How To Get Accepted To Sell On Walmart Marketplace Step By Step

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hey guys what's up it's Noah and welcome

back to the channel so in today's video

we're gonna be discussing a topic that

is not really discussed on YouTube and

I'm gonna be showing you how to apply

for a seller account so you can sell on

the Walmart Marketplace if you've been

following me on Instagram or your in my

facebook group which you should

definitely join the link for that is in

the description below then you'll know

that I recently applied for a second

selling account on Walmart for my second

business in my opinion there's a lot of

potential for sellers who are able to

get in early to start selling on Walmart

we all know that Amazon dominates the

e-commerce space over 50% of all

ecommerce sales in the United States

happen on Amazon but that doesn't even

compare to how large Walmart is so if

you just take a look at the company

revenues this is not going to break down

how much is on e-commerce how much of

Walmart is actually done online but just

to take a look at the actual amount of

revenue that each company did you'll see

that Amazon which is widely regarded as

one of the largest companies in the

world did two hundred and eighty billion