Guide To TradeMe | Buy & Sell Advice

hey guys welcome back to my channel so

in today's video I thought I'd do like a

video all about trade me and kind of

like my tips and advice on buying and

selling so if you guys didn't already

know basically trading is like a buy and

sell website and you can buy all sorts

of stuff like clothes shoes cars pretty

much anything you want really and also

can sell your stuff as well so it's

pretty much like when you've your own

version of eBay so the three of time is

going to be split into two parts so

firstly I'm going to talk about buying

stuff on trade me so just if anyone's

curious stuff that I've bought ah

suitcases phone my phone clothes shoes

as well as a surfboard and just a bunch

of random stuff so that's not much what

I'm going to be covering um I have never

bought like a car a house or anything

like that on trade me so I can't really

speak of those things but just in terms

of like general shopping just some tips

I would have are to ask questions and

don't be afraid to ask for pictures as

well if you're not sure all the pictures

of blurry especially if you're buying

things like shoes I'd always get a ask

for a picture of the soles just to see

like how much where they've had as well

as shipping and pick up so it's always

good to make sure of the exact pickup

location like you just asked the address

but like just a general whereabouts

because for example if you're from

Auckland it's a really big city so you

could be driving like one hour just to

pick up a teacher so just make sure that

you're like aware of whereabouts it is

and if you can make it this also with

shipping um if the seller doesn't

specify the exact cost I always like to

just make sure because sometimes the

shipping can be a lot more although poor

child you like it or more than it should

be and then it won't really be worth

buying the item in the first place

another tip I have is auto bed so this

is basically a feature where you can

just put down most amount that you want

to bid in an auction and

you don't have to like constantly be

looking at it 1 2 the advice I have is

to just make sure that it is on auto bit

because I've put like a um like once I

made a mistake where I put like a bit

any dollars Iceland when I was supposed

to choose auto bid I don't really have

to spend that much money

so yeah just be careful and when you're

doing that also my advice is don't just

bet on things like randomly that you

don't really want to buy because they're

going to be in your watchlist and this

is going to be annoying to have them

also armed there's like different

categories and there's different ways to

like um I guess find what you want like

what you're looking for so it's kind of

like online shopping where you can

obviously go from like low to high high

to low if you're looking for clothes you

can like choose the specific color and

size that you want as well as if you're

looking for using specifically or you

want to buy new things so yeah just look

in the categories that you want and that

way it saves you a lot of time so you

don't have to scroll through like random

garbage that you're never going to buy

in the first place and also um just for

like health and beauty and makeup

products if that's something you're

interested in personally I've never

bought any of those items off of trade

me but I would just make sure that you

always sanitize them when you get them

or if they're already sanitized and also

I'm just like check the expiry date so

for example I don't know like if you

want to buy like a lush product because

the ingredients are like kind of natural

I guess they probably expire faster so

just make sure that you're not like

buying stuff that's like expired already

because some people will tell you it

alright so now I'm going to moving now

I'm going to move on to selling so

personally I would just recommend buying

stuff before you sell just so you kind

of have like an idea

like what sellers have to go through and

like what the whole process is like

but yeah so when it comes to selling you

can pretty much put anything you want

really um what I usually do is just put

stuff on auctions so it's just like a $1

reserve you can have like by now set if

you want to get rid of your atoms really

fast or you can just reduce the length

of your auction so normally it's set at

about 7 days but you can make it like 2

or 3 days if you really want to get like

end it fast also there is a success fee

so every item you sell trade me take

seven point nine percent of it currently

but if you have a credit card you can

use pay now so that means that you only

pay one point nine five percent to trade

me and how it works is basically you

load money onto your account so they

just take it off like automatically so

when it comes to the description I

recommend obviously having what the

condition of the item is in and just

like reiterating whether it has to be

picked up and like the general

whereabouts of the tech up location as

well as just your preferred payment

option because some people don't really

read like further down so for example I

prefer to have bank deposit as my

payment so that's what I put in my

description and also don't don't

underestimate the power of photos as

well because like if your photo is

blurry and it's just bad lighting like

people just can be put off whereas if

you have a good photo people are going

to be attracted to the item so that's

quite important as well I'm not saying

you have to get like professional camera

like as long as the lighting is good you

can take it with your phone that's fine

um when it comes to shipping it depends

on your personal preference but when I

first started I only put like I put

pickup only as my shipping thing so I

didn't offer any shipping and I just

found that nothing really sold but as

soon as I added shipping on

a lot more people were interested and

obviously when you restrict the buyers

to only like picking up them they kind

of have to live in your area so I would

recommend doing shopping especially if

you want to get rid of your items like

faster or if there's small items and it

really won't cost a lot and plus the

buyers will like they'll pay for

shipping anyway so personally for me I

get the outside I didn't really have a

system so I just shipped whenever I sold

something but now I have like a fit day

during the week where I do all of my

shopping and I find that it's really

helpful um

just a few things like a few tips and

hacks I guess if you put something on

trade me and you kind of regret it they

do have a withdrawal fee of $3.00 but

obviously I'm not really into that so

what I tend to do is I'll just change

the price to like a really high amount

so obviously if someone's already bid on

it and then you can't change anything

about the auction but I just change the

press something like say I put a hat on

trade me for a dollar and I don't really

want to sell it I'll just make it like

Tweedles so I know that no one's really

going to bid on it so then that way you

don't have to pay the withdrawal fee but

at the same time you know that you're

not going to have to like sell it or get

rid of it if you want to keep it and

yeah pretty much all the tips I have on

this one is something I've forgotten but

that's where are you going to leave us

for today and I'll see you guys next