How I Thrift Books To Sell On Amazon | Amazon FBA | Thrift Store Finds

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what is up guys welcome to my channel my

name is lewis aka sir flipflop over on

instagram and i make videos teaching you

how to make money as a reseller

and today i'm going to show you my exact

process of going to thrift stores and

finding books

to sell on amazon to make a profit so

let's go do that now

so guys before we go to the thrift store

i actually have a couple of um amazon


and some ebay orders that i need to drop

off at the post office then we're gonna

head to the thrift shop after we do that


we go send out some money then we go

right back and source for some more


all right guys we're at the post office

which is inside of a grocery store so

we're going to send off these packages

and i need to get some food

and then we're going to go to the thrift

store right after that which this thrift

store i'm going to is one i've only been

to once i know it's a lot smaller

than the one that i usually go to but

but they do have a small book section

and i'm hoping to be able to find some