How To Sell Products On Tumblr

all right we are good to go I think

we're live what's going on guys welcome

to the video my name is Brian Olynyk hey

and you're looking for how to actually

sell affiliate products on tumblr how to

sell products in general on tumblr and

there's a lot of approaches a lot of

tips and you know tricks I could throw

your way the best idea I could give you

in this video without trying to be

confusing or overwhelming is if you're

really looking at this and you want to

build an income and business on the

internet with tumblr or any program or

service learn to use systems online

to attract an endless amount of people

to you I've seen so many people try and

sell products on tumblr but they have no

traffic to their site and then they try

and build up traffic to their site so

that be like visitors like you and me

coming to a site and visiting the site

alright so they try and build up traffic

to their site it takes them two years to

finally build up enough traffic to where

they have thousands of people coming to

this site which isn't a lot and you know

they make a couple sales every month but

it's not enough to actually maintain a

steady income and flow which is why I

would encourage you alright there's

different approaches you could take to

this you can create your own product or

you could sell another person's product

and service

I wouldn't recommend creating your own

product if you have not made six figures

and income yet on the internet if you

haven't made over six figures don't

worry about creating your own product

alright if you have comment down below

and I'll point you in the right

direction but if you haven't okay which

I've assumed the majority of you

watching this is which that's ok all

right don't don't beat yourself up the

best if I would give you is and learn

how to leverage other people's products

and services become an affiliate of a

product and service that you can promote

on tumblr that you even have to create

you don't have to take on the overhead

of creating it managing employees

equipment supplies with it alright where

you can promote it and you can just earn

money alright and there's so many

different programs and systems and

trainings out there in products out

there best thing I would suggest you is

not just learning how to use systems to

attract an endless amount of people to

you but connect with someone who's

already building a business and income

online who's already doing this re who's

already using systems online to attract

prospects to them who's already doing

this without creating their own product

alright because it was 15 months ago I

did that and it took me about three and

a half weeks after I came across the

person who was making six figures on the

internet without creating their own

products as an affiliate all right

just using tumblr they're using other

social media accounts and because they

were doing this without doing anything

technical without chasing friends and

family or prospecting people it allowed

me in about three weeks to create a

full-time income business working

part-time not average not typical

alright not guaranteeing you the same

results because I worked my butt off and

I've learned some things but I share

that with you to share with you what's

possible and if you want to build a

long-term consistent business in the

work from home arena the best thing you

can do if you're looking at this to quit

your job spend more time with your

family retire your wife retire husband

retire yourself then connect with

someone who's already doing it because

I'm telling you it will save you so much

blood sweat and tears and if you're

wondering well Brando I get that where

can i connect with someone come on just

tell me the secret get to the point here

all right well there's a lot of ways you

can do it - uh-huh but if you're

coachable and you're trainable you're

willing to learn some things cutting to

the chase I can be that person for you

if you're willing to be coachable and

trainable you can check out my site

after down below it's 1 2 3 marketing

tips common link will be in the

description what you'll see when you go

there's a video for myself explaining

exactly how I've done this how you can

do - after that I'll introduce it to my

good friend a mentor who share this with

me going back to 15 months ago and if

you have any questions after any of this

all right whether you connect with me or

not comment down below and I will get

back to you as soon as possible with

that said hope you like this as much

they're putting together for you and

I'll see you on the beach the world take