tick pick it's legit let's find out

what's up guys welcome back my name is

your ass here on thumbs up run where we

talk about buying tickets selling

tickets and making sure that you have

all the fun with your tickets today it's

never cold frigid day here in the middle

of winter up in Canada and unfortunately

it means we don't want to be going

outside however however does not mean we

can't be taking a look and seeing if

there is some event that we should be

attending in the future specifically

we're looking at buying tickets on this

website called tick tick tick pick I did

not stutter this website and some of you

may have heard of it some of you may

have not however what we're doing today

we're gonna be doing a deep dive into

the five things I've talked about which

make a ticket resale website legit real

something that is actually worth going

ahead and spending your money on if you

haven't seen it yet I have another video

up in the playlist up here go ahead and

actually see what these five things are

in detail regardless we'll be diving

into each of these things specifically

with each different ticket resale

website today all about tick pick Darrin

to find out this company's actually

someone where you should be putting your

money into and actually buying tickets

from because some of them may be yes

some of them may be no because at the

end of the day the question you have to

ask is is it legit alright so first off

the very first thing the most important

thing if this does not exist do not

continue do not pass go do not collect

$1.00 if there is no buyer guarantee no

fan guarantee do not trust them


tick pick they do have a buyer guarantee

they call it the tick pick guaranteed

basically what they're saying is that

hey we know that things can go wrong

sometimes but we are telling you that

when you buy things from us you're gonna

be covered you're gonna be good you're

gonna be taken care of nothing to worry

about having the buyer guarantee check

mark so number two number two what's

number two number two is fees talking

all about fees now fees is a delicate

delicate subject where people sometimes

they feel like oh I don't want to pay

any fees they're so bad there's evil and

then other places it's like they have

the fees and not just are they bad but

when they how they display to you is

this very you know sneaky tick pick is a

bit different tick pick like any other

reso website they do generate money

through fees however however when they

display prices to you they're showing

you the all in price you don't see a fee

for delivery charge don't see a fee for

a service charge you don't see a fee for

just you know showing up the ship look

at the event they don't show you peace

for nothing

they show you an all-in press so when

you go to the checkout screen it says

fees $0 again it doesn't mean that fees

don't exist there just kind of you know

built into the price that it's being

displayed doesn't mean that their price

is always gonna be the cheapest compared

to everybody else

so because tech book shows it all in

price if you're trying to compare it

sometimes it may look a bit funny but it

doesn't mean that they're actually more

or less expensive you just have to do

that quick comparison between the other

of resale websites they even do have

some promotional codes that come up

every now and then whether it's when

you're a first-time buyer or you're

being referred in by somebody or just

the general you know just feel like it

all in all no fees is fantastic so

another thumbs-up excellent I next up we

got ourselves some user interface user

features things that help you the buyer

make your final decision on their

platforms so what does tick pick do they

have a few things that they've got going

for them so obviously number one they

got the interactive maps where they can

go ahead play around with that figure

out what sections you want to sit in on

top of that they actually have another

very unique feature for actually how

they rate individual tickets they use a

grading system you know from a plus two

all the way down to D minus or F and you

can sort by their version of what they

consider to be best seats available

they'll go ahead and have that they got

the price flyers they got the quantity

sliders what they don't have though and

this is very key what they don't have is

actually being able to sort by row I

find this personally I prefer to search

by row I know obviously there is a price

feature in price sliding and being able

to filter that way but at the same time

I still like to be able to you know do a

bit of my own research I do like to rely

on what's available the different tools

that exist but at the same time I like

sometimes to say I want a specific type

of row I can go ahead and filter through

that so they don't give me the option I

mean they do give you the rating system

but again the rating system is still

based on what is available in comparison

to those in original tickets so if

there's only five tickets available

completely for that event they might

show you something that has a very high

rating even though it might not actually

seem like a very good rating because

there's just so few inventory they do

have a ton of features there so

obviously they are working to help you

find we're looking for but if you

looking for specific specific rows it

can be a little bit more challenging

they also do have a bidding feature that

is built-in I haven't actually seen this

in action unfortunately I don't know

which events or which teams are using

this feature but again the idea is you

like the Priceline model you set the

price you want and then someone will try

and fill that

order for you for someone who is willing

to you know fill that order they'll go

ahead and do it otherwise doesn't get

filled simple as that but I haven't

actually used the bidding feature

because I just haven't seen any value or

any place for me to actually go ahead

and try it out now last thing some of

their events you more on the sports side

they'll actually have use from your seat

built right into the actual platform

itself so you go ahead hover over it see

what Seager look like not all events are

covered concerts generally do not have

this feature active at all sports is

kind of where you're gonna see it more


all in all they have a good set of

features not top-tier not the worst

definitely you know above average so

obviously go ahead and use them play

around with them they're good they're

not the best but they're pretty good

definitely passable definitely able to

find what you're looking for I give it

another thumbs up now number 4 looking

at the app itself I'm not gonna do a

deep dive into the app today but they do

have one it is very very similar to the

website itself looking feel also very

very similar the only additional feature

that I do want to mention about their

app is that they actually have a price

tracking feature which I find quite

helpful actually so what you can do just

look at the event you're trying to track

for it maybe not ready to buy just yet

but maybe you want to look at it in a

few days go ahead just click the

tracking button and what you can do is

just go back to the app every couple

days hit the refresh button there and

you can see how ticket prices have moved

the quantity has moved the average

prices I move it's an it's interesting

it's definitely something that I haven't

seen too often so it helps you with

actually going ahead getting an idea

anyway of whether what direction ticket

prices are moving and how many tickets

are left so I'm just having that feature

it's nice it's definitely a great way to

get an idea of it should I keep waiting

or maybe it's something I should

consider actually trying to spend my

money and get those tickets as soon as

possible I'll give it a thumbs up hey

Leslie number 5 number 5 purchasing in a

local currency don't like most companies

that were to be looking at unfortunately

a lot of them only sell in USD for those

in America fantastic you guys have

lucked out it's amazing you'll always be

able to buy in your local currency but

for us folks up here in the great white

north sometimes it's just nice to be

able to pay in Canadian dollars this is

not something that is offered through

tick pick they give you a big disclaimer

when you look at Canadian vents

specifically stating that unfortunately

all sales are done in USD nothing can do

about unfortunately so having US dollars

whether it's through your PayPal or on

your credit card let's say USD

credit-card obviously is helpful but

again if you don't have that you just

got to pay that conversion fees and such

is life I cannot give them the thumbs up

here because it's just it's it's missing

that last you know but the extra little

bit it just doesn't have it so

unfortunately can't give them a thumbs

up I'm buying in local currency so with

all that I didn't give ourselves four

out of a possible five thumbs up so I

think that's that's pretty good I would

say that is a four out of five you know

as math would work out that way I have

an accountant so you know math thing is

is what I do best all of that being said

what does it mean it means that yes I

would go ahead and say that tick pick

your legit they're legit they are

definitely a place to go ahead and buy

tickets from I have bought tickets from

them in the past if you go ahead and

click up here I got sheeted made a video

where I was on Nashville bought some

tickets last minute and I bought them

directly through tick pick think I've

paid no more than $2 and whatever number

of cents for him it was fantastic it was

great tickets came in right away just as

expected and I had no problems what so

ever for interested in actually buying

tickets through tick pick go ahead click

down below i have a link there we can go

ahead and check it out take a look see

if anything catches your eye so when you

go ahead and take a look the price you

see is the price you're gonna pay so

just remember that when comparing it to

other resale websites have you guys used

tech pick in the past have you had good

experiences bad experiences no

experiences let me know in the comments

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