How I Thrift Books To Sell On Amazon | Amazon FBA | Thrift Store Finds

what is up guys welcome to my channel my

name is lewis aka sir flipflop over on

instagram and i make videos teaching you

how to make money as a reseller

and today i'm going to show you my exact

process of going to thrift stores and

finding books

to sell on amazon to make a profit so

let's go do that now

so guys before we go to the thrift store

i actually have a couple of um amazon


and some ebay orders that i need to drop

off at the post office then we're gonna

head to the thrift shop after we do that


we go send out some money then we go

right back and source for some more


all right guys we're at the post office

which is inside of a grocery store so

we're going to send off these packages

and i need to get some food

and then we're going to go to the thrift

store right after that which this thrift

store i'm going to is one i've only been

to once i know it's a lot smaller

than the one that i usually go to but

but they do have a small book section

and i'm hoping to be able to find some

books so i can show you guys exactly

what i do

when i'm thrifting for books and what

i'm looking forward to selling on amazon

go send these packages and then go to

the thrift store


all right guys i'm done with my shopping

and sending out the packages now we can

head to the thrift shop

all right guys we are here and i wanted

to um go over my game plan with you guys

because i always have a game plan before

i go

doing retail arbitrage or thrifting i

always like to plan out what i'm doing

before i get in there

so i can just make things um a lot

easier and quicker i plan to spend about

an hour here

i'm only looking for five or six books

like i'm actually just doing this

thrifting shop just for the video so i'm

not really trying to go

like all in and get like 20 or 30 or 40

books five would be good so i can just

show you guys what i'm exactly looking


which the first thing i'm looking for is

i'm not looking to get any books

over the rank of 1 million i really want

to stay under 500 000 but um

if the profits are good and the reviews

are good then i'll go all the way up to

a million

so sales rank under a million is the

first thing

don't mind the bottles in the back i

forgot to take those to the store um the

next thing i'm going to look for is i

want reviews

i want at least three reviews on a book

that tells me that at least some people

are enjoying it and the reviews have to

be over three and a half stars like if

it's two star reviews and it has

like 20 000 it doesn't matter i'm not

taking it because two stars means the

book is trash so

it has to have at least three ratings

and the ratings have to be over three

and a half stars

those are the two main things i'm

looking for and i'm looking for

hardcover books because those seem to do

much better for me than paperback

and i like to pay attention to kids


religion and non-fiction so let's go

find these flips

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all right guys after looking at all the

books i'm just doing a quick walk


i literally just grabbed each book and

just scanned it i opened up the amazon

sellers app and i'm just scanning each

book and hopefully

i'm trying to find something that um

will make me some profits like there's

no trick to it i don't use anything else

i just scan and keep scanning until i

find something

after scanning about six books this is

the first one i found as you can see the

sales rank is 134 000 which is very good

there's over 60 reviews and they um and

it has a four-star rating

um i'm sure i could sell this book for

about 8.99

and make about three to four year profit

the book only costs 150 so

i'm gonna call this one a good flip and

take it a few books later i found this


the rank is four hundred and twenty

thousand there's 28 reviews

it's a four star rating um what else as

you can see there are two offers for


used which means i can sell mods for

around 19.95

and sell it so let's see how good this

one does on amazon

this is the last book i found as you can

see the rank is 386 thousand

there are six reviews at a four star

rating and as you can see there is one

fba offer for 44.99 but i'm pretty much

sure that that is a mistake so i'm

probably going to sell mines for between

20 and 30

and i should be able to sell it


all right guys and that's how you find

books at the thrift store to sell on


hope you guys enjoyed this video my next

video will be about me how i list these


and then already have a book um video

about how i put on how i get my

shipments together to

send them out to amazon so if you want

to see that video click there

and um as always hope you guys enjoyed

it and until next time

peace out oh don't forget to like and

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what i'm trying to do so

peace out