How To Sell Products On ENVATO - My experience with VideoHive

what's going on guys Mira here would

create a business build and in today's

video I wanted to talk a bit about

selling your creative products on

inverter or invader or whatever however

you can prolong the plane so I actually

got a question from graphics labs by

Dexter and he's wondering can you do a

video about selling on a Novato or video

hive or basically portals like graphic

river or portals like graphic river or

stuff like that and I actually have some

experience to that I think that last

year I basically created a template for

After Effects for an animated video and

it basically included the graphics and

some animation presets and I uploaded

that I submitted that for approval on


I think it's on video hive yeah I think

it is video hive and basically my my

files got rejected because there were

not enough comments inside of it the

timeline in After Effects wasn't named

properly and stuff like that but they

were really good because they have

really good documentation on how you

have to prepare all those files so that

they will actually get accepted and

listed on the marketplace so after a

couple of attempts I think it was I had

to resend the file three times it

basically got approved

now I didn't set the price too high but

not but I didn't also send it to be too

cheap and what actually happened was

that a couple of people downloaded my

template but it wasn't nearly as much

but there was nearly as much downloads

as I basically hoped there would be and

I didn't earn a lot of money with that

so I really dug into it and the thing is

if you want to actually people if you

want people to start downloading your

products on on envato or basically any

kind of creative product marketplace

like graphic river or videohive or stuff

like that

you need to be good at internet

marketing so you basically need to have

a Twitter or some kind of following or a

system to build your following that you

can use to basically send them a link to

your product so that they will download

it if you just upload your profile or if

you just upload your products to your

products or templates - - those portals

it won't work you will get a couple of

downloads or maybe if you're really

really lucky you might get a thousand or

get listed as a best seller but usually

usually the stuff that gets listed by

like a best seller something like that

was promoted through another marketing

channels like on Twitter or Facebook or

maybe even YouTube or stuff like that so

if you're not really good or not willing

to learn about how to do digital

marketing how to use other channels to

promote the content that you basically

upload it and gotten approved on portals

like that it's not a good idea it may be

better just to get your clients and work

on projects but if you're willing to

learn if you are willing to learn invest

a lot of time into how digital marketing

works how I can promote your products

using other channels like Twitter or

Instagram or how to basically build your

following of relevant people that will

be downloading just those templates and

then and then being and then if you are

willing to learn how to basically sell

those templates to them or Center or

post your link everywhere so that people

will go to video hive and download your

basically download your materials that's

great but it's a really long road to

that it's basically really hard to do so

if you want to be successful that it's a

at least in my opinion and my experience

it's basically a full-time job

you don't just upload the product up

there and it gets like thousands of

downloads it just doesn't work that way

you have to promote it yourself because

video 5 does a couple does some of the

marketing where they maybe recommend


that to a couple of their users but if

you really want to be effective you

really need to have your own following

and promote your product through your

own channels or maybe for influencer

marketing or get in touch with some

other marketers out there that will help

you promote that product but it has to

be done by you not it won't just happen

automatically on the website because

there are a lot of products out there

even upload it and there's a lot of

competitions so you really need to have

good knowledge in marketing skills to

basically have a mass of followers that

you can promote your products to so

that's basically my opinion at least

from my what I don't from my experience

regarding selling your products on

enviro or videohive

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