How To Sell Products Online TripleClicks

well guys I want to thank you for

watching this video I just want to

introduce you to this online store it's

free to join Carl triple click some of

you might have seen it around this is uh

pretty much just like eBay I mean you

can come on here you can buy just about

any product that you would see at Target

so Macy's and get it for a pretty much

40% off which you would normally pay for

it in the store this is just one example

40% off you have some in here as maybe

50% off there's a little description

here just like eBay you can also sell

your stuff here I'll set up an account

get with me if you want to have anything

that you want to sell instead of having

something sitting around in a closet you

could list it on here it's free to join

some of you guys are selling weight-loss

products whatever you might be promoting

this is a good way to promote your


imagine having 10,000 affiliates

promoting your product on social media

just think what they can do for your

business so if you want information on

joining you sign up

as a free e-commerce associate and you

can have multiple affiliates marketing

your products on social media online on

YouTube whatever also if you want to bid

on any products you have any stores out

there you want to bid on laptops you can

bid on that you can get laptops it might

run six seven hundred bucks for you know

if you're lucky you get away with three

dollars twenty dollars for a laptop

magic bullet here is on 5:19 at the

moment you want to sit here and watch

these auctions go right ahead feel free

to join watch some of these auctions and

you have smartwatches here just once

they started a penny for most of these

options they started painting and some

of these guys walk away with crazy deals

on these products I welcome you to sit

here and watch some of these auctions

here's a what Wireless weather station

going for three cents right now 11 hours

to go but hey you can walk away with

five hour for a weather wireless weather

station hey if that's what you want so

we also have some games here you can

join you like to play cards know some of

you guys sit here on Facebook ladies you

know Dungeons & Dragons and whatever

else and don't get anything for it

you come in here and you play a couple

games you get T credits which go towards

the purchase of any product you want to

acquire here in a triple click store so

at least you know you sitting here

playing games you might as well get

something for it right I just want to

show you a quick example of how you can

make money with this free free system

I'm pretty sure you've seen these free

classifieds on in Facebook you come in

here you list these products this is a

triple click product right here it's

listed for 300 bucks also copy and paste

the description in here you don't have

to do that just once someone clicks on

it just gonna come up here and they can

read the description right here like I

said this is a 300 dollar product if you

come right here you can see what the

payout is like I said this is a free

opportunity to join you have access to

all these products hundreds of thousands

of products and they're updating website

every day you know for $3 for joining

for free and posting I had this I had

might have taken me you know 30 seconds

to post and it's been floating around on

here for a while so you know there's no

expiration on it like a you would see on

Craigslist or

Backpage so if you guys are interested

in joining tripleclicks it's free to

join us click on the link below

description or add me of the print and

send me a private message I'll be glad

to help you out thank that