How to Start An Online Store Without Inventory

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come out so you want to start an online

store selling products online but you

don't have the money to purchase

expensive inventory in advance so what

exactly to YouTube now in today's video

I'm going to be talking about how to

start an online store with no inventory

yes you heard right so if you're someone

out there who's thinking about starting

an online store you want to start

selling products online but perhaps you

don't have the money to buy any inventor

in advance or you're really really

struggling in terms of purchasing

inventory then this video is free and

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now the first step to starting an online

store or any business out there is to

come up with a niche or a business idea

now some of you guys watching this video

may or may not already have an idea with

regards to what type of products you

want to sell online perhaps you want to

sell accessories clothing shoes bags

hair extensions just whatever you're

thinking about selling online is

essentially going to be your niche okay

so if you don't already have an idea

that it's time for you to start

brainstorming on some ideas or regards

to what you want to sell online don't go

out there trying to sell everything

because it's just gonna confuse you and

most of all confused your customers okay

so find the niche stick to it and make a

killing out of it okay now the second

step of course after you have a niche is

to start thinking about your website

your website is essentially going to be

your office or your storefront because

you're studying an online store you need

a platform where people can actually

find you and purchase those products

from you so your website is key to

creating an online store this no way

you're gonna start an online store

without a website how do you expect

people to find you and don't go out

there trying to sell products on

Instagram and Facebook because that's

just not professional enough people need

a platform where you can go there

purchase a product pay for the product

and get the product shipped out to them

you don't want to be going back and

forth with the customers or making the

purchasing process long and complicated

for your customers because let's be

honest we don't have the Haitians

nowadays okay a lot of people want to go

on the internet find a product they want

to buy click on that Buy Now button pay

for it and have it delivered to them in

a few days okay nobody wants to go on

Instagram instead DMing you oh I want

that shoe how do I pay for it

or do you want my bank details or do I

have to use PayPal it's just too long

and too complicated and a lot of people

wouldn't buy it from you if you don't

have a website that's just the fact if

you have an Instagram account Facebook

account social media platforms that's

perfect that's a great start but if you

want your customers to take you


then you need to invest in a website now

to get your website up and running these

two key things you're going to need

your domain name and hosting platform

your domain name essentially is the name

of your business so if your business

name is Plus Size boutique and your

domain name could be something like but couldn't you keep

really really really up to you and you

can get a domain name for less than ten

dollars for an entire year so it's

really really worth the investment you

can get it from platforms like which is my all-time

favorite and these other platforms like

GoDaddy and other domain name providers

out there that you can also look into if

you're interested in finding out more

once you have a domain name you can

actually get hosting from platforms like

easy click website but I always

recommend that you look into Shopify

because Shopify essentially is the

perfect platform to help you create an

online store its beginner friendly and

it's really really geared and headed

towards creating online e-commerce type

stores so I strongly recommend you check

out Shopify okay now I leave all that

still down below and for the different

platforms get your website up and

running so once you have an age and a

website it's time to get some inventory

now this is where it gets really

stressful especially for those of you

who may be a little bit tight on cash

but you want to start your own online

store as you already know buying

wholesale involves a lot of capital

because you need to buy everything in


a lot of wholesale suppliers out there

don't allow you to buy just one unit or

two units or even ten units you need to

buy sometimes a minimum of 40 to 50

units per item so this necklace I'm

wearing for example you may need to buy

50 to 100 units per product okay so if

you're thinking about buying other

products for your website then as you

can imagine that we can really really

pricey because you're buying hundreds of

units of each item you're gonna need

some extra space maybe you need a

storeroom to store all those items and

if you just get it started this is a

really really risky approach as well

because nobody really knows about your

brand just yet unless of course you have

some you know special connections and

some brand endorsements out there that

can blow your business up overnight you

will really really struggle because


doesn't just work like that for any new

businesses out there one of the biggest

issues that new businesses trouble with

is brand awareness okay and brand

exposure you're studying a business

nobody really knows about you so don't

rather buy from the bigger brands out

there that a lot more familiar with so

now if you can't really afford to buy

wholesale then what to you two about

that how did you start that online store

I've got a trick for you guys and my tip

if you don't already know is drop shape

in now some of you guys who already

follow me will know I talk a lot about

this amazing inventory sourcing option


drop shipping drop shipping is a process

whereby you don't have to buy any

inventory in advance but what you do is

you collaborate with the supplier who's

willing to fulfill and ship all your

orders to your customers you sell the

products on your website as though you

already own them the customers don't

need to know you don't have them

installed and your supplier is dealing

with the fulfillment when a customer

buys from you you pass a customer's

details to your supplier who then

packages and ships the products out

directly to your customer and a chain

you keep your money okay you keep the

profit you're saving yourself the risk

you can sell as many products as you

want without buying anything in advance

and you don't have to deal with the

fulfillment process of packaging and

shipping products out to your customer

your job is religious to sell the

products on your website so say for

example I wanted to sell this necklace

on my website and I found a wholesale

supplier who's currently selling this

necklace for $7 what I could do is

instead of having to buy hundreds of

units of this product for $700 for

example what I could do is sell these

products on my website and so I already

owned them so the COS price of course is

$7.00 but I could sell this product on

my website for $25 which is the market

price a customer that comes to my

website and buys this necklace for $25

it goes straight into my bank account on

my paypal account what I then do is go

back to my suppliers website and I

purchase the same necklace for seven

dollars okay so you're only buying this

product after the customer has purchased

from you remember the customer bought

this necklace $25 so essentially you get

to make a profit of

eighteen dollars the supplier dank

packages and chips the order algebra

treats your customer and you keep your

18 dollar profit simple as that

however for this to work you need to

make sure you're actually dealing with

suppliers who offer a drop shipping

service okay because as you know there's

wholesale suppliers and it's also drop

shipping suppliers but they are also

hosts your suppliers that deal with drop

shipping as well

okay now you're probably wondering where

do you find drop shipping suppliers it's

a lot of different platforms out there

that you can get started with Aliexpress

is one of the best ones hands down that

you can get started with the silicon

which is another great drop shipping

platform so there's a lot of drop

shipping suppliers out there that you

can start working with it's also

worldwide brands and one of my favorites

of course instruction finds don't come

which is one that I've used myself nice

to currently use as well unlike

platforms like Aliexpress salehoo

worldwide brands that only offer you a

list of suppliers to start working with

drug she finds actually offers you the

whole drop shipping business in one

platform so you don't only get access to

the wholesale and drop shipping

suppliers you can get started with but

you also have your own website designed

for you okay so you're saving yourself

the cost of web hosting or going through

the stress or creating your own website

because that is actually sorted for you

a drop sheet find soft calm you also get

training videos to help you market and

advertise your business to your

customers so essentially if you are

they're just getting started

and I'll recommend you check out

dropship finds that come because it's

really really beginner friendly and you

get everything as in all the tools and

resources in one single platform to get

you started okay I'll leave the link

down below you can check out everything

you need to know about dropship signs

down below I did the video someone's

back on the different wholesale and drop

shipping suppliers that you can go for

with the pros the cons and I'm going to

leave the link below so you can check it

out to find out more regards to the drop

shipping suppliers you can start working

with okay and once you have your website

up and running you're essentially now in

business it's time to sell sell sell and

start attracting new customers and leads

to your business there's so many

marketing strategies you can use out

there to attract customers to your new


in store such as search engine

optimization marketing which is what I

always recommend you get started with

because it's free its organic and you

get real customers who are truly

interested in your products okay another

way to attract customers to your online

store is using social media marketing

you can use platforms like Facebook

Instagram Pinterest which are my three

top recommended platforms for

advertising your online store or online

would say it's free to join but you need

to pay if you want to use Facebook ads

or Instagram as attract customers pretty

fast to your online store so there's so

many options out there when it comes to

marketing your new online store and

again I did a video someone's back on

how you can actually generate traffic

and sales to your new online store so

this will make quick steps to starting

an online store of course there's a lot

more involved in the process and if

you're looking for more sort of detailed

information or regards to starting an

online store then make sure you check

out the run with the Academy where I

teach you step by step how to start your

own online boutique from scratch from

the start all the way till the end ok

I'm going to leave the link down below

so if you're interested hopefully I look

forward to seeing you on the other side

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