Top 5 Gadgets You Didn't Know Existed

let's take a look at our top five cool

gadgets you didn't even know existed


first we have the gear element LED

charging cable it's lined with tiny

integrated LEDs that spiral the entire

length of the cord so you can see your

device charging right before your eyes

also works with those microUSB and

lightning so you're all set


next up the wonder cube also known as

the world's smallest smartphone charger

heck you can even get an emergency

charge with a nine volt battery you can

also use it as a phone stand a memory

stick or even a flashlight also attach

it to the keychain since it's just one

cubic inch third we have the rocket book

way use it just like a normal notebook

then you can scan the pages using the

app and it'll blast your notes into the


places like Google Drive Evernote or

email your notebook golf ball microwave

the notebook and bam

good as new reuse it again friggin magic

next up the IRA it provides a secure

grip for all your adventures rotate 360

degrees and acts as a phone stand both

vertically and horizontally lastly we

have the levitating cup


so that's it for our top five cool

gadgets that you didn't even know

existed until now that is

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