Using Trulia and Zillow....the right way!

everyone and their grandma checks checks when they

want to buy or sell a house it's pretty

cool right

website that gives you all the

information you need to know to make an

informed decision right wrong what's up

guys my name is Bradley Jarrett and

welcome to the Millennials guide to real

estate where I'd like to give you the

knowledge I have whatever knowledge that

is about real estate how to invest as a

millennial so that you will be set up

for an amazing future so look your

millennial I'm a millennial we grew up

on Zillow and Trulia it's right there

now I'm gonna go into the pros and cons

and how to use these websites correctly

because a lot of people use them

incorrectly and it's just a nightmare

for them and it's a nightmare for agents

let's go all right first things first

let's go into the three positives about

Trulia and Zillow number one is that

it's a free resource that gives a good

amount of information to people gives a

lot of listings that are open that are

under contract and that have sold so if

you're out there you get to see a lot of

the listings number two is that it also

gives rental information what they think

your house will rent for what other

houses they think rent for what the

value of your home is according to their

calculations and whatnot and they do

give a good background information I

mean there's tax records there's school

information there's some charts on the


honestly it's those are some pretty damn

good positives but there's actually a

lot of negatives that go along with

those positives so here's one of the

negatives Redfin calm found that 36 as

36% of Trulia and Zillow listings were

expired and only 80% of the listings for

sale were posted on the sites so that

means if you're looking for a house

solely on Zillow or Trulia there is one

out of five houses that aren't on there

so what if that's the house you want

that would suck right and only thirty

six thirty six words expires so you're

looking at almost 40 percent of listings

that aren't even available so you're way

in your time and that just sucks now I

can take this is another one it can take

days to show new listings look if

there's a deal out there if there's a

house that you really want it's not

gonna last two weeks and they're saying

some of the listings won't even be up

there for seven or eight days well if

it's that good of a deal or if it's that

nice of a house people are putting

offers on it day one day two day three

and by the time you see it and you want

to put an offer in nothing is sold so

you can't be behind on this type of

stuff this is a small thing I noticed

too and any agent can sign up for their

premium membership so when you the way

it works is that if you want to

advertise on Zillow or Trulia your ad

will be right there next to a listing

and it'll make it look like you're the

listing agent unless you look closely

and see it's another agent the way it's

laid out makes it look like you're the

listing agent and then people are

contacting you and for one as an agent

you're getting contacted for the wrong

reason and people are getting frustrated

because they want to talk to the listing

agent not necessarily some guy that just

paid a thousand bucks to pop up on their

screen let's see apparently I haven't

tried this as an agent but agents

complain that it costs a fortune

something like eighteen hundred dollars

a month that's the number I saw for low

quality leads well that sucks if you're

an agent very few things I've heard it's

worthwhile I've not heard it's

worthwhile in most cases that sucks okay

so I listed a lot of cons but what is

Trulia and Zillow good for and there are

a couple things but think of it think of

both websites as starting points as like

the soup at your dinner it's just there

to whet your appetite just so the on

course or the entree on course the

entree will be even better you use

Zillow to narrow down your neighborhoods

you look at these charts to say oh this

this area looks nice the numbers are

pretty good there's a lot for sale it

gives you ballpark figures and when

look up your house on there don't think

oh my god this my realtor said it will

sell for 150 but Trulia says it'll sell

for 225 I'm gonna believe Trulia well

you know Trulia doesn't know that you

have an update of your bathroom in 30

years it doesn't know that your neighbor

smokes crack and has an RV parked

outside doesn't know any of those things

so I would not trust the estimates on

the rents on the property evaluation on

Trulia or Zillow use it as a rough a

guideline a ballpark figure get it just

use it to see what's out there

and then when you get more serious

contact the realtor that can give you

up-to-date listings from the MLS or from

realtor comm so then you can make a more

informed decision but don't think of

Zillow and Trulia as the Holy Bible use

it for what it is a nice little tool to

get your feet wet into real estate I

hope that's helped get my name is

Bradley Jarrett thank you so much for

tuning in to the Millennials guide to

real estate please subscribe to my

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