How to sell on eBay UK internationally | FAQs | eBay for Business UK Official

hi I'm Hannah from eBay and I'm here to

answer some of the most common questions

about listing directly on our

international sites we call this

advanced international selling

on a basic level customizing your

listings for international selling helps

increase your sales our research shows

that sellers who list directly on our

international sites generate up to eight

times more revenue per listing and this

is compared to sellers that simply offer

international postage from their

domestic listings your listings also

enjoy better visibility in search

creating a more enjoyable shopping

experience also likely means higher

sales conversion

no you don't need to open in your

account or have an international address

you can sell internationally from your

existing eBay account using your current

business address

this depends on the type of eBay shop

subscription you have with an anchor

shop subscription you can list for free

on most of our international sites a

featured shop subscription allows you to

list for free on many of our European

sites and there's a discount on many

other international sites have a look at

our international selling hub for more

information about the shop subscriptions

and will share the link with you at the

end of the video

as long as you list in the local

language your new listings on our

international sites won't be classified

as duplicates if you do list the same

products on eBay code at UK just make

sure that your listings don't offer

delivery to these countries as well

another good reason to translate your

listings is to help increase your sales

just as you search for items in English

your buyers search for items in their

native language

so by listing in the local language you

increase the visibility of your listings

if you don't speak your buyers language

there are three ways to translate your

listings one use a free online

translation tool you can use these

services to help you answer questions

from new buyers to outsource translation

to a specialist service or three work

with the listing creation service that

can list your items as well as translate

them whichever option you choose make

sure you focus on creating quality

titles in your buyers language this can

help your listings to appear higher in

search results

when listing on our international sites

you can choose delivery from abroad

under the domestic postage options

here's a useful tip by using a tracked

postal service or electronic delivery

confirmation you and your buyer have

visibility around order status and

delivery date

your international sales are rated on a

regional basis for example France Spain

and Italy and don't affect your detailed

seller rating in the UK and here's

another tip if you've resolved a dispute

with a buyer you can ask them to remove

negative feedback

Tan's depend on the country you've

listed in as a business seller you have

to meet distance selling requirements

for the country or sending to make sure

you inform buyers about the right of

withdrawal in your returns policy you'll

need to refund buyers for the item price

and original postage costs for most buy

it now purchases if they withdraw from

the purchase within the allocated time

period make sure you also meet

obligations to buyers for faulty and

damaged items for more information and

tips on selling internationally check

out our international selling hub or ask

a question on the international trading

discussion board happy selling