their funnel or

their homepage to show you all the

benefits to becoming a Walmart partner

and partnering to sell on the Walmart

marketplace from here what you're going

to do next is you're going to click

apply and that's going to start the

application for you to sell on Walmart

that's going to bring up the marketplace

application where you're gonna see all

the steps listed out as well as at the

bottom they're gonna recommend what you

should have as this is required

information for the application you're

gonna need your US business tax ID

you're gonna need your W 9 or a w 8 on

hand you're gonna need an EIN

verification letter from the Department

of Treasury you're gonna need a US

business address and a planned

integration method that just means how

you plan to upload your items and you're

also going to need your primary product

categories what your items are what are

you actually selling or what do you plan

to sell on the Walmart marketplace and

that's pretty much all the information

that they're going to ask you from there

you're just gonna click start

application and it's going to bring you

up to the company registration page

you're gonna fill in your first name

your last name your email address and

your then you're gonna verify our email


you're gonna verify the reCAPTCHA you're

gonna fill in your phone number as well

as your job title and then you're gonna

fill in your legal business name and

then from there you're gonna fill in

your US tax ID that's either gonna be

your EIN or your t IM and then from

there you're going to either upload a w

8 or a w 9 so a w 8 would be if you're

an international business and a w 9

would be if you're a business entity a

sole proprietor or anything else like

that in the United States so since I'm

in the US I'm going to select W 9 and

then you'll see that it automatically

has my company set in the US and if I

select w 8 I have to select where my

company is incorporated so W 9 I guess

in the US and then you're also going to

have to upload all of your documents so

I just have to put a mandatory

disclaimer and say that I am NOT a legal

tax professional all the in

formation provided in this video is just

from my experience and is only for

educational purposes so I'm going to

show you what I did for my w9 I went to

Google and I type in w9 form then from

there you're going to click on the one

where it says so the only

website that you should click on is and there you will be able to

download a w-9 form so you're going to

fill this out with all your business

information your business name what type

of business you are and all the other

information like your EIN then you are

going to upload that to the Walmart

marketplace and you would do the same

thing for a w8 and you're also going to

have to upload an EIN or a document with

your EIN or a document showing with your

EIN and your business address so once

you upload those two documents you're

then going to hit upload attachments and

then those documents are going to be

uploaded to the Walmart application so

the next thing that you're gonna put is

you're going to put your business

address after that you're gonna put a

DBA if you have one if you don't have

one they say to just put your legal

company name also they say that you

should put your company website they

don't require it but I highly recommend

that you do fill in the website just

because the more information that you

provide the better it's going to look on

your application and the more chance

that it has of being reviewed and being

approved the other information that I

recommend that you put is a Duns number

so like you'll see right here they say

this is not required however if you do

put this information in it's going to

make your business look more legitimate

as well as it's going to say your

application apart from everyone else

who's applying if you're not familiar

with what a Duns number is it's a free

number that you can register with dun &

bradstreet this is basically used for

business credit and keeping track of

your business so what you can do is you

can go on dun & bradstreet and you can

register a number and then you should

get that within I got mine within two

weeks so once you get that then you can

go ahead and you can register your

number put it in and then after that are

you transporting goods from another

country so you can click no

do you sell items in these categories

and if you do then you would click yes

or you would click the category that you

do sell on it from there once you have

filled in all this information you're

gonna click Next so the next page is the

product and integration page and from

here you're just gonna be filling out

some information about your business so

you're gonna put your average online

revenue and they give you some tips on


that you're supposed to put in then you

just select the category so you know are

you apparel and accessories baby beauty

are you in computer and hardware and

then from there you are also going to

fill in your Amazon seller name and

you're gonna put in your Amazon store

URL after that you're gonna put in your

catalogue sighs do you have a hundred

SKUs do you have 200 SKUs 300 products

whatever your catalog is you're just

gonna be filling it in there and what

percent of your SKUs are refurbished

mine was zero and again what percent of

your SKUs do not have value PC codes

again that's zero for me what percent of

your SKUs are used zero for me so you

would fill this in according to your

business and how are you planning to

integrate with Walmart so you can either

go directly through a portal what this

means is that you can use either API you

can use bulk upload or you can single

upload every product or you can use a

solution provider like EECOM -

cellebrite or you can use channel

advisor all the lists that I showed you

before and so I went with using solution

providers you can go ahead and you can

do direct through portal and if you are

going to use solution providers then

you're just going to select which one so

you can actually use API here so I used

channel advisor which is right here

channel advisor and if you were doing

through API and maybe another software

then you would just select API and then

from there you're going to select next

and it's going to bring you up to

shipping and operations so on the

shipping and operations page they're

just gonna ask you some information

about how you shift products as well as

where your warehouse is located so does

your business have offices or warehouses

outside of the US mine is going to be no

and you would of course put this

according to your company so select the

state for your incorporation so for me

that was in New Jersey so whichever

state you're incorporated in that's what

you would put so I'm just going to

select New Jersey and then the year of

foundation so mine wasn't 2016 you would

put whatever year that your company was

founded in and then can you fulfill

orders by 2:00 p.m. Monday through


for me that is yes again you would do

this according to your information so

the next thing is current shipping

methods and then you're gonna select all

that apply

so for my business its UPS FedEx USPS

and FBA and then if you use DHL or an

other one then you would go ahead and

select those then you would go ahead and

you would verify your warehouse

dress and then from there you would go

why would you be a good fit for Walmart

marketplace so what I put here for this

information is that I put that my

company sells on a lot of other

marketplaces I said that I sell on ebay

I offer my products on my own website

I offer my products on Amazon and I

think that I would be a great fit for

the Walmart marketplace because I have a

lot of unique products that are

currently offered on Walmart for higher

prices and I also have products that are

not offered on Walmart so this is a

value proposition you're just gonna be

listing out a few reasons as to why your

business would be a good fit for Walmart

and you don't have to overdo it but just

list some reasons why you think that

your business would do well on Walmart

or why Walmart should accept you so

after you've filled in all this

information you're just gonna hit

complete application and then it's going

to update your page and then you're

going to see whether or not you've

completed the application so from there

I've now successfully submitted all the

information as well as my application

and I now have what's called conditional

approval this means that you can log in

to your back-end for selling on Walmart

the seller dashboard for Walmart and

you're not going to be able to upload

any items as well as you're now going to

have to complete your company profile

for the Walmart marketplace so to give

you a quick overview of everything that

you're going to need to do this is going

to be your account creation so you're

just going to have to go ahead create a

password create security questions and

then you're gonna create your account

and I also recommend that you do not use

a Walmart account that it already exists

use a different email and then from

there you're just going to sign the

agreement you're going to read through

the Terms of Service no one actually

reads through them but you're going to

have to just click that you read them

then you have your company registration

so you're gonna have to fill in all of

your company information they're going

to ask you different jobs so you're

gonna have to say who is the manager who

is the shipping manager and you're gonna

have to fill in all the jobs any

information for a Walmart then they're

gonna ask you about taxes they're gonna

ask you you're gonna have to fill in

basically all of your tax information

and your tax policies for your business

and then for payment and info there are

two ways that you can register for

payment with Walmart you can use pioneer

or Payoneer and that's going to link

directly to your bank account and the

other one is that it's called its I

forgot the name of the company but they

integrate with PayPal so basically when


- payment info you're going to select

what payment method you want and if you

select through PayPal you're gonna have

to log in create an account with this

third-party service provider so it's

actually called hyper Wallet it says

right here and then from there you're

going to connect hyper wallet to either

your bank account or it's a PayPal and

that's another way that you can get paid

on Walmart and then your shipping info

is you're just going to be putting how

you're going to be shipping you're gonna

be filling in your shipping profile

you're gonna be filling in all the

different tiers so are you gonna be

doing seven day are you gonna do be

doing two to five

do you have expedited shipping and

that's basically the entire account

creation as well as the profile for your

business and after that you are going to

be able to log in to the onboarding

process for your Walmart marketplace so

once you create your account you're

gonna get this email that says

congratulations you've been

conditionally approved to sell on

Walmart and then from there you're just

going to need to go ahead and you need

to go through the other steps so you're

going to need to set up your company

profiles that means setting up the

different shipping profiles setting up

the return policy setting up your tax

policy setting up your policy for your

privacy for your customers so you're

basically setting up your entire account

information as well as your entire

business profile your business name

everything and you're gonna have to

upload all that once all that is

uploaded then there are several check

marks that you have to complete when

you're applying for Walmart so there are

several steps when you're applying for

an account and after you've actually

applied for all that after you've filled

in all the information then you are

going to select I am ready to go live

and once you select that you're ready to

go live you're gonna get another email

that is going to say that you should

hear back from us within 48 hours so for

me it was actually not after 48 hours

what happened was is that I contacted

Walmart and they said that they were

gonna still gonna get back to me so I

was actually about after a week after a

week what happened was is I received a

call from the Walmart verification team

they called me up they asked me about my

name they asked me my business name they

asked me the email address that I use to

go ahead and sign up for the account as

well as a couple of other information

and then after all that and after I

talked with them they hung up and then I

got this email that said -

congratulations we've officially

approved you for your Walmart

marketplace seller application and then

from there you're still going to have to

and you're still going to have to wait

to be on boarded and your products are

not going to be live yet but after that

and after a little bit more contact

information with them then your products

are going to be live and you're going to

be able to start selling on a Walmart so

that's basically the entire overview of

how to apply to sell on Walmart of

course there is some other info you're

going to need to go and you're going to

need to spend the time to fill it all

the company information the profile the

different profile for your team so

you're shipping team and everything like

that your tax information but once

you've filled in everything and you've

clicked that you're ready to go live and

you go through the onboarding process

then if you actually use a service

provider and you use a software that can

go ahead and bulk upload your items it's

relatively easy to get your items up on

Walmart if you're using a software that

can bulk upload it if you're gonna be

doing it individually it is pretty

difficult but like I said just use a

service provider get your items up there

and then you can start selling on

Walmart so thank you guys for watching I

hope you guys enjoyed this video if you

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