so what happens guys when you get

excited you wanna go to that van to get

those tickets you buy them you tell your

friends are gonna go and then you get an

emergency call the emergency call that

says hey we got to go to the Caymans

what you gonna do we're gonna something

it's let's talk what's up guys welcome

back my name's Rhys here on thumbs up

run where we talk about buying tickets

selling tickets and making sure that you

have all the fun with your tickets I

know we talked all about things like

buying those tickets and having fun with

tickets but we've never really you know

explored the selling side of getting

tickets so today we're gonna talk all

about selling those tickets specifically

how to sell them on Ticketmaster yeah if

you haven't subscribed it you should hit

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never again because there's lots of

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make sure you're always in the loop in

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gotta be right there on edge of your

seat make sure you never miss out so be

sure to subscribe if you haven't yet

moving on into what we actually won't

talk about today we're talking about

actually listing your tickets selling

your tickets on Ticketmaster this isn't

to say that there aren't other ways to

sell your tickets other places to sell

your tickets other things you can do to

actually get those tickets from you to

someone else but today we're talking

about how to actually list those tickets

on Ticketmaster how to actually price

those tickets on Ticketmaster and what

to do once those tickets sell on

Ticketmaster well let's dive into it

very simply what is Ticketmaster plus

what is Ticketmaster resale it is

essentially the only way for you to sell

tickets on Ticketmaster which will be

100% verified you buy the Saints from

the box office you get a unique bar code

when you sell them through Ticketmaster

yet again those bar codes will become

invalid once they actually sell that's

not to say they are invalid as soon as

you list them no no no there's no valid

they're still real those tickets are

still good they're still yours but once

you actually get that sale done through

Ticketmaster plus they're no longer

yours so very simply get those tickets

loose on Ticketmaster Plus get them sold

they're gone you're not to worry about

it anymore

nothing to do nothing to worry about

don't have to go see anybody don't

exchange some money in hands you don't

got to do nothing nothing to do it's

fantastic it's a great way to actually

sell your tickets super convenient super

easy no real work involved for the most

part a bit of thinking just a little bit

overthinking but you know nothing too

extreme nothing too hard nothing too


you can do it I trust

I trust you to trust me to trust you you

you are trusted by me

by you get it yeah yeah we're a dime

over to the computer I have my laptop

right here as you can see stickers I

love stickers I this is the new one

actually this guy see you

I like rich upwards the laptop we're in

the states this way you can do on your

phone too but this is a simple let's get

into it

all right so what we're gonna do first

thing you have to make sure you do is

actually log into your account go over

here put the little face icon go ahead

hit the Sign In button you'll see the

little logo changes once you've signed

and click it again go to my tickets now

important here yet make sure you go to

the event that you want to actually sell

it your a/c on your my tickets list

there'll be plenty of options or however

you tickets you've purchased they'll all

be listed in chronological order so go

ahead and find the event you want to

list and that's will get started as you

can see on here the Auto centers vs.

Buffalo Sabres on the right hand side is

where all the fun actually starts to

happen what we're gonna do here is we're

actually single ahead click the sell

tickets button and we'll get into the

next stages so now you can see here we

can actually select the items to sell

you can see as well there are these

different checkboxes so if for example

you had a set of 4 tickets and you only

want to sell 2 of them you could just

select the 2 now if I had a set of two

tickets I only want to sell one of them

that could work too what we're gonna do

here we're actually to list both of them

so we go ahead click the little check

boxes as you can see the number updates

as you go forward and remove them you

can also do it this way select all if

you select all lots of fun options for

you if you ever run into questions on

the side here you can see there's a

support center with live chat with an

agent go ahead click the launch live

chat button it'll then pre populate all

the details for that event

click start chat and then you can go

ahead get some support that way now

there is this is not super instant

getting to the actual agent there is a

few minutes to wait sometimes a bit

longer potentially a lot longer really

depends on how busy they are at that

time so that is an option for you but

again can take some time ok moving along

very simply click the continue button

and we'll move from selecting the ends

of cell to actually pricing your tickets

here we got a few different things so

again list the tickets that you've

listed if you see any errors up here in


your tickets if you see any seats that

are missing for example or any specific

seats that you want list that aren't

there or vice versa go ahead you can go

actually go down all the way to cancel

this thing start again

Haley great so here first thing is

pricing your ticket so how do you know

how much you actually want to list the

ticket for how much you want to sell it

for wait one second but wait there's

more now as you can see here the

currencies in the currency of where the

event is actually taking place so in

this case Auto centers plate in Ottawa

capital of Canada we're gonna be pricing

in Canadian dollars how do we price the

actual ticket you can go ahead type in

anything you want to find myself for

$1000 I can do that

however Vince may include a resale price

limit per ticket click the icon here and

you can see resale pricing restrictions

Bob blah blah blah

basically all it's saying is that there

can be restrictions on both the upper

limit and the lower limit but what you

might have seen is that when I take them

the 1 it goes into red it says the event

has a minimum ticket price of 94 dollars

at 35 cents Canadian basically the

events promoter they don't want to see

their tickets priced below a certain

threshold a certain market floor for

them they're saying okay we want to try

and maintain some level of you know

consistency and value and they don't

want people to think oh if the tickets

come down to be worth you know $25 can

set some people off so season seat

holders have seats next to them or Beck

I pay $250 for my tickets oh that's guys

like none ah I paid $25 my tickets and

sucksby you and it can it there's a lot

of problems that can arise from that

type of activity so they try and limit

the price floor so that it kind of keeps

a certain level of value on those

tickets but now this again just is just

me typing in what do I think what do I

know I know absolutely nothing this

event can be worth millions of dollars

and I'd be pricing it way way too low so

what do we have here Ticketmaster the H

of a few tools that we can go ahead and

use first off here you can see tickets

for sale in your section so you can see

their price between this 104 and this

109 price and we get this little range

here as well these are all little things

to help you you know price your tickets

in a proper fashion if you price it at

$94 we would be quite below the range

within the section so I go ahead and

want to see what the tickets in that

section are she listed for I can go

ahead get those details by clicking down

here see all current tickets for sales

so I click that little button what its

gonna do it's gonna open up the map for

me the actual seat not the seating map

but though the floor map and then it

will actually have the section that my

ticket solicited it'll put a little

green box where Mike tickets are

actually located in the map itself and

then they'll also give me on the side a

bunch of options of other tickets listed

in the same section at their various

price points which is very very

interesting so as you can see here Rho D

Rho F Rho H these are all priced in a

similarly level of you know they're all

cheap price exact sandwiches but so the

other things you can do though is you're

not just forced to say okay what is it

my what are the tickets priced in this

section sometimes you look in a whole

slew of sections so if I clicked you

know across all here and I clicked all

across here now I have this entire you

know similar level of you know seating

across the entire venue I can make some

pick and choose where I want to see the

different pricing levels of tickets your

prices they kind of range all over the

place from 60 bucks all the way to keep

scroll thanks I found some in row a in

section 104 which is right over there

price at once 936 now I want to see if

there are any other wrote a seats which

is equivalent to a mine are I can just

do a ctrl F search for row a and we'll

see that there are actually a few

options so in section 117 there's priced

at 120 per ticket and then in section

104 there's one at 179 a ticket and then

there's also ours which is finding

behind the screen which are also priced

currently below these prices so again

you can use this to kind of compare and

contrast see how much prices are going

for for similar tickets in a specific

area or specific areas go ahead price

according to depth again pricing at the

same level as someone else or slightly

below or slightly above it doesn't

necessarily mean your ticket will sell

faster or slower it really comes down to

where the actual individual who wants to

fly the ticket what their preferences

are so obviously we are not mind


so you don't know where everyone wants

to sit at all times but in general if

you look across the

you know usually people said it it all

in different sections because there's

people who want different preferences

different seating locations different

rows different seat numbers all sorts of

different things that can happen so what

we'll say here is we're gonna try and

price these tickets similarly to some of

the other ones that we see I think we

want any price similar than this guy 179

36 each you can go ahead price the mat

you know something more random like 199

42 can be done it will not stop you it

is a fantastic number let's go with that

one you can see here on the range though

that now that we put this price it

thinks that we are you know well outside

the range of ticket prices in that

section doesn't mean it will not sell

but also does not mean the ticket will

sell it's just just a guy telling you

hey you're outside the normal range

doesn't mean it will work but it might

not but it might but a might not but it

might once you figured out the pricing

go ahead scroll down a bit more say hey

you'll get paid this much this much to

sell your tickets through us if they

actually end up getting sold now if

you're curious why 199 42 times 2 does

not equal 3 54 96 it's because there's

something called a service charge or a

seller Charvet so over here you can see

this little blue button how is this pal

calculated there's actually a selling

feed that is associated with getting

your tickets sold and in this case

Ticketmaster will charge 11% now it can

be a bit confusing to see it with this

number so we actually go back change

this to $200 obviously can do with the

calculator but this will require much

less thinking so as you can see here

seats in section 108 row a seats 5 & 6

listed for $200 each again

ticket prices are listed per ticket not

for the entire package and then you'll

see their service fees so this service

fee is how much it would actually cost

you to sell the ticket on Ticketmaster

so you can see here very simply 11% $22

per ticket Ticketmaster will collect to

actually go ahead get these tickets

listed sold all that fun stuff

because what Ticketmaster is doing

they're saying hey we're providing you a

platform to actually go ahead and list

your tickets ensure that they are 100%

valid to whatever buyer is going to buy

them and then we're actually manage any

of the marketing costs any of the

backend transactional costs we're taking

all of that on and for the small price

of 11% they're gonna go ahead list your

tickets they're gonna try and get them

so and then

they'll can't take care of all of that

you just take care of the pricing we'll

do everything else important that if

you're just trying to recover your face

value of whatever you've paid for these

tickets make sure you go through this

slowly slow enough that you're charging

the slight premium to make sure that you

actually can cover your entire cost if

you're just looking to sell it just flat

face value don't care about the seller

fee at all then by all means go ahead

put the exact same price in won't stop

you they will totally let you do it but

again you will not get all your money

back end of the day total your payout

tells you how much you get paid in this

case $356 fantastic if all that looks

great you can go ahead hit continue if

you no longer want to continue with the

selling of your tickets go ahead click

the cancel listing no hitting continue

will not

let's take us right away because we

still have one more step to go see here

we're now in step 3 setting the payment

method select how you would like to get

paid so when you're actually going

through this step there are two things

to keep in mind one they're gonna put

money directly into your bank account

via direct deposit so to do that you

make sure that you have them a bank

account essentially set up for this so

you have a few options debit card go say

checking account you say seems cam out

checking account so you can see a Canada

USA USA if you need to north find this

information just contact your bank or go

on your bank account online should

usually be able to find that they'll

have it listed somewhere usually with

the direct deposit information you try

set that up you'll get all the details

you require and then there's the second

section down here if the event is

canceled postponed or rescheduled

rescheduled use this card to refund the

buyer when there's an event change that

occurs material event change so the

event data is changed completely the

event time has changed significantly or

the artists themselves with event

promoter they have actually you know

postponed or canceled the event entirely

what you normally do if you have just

you know normally bought the tickets

themselves from drum from taking master

directly they would say okay you know

what we're gonna give you the option to

actually request a refund as a note

we'll pick a buyer that's very simple

very easy to understand you go ahead

click the little blue buttons we find

your money no questions asked fantastic

with Ticketmaster resale from the final

buyer's perspective it works the exact

same way what you are responsible for is

what you actually collected when you

sold those tickets you are not

responsible for the additional service

charges and you know

any Ticketmaster fees that are added on

top of your cell sale price that is all

for Ticketmaster to deal with so in this

case I believe we were going to receive

three hundred fifty six dollars so you

would have received three fifty six

dollars when those things actually sold

so that is the amount of money that is

going to then be refunded back to the

buyer plus whatever Ticketmaster has

charged on top of their service fees

they'll go ahead and you know refund

that to the buyer themselves from your

perspective now you bought those tickets

you sold those tickets and now you've

refunded those things so the knees to

the sale and the refund those are now

netted themselves out you are now out

the cost of purchasing the original

tickets themselves so now you can go

ahead request that refund all will be

well get your money back from that and

the day you will be made whole if you're

happy with it click the big blue button

if you're not happy you still have

another chance to go ahead hit cancel so

as you can see here you click the button

it says ticket listing complete well

done here's what to expect

ticket listing will be live shortly

we'll send you a confirmation email blah

blah blah you edit or delete your

listing at any time so if you've listed

it too fast click the blue button just

to go ahead you can still edit your

listing not a problem and then lastly it

says here your payment will be

automatically deposited once the tickets

actually sell so within five to seven

business days after the tapes actually

sell you'll go ahead and actually get

paid get your money collect that moolah

and you'll feel great where's this last

thing down here notice listings are

subject to change hmm that's interesting

let's click little blue button see what

it says actually just take you to the

FAQ zuv ticketmasters listing and sale

of tickets this is actually a very good

screen for you if you want to again get

more needy greedy details of a house

actually works now what do they mean

when they say ticket listings made are

subject to change what they mean is that

an event itself is not 100% gonna stay

alive stay active every single time sort

of says here Fanfan resale may be

removed at any time at the event - or

venues discretion so again they have all

the power you can only list the tickets

if it is available option if the sell

button is actually grayed out it is no

longer an option for you to list those

tickets and unfortunately you cannot can

not resell this tickets on ticket

doesn't you can't resell them elsewhere

we can dive into that later on but from

Ticketmaster purposes you

will not be able to resell those tickets

on their website and enough of that

so what we can see here there is a Don

button of view my listings button view

available tickets for this event so what

I would actually suggest doing next is

clicking this third button right here

what its gonna do it's gonna actually

bring you to the event page itself show

you all the listings you can go ahead

and see your little red icons on the map

so again our seats were located in

section 108 row a seats 5 & 6 these

little red beauties down here as you can

see here I've listed tickets for a two

hundred each and then Ticketmaster has

decided to also show $42 fees including

taxes Ticketmaster they're in the

business of making money so they're

gonna make money on your sale as well as

on the sale of themselves so what do I

mean they're gonna charge you a cellar

fee to actually go ahead list those

tickets manage the distribution of those

tickets get them from more your verified

account to their verified account once

they actually sell and then they're also

charge the buyer some money saying hey

we're gonna go ahead and manage this

process for you get these things from

one person to the next person we're

gonna manage all the payment processing

bla bla bla bla bla and they're gonna

charge you for it but as you can see

tickets are listed they're active

they're good to go and so if I go back

here I can actually go ahead and now

click view my listings you can see here

are the Senators there is a listing that

is currently active and I can go ahead

just quickly make the changes for these

tickets and again will see the same

screen that we saw before we were

listing tickets so we can go ahead and

raise the price lower the price do

whatever you want with price so if I do

want to change the price down make it

$300 now because I'm a 200,000 Salama

I don't sell for $3 they get go ahead

click Submit

edit and that's just gonna circle spin

around for a little bit and then they'll

say ok you're king of this thing will be

updated shortly please allow up to two

hours for your tick listen to be updated

I know you're thinking I know I am a

mind reader here why would it possibly

take two hours for these tickets get

listed and updated yet again this is our

day it's all like 30 seconds for them to

do it the first time and now we're gonna

take two hours to make this change huh

they say this just to give themselves

you know some some leeway and actually

going ahead and opening the prices but

again it's in their best interest to

actually price this and update this as

fast as possible

you decide changer price it will not be

immediately there will be a bit of a

delay so don't fret don't worry if you

see it taking some time again they're

giving themselves two hours of buffer

time to go ahead and make that change

obviously OB it should be done before

then but it can take a little bit of a

mo wait last thing here when your ticket

actually sells your you get an email

from Ticketmaster saying hey

congratulations you're taking us sold

and then they'll get again give you all

that same information tickets will be

you know payment process will take about

five seven business days or going to

bank account XYZ blah blah blah all that

fun stuff so the last couple of things

you need to know here when you list

tickets on Ticketmaster these tickets

are still active they're still valid the

bar codes are still good so if you

decide that you want to actually give

them to your friend and then decide you

don't want to actually sell these

tickets on Ticketmaster anymore you can

go ahead do that don't do everybody's

think it's not working they are still

100% valid still understand real the bar

codes are still 100% yours you have not

given them away to anyone they are still

directly tied to your yeah so if you

want to now go ahead and cancel your

listing so if you go to my tickets and

then at the top right click view my

listings you can go ahead there and what

if this show you again is the same page

we were just then so again it's gonna

show you your active listings just sold

this things and your expired listings so

if we decide hey I'm gonna give these

tickets to my friend I think we great

birthday gift for them I'm gonna go

ahead click this remove listing button

now it's gonna ask you are you sure you

want to remove your ticket listing ah

you know cancel because you might have

clicked by accident or you've decided

hey I'm going to do this I'm going to

commit and I'm going to remove my

listing then tada you're listening has

been removed you have successfully

cancelled your tickle this thing your

listening will be removed tickets when

we return to your master count no

additional action is required fantastic

I had this moment tickets have been

removed from Ticketmaster span to fan

resell program they are no longer active

for others to buy you have now returned

think it's directly back to your account

you can go ahead do whatever you want

with these tickets all in all it's a

very simple process very easy very

intuitive I would say it does not take

very long to go ahead and actually you

know list these tickets the hardest part

is one setting the actual price to say

how much do you want to sell them for

and then to just again managing the

listing in terms of making sure that the

price is where you want it to be

now I would not say go ahead check every

single hour on the hour how about

tickets or than we think it's all a

refresher fresh fresh peeler don't do

that that's ridiculous

absolutely insane it is serving no

purpose it can feel like you just just

want to see if it's gonna be done it's

very tempting to just constantly be

checking but again people are constantly

looking for tickets so sometimes some

events may take longer to firt to sell

some may take less time for it to sell

the ping on how much you how aggressive

you are with your pricing just want to

get rid of them right away pricing

really cheap and then obviously make

someone really happy or you can be on

the other opposite end of the spectrum

sell them very expensively and then

expect him hopefully wait for someone to

come along hey I'm gonna pay you ten

thousand dollars for these seats you are

not in control of what someone else is

going to do so don't feel bad it takes

more than a few days or weeks for the

tickets to actually go ahead and get

sold it's not a problem these things

take time so just have to be patient

just wait make Jon check back every

couple days see if the prices in your

section and the similar rows are around

the same prices where you are if you

find that your tickets I'm getting much

more expensive than ones that are in a

better row or better section than you

then you might want to consider reducing

the price down if the exact opposite

happens you find that your price is

quite low compared to everybody else you

have the option of again raising the

price a little bit a lot of it you have

a lot of you have a lot of options for

how you want to manage your listings as

you have more and more listings it can

become a bit more daunting and trying to

you know manage all of them stay on top

of them see how each of them are doing

but if you're just selling the one set

of tickets that you have it's it's a

very simple process I would say does not

take too much time don't just takes a

couple of minutes go ahead and actually

update that listing do you have any

other questions now about ticketmasters

resale program their fan to fan resale

program if yes let me know in the

comments below I want to be able to

answer all your questions it can be a

bit confusing the first time you do it

but again like I said like I showed you

it's a very intuitive simple process and

just again because I'll integrated

within the Ticketmaster ecosystem

there's actually nothing you need to do

to go ahead and deliver the tickets

Ticketmaster takes care of all of that

for you so it's great in that regard

there are a few downsides of those

update the ticket prices they can be

slow the maps they're not always the

best it's there and you know trying to

compare your ticket price to someone

else's ticket price can be a bit

daunting a bit of a challenge a bit of

pain and then obviously the last is just

you know you have that feeling oh my god

I need to sell now but doesn't always

work out that way so again there's a lot


challenges there as well but it can be a

very easy way for you actually go ahead

and sell those tickets I would recommend

it if you're just starting out you just

you just have the one or a couple of

pairs of tickets that you want to sell

it's a great process for that it's very

easy there's no worries at all once the

tickets are actually sold everything is

matched by Ticketmaster you'll see

everything it's very transparent in that

regard so again just make sure once they

actually get sold go ahead and check her

bank account make sure the full amount

of funds are there if there any

questions go ahead contact Ticketmaster

and if there aren't any questions didn't

just collect your newfound dollars

newfound wealth fantastic you might have

made a bit of money might have lost a

bit of money you might have just got all

your money back now with all that being

said there are a few other places where

you can actually go ahead list these

tickets so if you click over here I'm

gonna have a video which actually talks

about how to list these tickets on

StubHub Knicks if you're interested in

listen tickets there go ahead click that

little icon if you want to learn some

other things about listing tickets I

will throw up some more video links for

you in the future

it doesn't mean you'll be sure to hit

that subscribe button because I have

lots of great content coming out every

single week see you guys next time