Selling Clothes on thredUP HONEST REVIEW + Payout Results

hey there beautiful people welcome back

to my channel my name is Caitlin and

today I'm going to be doing a review of

the thredUP

closet clean out caked selling your

clothes on thread up giving you guys my

rundown of my experience if you're not

familiar with thread up it's an online

thrift store you can shop by brand you

can filter so it only shows you your

particular sizes which is really handy

personally shopped on thread up about

three or four times I've had mostly good

experiences with the clothes that I've

purchased so I decided to order my very

own clean out kit I actually had the

idea to film this after I already

cleaned out my closet and sent

everything in so I'm not gonna show it

that part but I am gonna talk about my

expectations and then I'll come back and

let you guys know like what actually was

accepted for sale what's sold about how

much I earned all of that good

information so you guys can decide if

this is something that interests you if

at any point you find this video helpful

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up it really helps out a small channel

like mine so on the thread up website

you can request a clean-out kit which is

basically they send you a bag that is a

prepaid package that you get to fill up

with clothes that you would like to sell

or donate thread up has an option where

you can I think pay a little extra and

get clothes returned shipped to you if

you want them back so for me I didn't

care that much I wanted to clean out my

closet and donate anything that isn't

going to be sold so thread up only

accepts high quality items that are

still in good condition so obviously

things that people would want to buy and

you only get paid if they actually sell

the item so even if they decide to keep

it and they put it up and they list it I

believe you only get paid when someone

actually buys it so you're really trying

to send them things that are like good

brands things that are still trendy that

maybe you just are tired of you don't

want anymore but that someone else would

want now the way that you get paid is

the amount or the percent of your payout

goes up with some more expensive item is

so if your item is list

at between $5 and $20 you're gonna get 5

to 15% of that item if your item is

listed at 50 to $99 then you get 30 to

60% of that selling price so it kind of

incentivizes you to send in items that

can be sold for more money so more

premium brands pay you at a more premium

price I've seen a couple complaints out

there that people are sending in like

bags of clothes to thread up and only

making like pennies on what they are

selling but if you think about it like

if you want to make more money on every

individual item I think you're gonna be

better off listing items yourself on a

site like Poshmark

for me I don't really have time or any

desire to be like making multiple trips

to the post office to go get packing

supplies or envelopes or to send stuff

off to be mailed I'd rather have someone

else handle it plus at this point I just

wanted to clean out my closet so once

your items are purchased you have to

wait for the return period for that item

to expire and then you can cash out your

earning believe you can either choose to

get paid out in a thread up credit by

paypal or a gift card to a different

brands website in the process right now

is I've sent in my clean-out kit these

are just like the items that came with

it with different instructions so I'm

now currently waiting for them to

receive and sort through my kit and tell

me like what they're accepting to sell

or what they're gonna list and then

everything else will be donated I do

anticipate they are going to list a few

items I did send in a couple of things

that still had the tags on which I think

likely they would list there was like a

dress from Lulu's that still have the

tags on cuz I just felt like it didn't

look good on me and anything on sale so

it was final sale or maybe I was just

too lazy to return it I don't remember

but I would think they would list that

because there's like absolutely nothing

wrong with it I kind of forget already

like what I cleaned out and what I sent

in which truly means I did not need it

in my closet and it's good that I gave

it away

I also sent in like a bunch of like

stuff from Old Navy so those would be

kind of like the mall brands versus the

premium brands

so we'll have to wait and see what they

accept well I'm back it's been quite

some time since I felt that last clip

and I'm here to give you my final

thoughts and talk you through the rest

of the spread up clean-out selling

experience so I would say it took them

about a month to receive and process my

clean-out bag

I believe I sent it in around

Valentine's weekend like that February

15th 16th May tea and it was processed

on March 20th now as a caveat in between

that time was kind of strange because

that's like kind of when this whole

corona virus pandemic was kind of just

starting to kick off but people weren't

really you know fully shut down yet so I

don't know that affected the processing

time or not but it did take about a full

month for the products to be processed

and for them to select what they wanted

to post to sell on their website

write-up did send me an email when they

had processed my kit and posted items

per sale however it did go to like my

spam filter or like my promotions tab

and Gmail so I didn't actually see the

email right away until I went and

searched for it and then by the time I

went to the website four of the items

had already sold so it's kind of cool

like as soon as I went on I could see

that some people had already bought some

of the items that were posted and of the

items I sent in and I wish I knew the

total number of items I sent in but I

sent in a full bag essentially they

decided to post 16 items and they did a

mix of kind of like the higher-end

and the mall brands which is what I sent

it and I sent to the mix some of the

items that they chose to post where the

Lulu's dress is I sent a couple dresses

I want to say three dresses from Lulu's

one still have the tags on these posted

some of the Old Navy sweaters I sent in

and I can actually go into I'm gonna

look right now in the web site you can

look at your sales and see all the items

that are listed and list

price and you can actually go in and

edit the list price to lower it or raise

it depending on whether you just want it

to sell or if you wanted a specific

payout you can kind of go in and play

with the price a little bit addition to

the Lulu's dresses I sold like a banana

republic work skirt there were some

jeans in there a bikini top set like I

literally never once wore and some

different shoes like some cute wedges

from Tommy Hilfiger some Calvin coke

Calvin Klein sneakers just some random

stuff so yeah they posted 16 of my items

some of my items were having a bit of

trouble selling some went really fast

and there was like no I'd like they sold

before I even saw that they were on sale

which is cool and then some of them I

went in and lowered the price because I

wasn't trying to like re clean anything

or take anything back so I went in and

like modified the price I brought it

down a little bit to help it sell now

I'm at the point where my bag is expired

so there's only a certain window that

thredUP gives you to sell your items and

if they don't sell in that window then

you can either reclaim them and pay to

have them shipped back to you or they

get donated the two items that didn't

sell in case you're curious was an old

Navy sweater which I kind of understand

why that wouldn't necessarily sell

because even though it was priced very

cheaply on thredUP

I feel like Old Navy is having a lot of

sales and it's not an expensive brand in

the first place so someone might just

prefer to buy directly from Old Navy

unless they were trying to minimize

their eco footprint and just um not you

know buy new fashion items then that

might be a reason to purchase on thredUP

but I could understand why the demand

for something like that would be a bit

lower the other items that did not sell

was from boohoo and it was a faux

leather skirt I only wore it once it was

part of my Halloween costume and it's

kind of like a

patent leather black skirt but it

actually when I received it from boohoo

it didn't look as good as it looked on

the website it did kind of look cheap

and the way its photos have to unthread

up it you can tell the materials not

that great could be a great item like I

bought it for a costume definitely uses

for it but like it's a leather skirt and

it's like a cheap looking leather skirt

so the demand for something like that

during quarantine is probably very low

so I can definitely understand why not

did not sell now let's talk about the

payout so I think as I mentioned

hopefully at the beginning of this video

you don't actually get your payout you

can't like cash out until the return

window has closed for the items that you

sell so currently for me looking in my

account here online I can see that nine

of the items that have been sold I have

received a payout for and then there are

still five that are pending sale which

means that they are purchased but could

still be returned possibly so I can see

that for my entire bag all 16 items my

total payout amount is nineteen dollars

and 33 cents so let's break that down a

little bit the item that sold for the

most amount of money was a pair of Tommy

Hilfiger wedges and those sold for

$27.99 and I got a 19% payout I think

because it's like a name-brand

and then I got so that comes out to five

dollars and 32 cents for that item the

next highest selling item was that

Lulu's cocktail dress that still had the

tags on that's all for 22 99 I got a 16

point 5 percent payout for 3 dollars and

80 cents on that item other items that

were like from Old Navy or H&M sold for

a lot less and the percentage of the

payout is a lot less so for example I

sent in a cute like hmm blouse sold for

$8.99 the payout percentage was 6 point


so I got 61 cents on that

and blouse so you can see that it's

definitely you make more on your premium

brand items and those are also usually

listed for more money so you can make a

little bit more money if you're sending

in like more premium brands but if

you're sending in Mal brands you're

really only gonna be making like $0.50

an item I was like a ballpark so I can

see that I currently have nine items

that are sold and then I've received a

payout four and five items that are

pending sale which means that they're

purchased but may still be returned

hold on now I'm wondering if that $19 is

taking those items into consideration so

I may actually have a few extra dollars

that have not been included in that

amount yet I'm trying to do the mental

math which is not pretty but yeah I

believe actually I will make let's call

it $25 off this bag which I sent in a

full bag I don't remember exactly how

many items were in there but it was just

I filled the bag up to the top so in

terms of final thoughts I think thredUP

is a really good option if you were

planning to clean out your closet anyway

and bring your clothes to a donation

center I think right up is a good choice

because a those still donate or recycle

any items that you send in that they

don't choose to sell so if you do want

to make sure that your items are treated


I feel like thredUP has a pretty good

reputation for that and then you can

also in the process make a little extra

it can be put towards the credit on your

account if you're a thread up user or

you can kind of get it in the form of a

gift certificate to a store that they

have a couple different options if

you're trying to earn money and use this

as a way to like actually get some kind

of return on investment on some of your

nicer pieces I would say thread up is

not your best option I think something

like Poshmark where you're going to be

doing most of the work in terms of

photographing your item

contacting the buyers negotiating and

posting the item yourself you're gonna

get a much higher percentage of that

sale Poshmark for example takes a small

percentage of your selling price and you

take home the bulk of your selling price

thredUP is kind of the opposite where

they're doing the work so they're gonna

take the majority of your selling price

and you just get a small cut for having

basically donated your clothes if you're

really focused on earning money I would

say list it yourself on a different

website overall the process of selling

your clothes on thredUP

is really easy because you don't have to

do anything personally you can go in and

edit the prices if you want to to raise

or lower than to try and effect how much

of your payout you get but other than

that it's really all on bread up though

I think next time I clean out my closet

I probably will send the bag in to throw

it up because it's an easy option I like

that they donate what they don't sell

and I don't really personally feel like

I want to spend the time individually

listing all these items myself let me

know in the comments below if you've

sold on thredUP

and what your own personal experience

has been or if you prefer to sell your

clothes on a different website don't eat

them let us know in the comments your

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