How To Start An Etsy Shop - Etsy Business Shop Tips - Selling On Etsy - Become An Etsy Seller

what's up everybody I'm Tim from Tim

forage gifts so I talk a lot about my

Etsy shop on my channel and I've had a

lot of people show interest in setting

up their own Etsy shops I get a lot of

questions offline so I've decided to do

a video showing you start to finish how

to actually set up your own Etsy shop so

from the ground up this is a click by

click walkthrough of how you actually go

about setting up your own Etsy shop now

if you've looked at the setting up an

Etsy shop before it can seem a little

bit overwhelming so whether you're not

that confident in your computer skills

or honestly by this point your mind has

been so consumed with making the things

that you actually want to sell an Etsy

you really don't have the time or energy

to learn something else so just follow

this video step by step by the end of it

you'll see that setting up your own Etsy

shop really nothing to it at all so

before we get started before we actually

set up our shop there will be a few

things that we'll need to have prepared

in order to make setting up our shelf

that much easier first of those is going

to be an email you can use your personal

email I would suggest setting up a

separate email we're using a business

email if you have one just because you

are going to get a lot of emails from

Etsy not really spam type emails but

they will send you a lot of

notifications and help guys things like

that information that you're going to

need that you won't want lost in the

shuffle of your day-to-day emails

secondly you're going to need a credit

card to set up your billing and banking

information and in addition to all that

you're gonna need a lot of pictures

you're gonna need pictures of the

listings of the items that you're

looking to sell you're gonna need your

banner clipart your shop icon clipart

your profile picture maybe a few action

shots for your About section so we will

talk about all of those as we come to

one quick side note before we start my

shop is a candle shop my channel is a

candle making tutorial channel so

everything that you're going to see in

this video will be candle related but

that won't affect the overall tutorial

you can just substitute whatever you

make for war on I have candles alright

let's hop on and get started so the very

first thing we're gonna want to do is go

to obviously we're gonna go to

sell on Etsy it's gonna take us to this

landing page we're gonna go down to open

up Etsy shop and this is where we're

gonna enter our email address

we're gonna fill out some personal

information and here we go technically

this point our Etsy shop is open now

it's just up to us to decorate it and

make it look how we want first page is

going to be our shop preferences most of

that's gonna auto populate the only

thing you really have to fill out on

this page is this question here and it

is basically for its ease statistical

purposes you can really just click

whatever applies go to save and continue

now we pick the name of our shop we're

gonna check the availability that name

is available that's what we want my shop

to be named so we will save and continue

now you can't change that once later but

just a good idea go ahead and make sure

you get the name that you want now now

we're going to jump right into we're

actually going to start adding our

listings so we're gonna go to add

listing and this is what you will do the

most of while you are on Etsy so now

we're just gonna go through this line by

line first things first we're gonna go

ahead and add our photos this is what I

was saying earlier you need to go ahead

and have these ready

I just picked some random pictures off a

bun slash so we'll go and make this my

first listing

and I picked smaller ones on purposes to

show you what actually happens the pixel

size on this needs to be at least 1500

pixels if you pick one smaller II will

on your listing picture will have these

blank spots on the side so whenever

somebody opens up the picture that's

what the actual picture is going to look

like they won't fill up the full screen

we can add up to ten pictures it gives

you suggestions for what every picture

should be these aren't necessary you can

make pictures of whatever you want or

whether you want pictures from either

side dimensional pictures lifestyle

pictures just fill up the ten pictures

however you want

just for my listings I'm gonna save time

and only do one picture but you can't

have up to ten your thumbnail picture is

always going to be your first picture

that's what people are gonna see as

they're going through search good thing

about that is we can't actually adjust

our thumbnail just click on adjust

thumbnail and here we can move it around

zoom in and out get it just how we want

it and how we want people to see it as

they're viewing us in search so that

thumbnail is saved we're going to

pretend that we've got all 10 pictures

done and we're going to move on to our

listing description first is going to be

the title pretty self-explanatory this

is part of the Etsy's algorithm of how

things come up in search so you want to

be pretty specific because this is how

they're actually gonna place your item

in different categories and for the most

part it's how people are going to find

you when they enter search terms so for

this one we're gonna call it just a

you can add other descriptors too that

are going to accurately describe that

candle or that item to be able to help

people find it in search next is

basically just fill in the blank as we

go down about the listing who made it

it's almost always going to be I did

Etsy does allow you to sell vintage

clothing and craft supplies so if you

were collaborating with another shop you

would pick that or if you were selling a

vintage clothing or supplies you would

pick that but for just about everything

we're gonna pick that we made it what is

it it's either gonna be a finished

product or like I said if it's the craft

supply you'll pick that there's almost

always gonna be a finished product for

our stuff and for this you would pick

just whatever applies most usually gonna

be that but if it's a made-to-order item

they do have that option and now we're

going to pick which category falls in

this used to be a very complicated

series of drop-down boxes now Etsy has

simplified it basically we're just going

to type in what our item is so you're

gonna type in whatever applies to you

and it's going to give us options in the

drop-down box

for which would best apply to our item

that we list evening so we're just gonna

pick the one that applies best that's

gonna help Betsy placing in two

different categories to be able to find

it search these are the categories that

are Auto populated in now we're going to

move into the description section now

this is not necessary but se does have

search options where people can refine

their search so if you don't have these

click you may not be included in those

search options for example the primary

color for this one is gonna be white if

somebody were searching and they search

specifically for white candles if you

didn't have this picked you wouldn't

show up in their search so it's best to

fill out as many boxes as you can and

that is black writing so we'll check it

is black also it has room options what

room this might go in this may be

different for other items or for candles

it gives you these options but again

whatever options it gives you it's best

to be as specific as you can just

because when people narrow down their

search options you want to be able to

show up in their searches we'll pick a

few for our candle again with the


whatever options can best apply you

definitely want to pick them because

again it's gonna help you be found in

search now renew options you do have to

renewal options it is a 20 cent fee to

Etsy every time your anew an item you

can't set it to manually it will renew

manually every six months you'll have to

go in and renew it and if you said it is

automatic any time somebody buys that

item Etsy will automatically renew it of

course they will automatically charge

you then 20 cent listing fee the benefit

of that is every time it's relisted or

renewed it appears as a fresh item it

appears to make your shop more active

which will give you a boost in search so

even though it does cost it's pretty

minimal fee so my suggestion is to

always check the automatic listing fee

will just help keep your listings in

your shop more fresh next is the type

it's either a physical or they are a

digital most of our items are going to

be physical for those of you that sell

digital downloads you'd obviously take

that and now the description basically

will just write the best description we

can this is what the person is gonna see

when they click on our item description

to decide whether or not they want to

buy it so you do want to make it as

welcoming and as inviting as possible

and obviously you'd want to be a little

bit more descriptive than that just for

time you get the idea the next box is

your production partner again if you

were collaborating with another shop

perhaps if you made half of an item then

you bought the rest of the item from

another shop you would need to list that

shop or person as a production partner

next is gonna be your tags this is one

of the more important things I'm not

going to go into the Etsy algorithm

itself mainly because it's all just

guesswork actually there's an actual

release what their search algorithm is

there are several different methods you

can use and do quite well I'm going to

keep it pretty simple for now I'm not

going to go into those just because that

would make this video three or four

hours long and since it's just a basic

tutorial of how to open up your shop

we're going to try to keep it pretty

simple for now but your tags is

basically just your descriptors that are

going to help your item be found

search so we can be things like it's

basically accurate descriptions of your

item that somebody may search for so for

example I've listed one tag as a dear

candle so if a customer is on the search

phase and they search for dear candle

hopefully my item will come up in their

search you can add up to 13 and so they

appear when you add them each tag can

have up to 21 characters and like I said

you can have 13 of them you want to go

ahead and use as many as you can because

we want our listing to be packed with as

much information and be as complete as

possible to increase our odds of being

found in search again with the materials

you're just gonna list the materials

that you've used to make your item now

you want to be pretty correct and

accurate because these material listings

do actually show up on the search page

add a few there would be some of the

items that be listed in our can next is

our pricing and inventory there's two

different ways you can do this I'll show

you the most common one first so at this

point you should have already determined

what your price is going to be so we'll

say this candle will sell for 995 and in

my inventory I have 10 of them I can

leave that alone that's how it would

appear on the search page and somebody

was looking with that item but we can't

also add variations let's say that

candle came a different sense or

different colors we go to add variations

choose a variation type and let's let's

make them different colors so we pick

color as our variation now we're going

to pick our actual variations so we're

gonna sell it as a white candle and

let's say as a purple candle so we've

got our different variations picked now

we can set the price and quantity for

each variation so let's say they were

gonna be different prices or we had a

different amount of each of them we

would pick prices vary for each primary

color and/or quantities vary for each

primary color so we've got all that said

we're gonna go to save this is how it's

gonna appear you notice the initial

price and quantity that we entered has

gone away and now we can enter the

individual prices and quantities for

those variations

we'll say the white one costs 9.95 and

again we have ten of them and then let's

say the purple one cost ten ninety five

and we've only got five of those so now

when somebody searches and looks at our

listing that's what they're gonna see

last thing in that category is the SKU

or the stock keeping unit now that's

optional that's basically has nothing to

do with that see that's just more of an

option that you would have for your shop

let's say if you had a really big shop

where you had a lot of items you might

actually use SKUs with those as a way of

keeping up with your inventory but for

most part people are gonna have those so

we're just gonna leave that blank

next option is our personalization

option you can't offer personalization

depending on what you actually sell that

may or may not be an option for you

but if it is we're gonna go ahead and

click it it'll open up this box and

basically it'll just give you a place to

give instructions to your customers of

how you want them to describe their

personalization to you so let's say if

somebody wants to personalize this

candle I would put something like helps

if you spell the word spell correctly

okay so that's kind of generic but

that's gonna give people a general idea

of what I want from them if they are

requesting personalization so all that's

done we're gonna go down to our shipping

options now so this part can be a little

bit tricky it offers you a lot of

options if you're not familiar with

shipping at all this part can really

confuse you let's break it down it's

basically two different categories you

have calculated shipping whereas he

basically figures everything for you or

you have manual cost shipping where you

enter all the cost yourself you can't do

that best bet is to go ahead and let

Etsy calculate the shipping for you that

way you don't under - Sarge in the the

exact shipping that the United States

Postal Service we

charge you for that package so we're

gonna leave that set to the default

we're gonna go ahead and add our zip

code selecting our processing time this

is basically the time that it's going to

take us to get it out the door from the

time the person orders it so if it's not

ready-made item you have on your shelf

and you can get it mailed to them within

one to two business days you would check

the appropriate block if it's a

made-to-order item that's gonna take you

time to gather supplies and actually

make you can't actually go to the

extreme of several months to your own

custom range just depending on how long

it's going to take you to actually make

and ship the item from the time of

customer orders it keep in mind that

people are likely to order an item

that's going to ship quicker special

around the holidays which is gonna be

your busy time for Etsy anyway so check

the quickest time that you can possibly

make it out the door without being late

now ANSI is gonna automatically default

to the shipping locations it's basically

gonna have a shipping worldwide you may

or may not want to do that it's

basically this simple drop-down boxes

you can actually pick each individual

country that you want to ship to so if

you wanted to ship to Asia but only

wanted to ship to China and Japan you

just unclick everything else or if you

only wanted to ship domestically you

just unclick everything and leave North

America fleet and if you didn't want to

ship to any of the other countries in

North America you just don't click

everything it's gonna automatically

default to your home country so we one

clicked everything so my shipping

profile is set to only ship to the

United States now it's going to give us

options for the actual shipping services

again it's going to default to

everything you may or may not want to

make every shipping option available to

your customers but at a minimum I would

suggest picking priority mail and


so now that we've got our shipping

services selected we'll come down to the

next block Etsy does offer free shipping

I would not suggest that just because

shipping is expensive so unless you're

gonna roll it into your price which may

or may not make you competitive with

other shippers shipping the same items

that you did just for me personally I do

not offer free shipping it does give us

the option to offer a handling fee

perhaps if you ship a large item that

requires a lot of expensive packing

supplies you do have the option of

adding a up charge for those packing

supplies rather than just rolling that

into the price of your item but again I

don't have that so only that blank and

that's pretty much it for our shipping

we're going to save our shipping profile

we can name it create that profile now

it's going to create that shape and

profile for us we can create many

different shaping profiles to be able to

select those for the different items

that we're selling then as we get to

that part in the listing it'll have our

list of created profiles and we can just

click which one applies to that item or

the calculated that's the shipping

profile that we just created now we're

gonna in our item dimensions because it

is calculated shipping Etsy needs to

know the size of our packaging and how

much our item weighs so that you can

actually determine how much the post

office is gonna charge us to ship that

item so for that candle we're gonna say

that the box we're gonna put it in is 4

inches by 4 inches by 4 inches and it

weighs 13 ounces you can see it's the

automatically calculated the shipping

for us so the ship from my location to

the Chicago area and gives you the

different regions of the United States

that it can ship to it's gonna cost four

dollars and ten cents to ship it from

mine to the Chicago area and again four

dollars and ten cents to ship it all the

way up to Los Angeles and you can kind

of see if we had international shipping

clicked it would show us how much it

would cost a ship to each individual

country so we've got all that done now

we can go down

preview or listing and this is how our

listing is going to look when a customer

clicks on it it's going to add the item

description that we put in it's going to

have the variations that we listed so

the people can pick white or purple when

I have the quantity that we listed so

they can buy one or as many if we had

you can list up to a 999 quantity of one

single item so the people can buy anyone

anywhere from 1 to 999 of that item this

is the personalization section that we

added gives the people the instructions

and the space where they can actually

follow the instructions that we gave

again it shows the materials that we

listed and the item description that we

gave and once we publish the item it's

going to show all the shipping and Shop

information it looks pretty basic for

now because we haven't done anything

with our shop once we do the shop info

later more will show up there but for

now that's a basic look at how one of

our listings is going to appear so we're

happy with that so we're going to save

and continue

so that was one less thing we can add

several I'm gonna go offline and add

several more just to show you a few

things later so I'm gonna go and paws

this and add a few listings to be able

to show you guys some things later okay

I've got a few more listings at it to be

able to show you a few things later it's

now we're gonna hit save and continue

now the important stuff how we're

actually gonna get our money so of

course you're just gonna click the

appropriate country it's going to

default to that country's currency of

course now you're going to put in your

banking information and your personal

information now I've got to fill this

out to be able to move on to the next

step obviously I'm not going to put that

out there for YouTube to see so once you

guys get this completed with your

information hit save and continue and I

will do the same and see you guys on the

next page okay once we hit save and

continue it's going to send a

confirmation email to the email address

we entered originally

click on confirm my account and it is

going to take us back into Etsy we can

close out the initial page oh we had

open because it's not gonna let us go

past this and we'll go and open up the

dashboard that you took this to and it's

gonna bring us to this dashboard we're

gonna go to shop manager and it's gonna

pick us up where we left off now we're

going to add our credit card information

this is how you're going to pay it's the

for the money that you owe them for

listings or renewal fees or shipping

labels that you buy from them this is

how you're actually going to pay for

them again I'm not going to put this out

there for the YouTube world to see so I

will fill this out you do the same and I

will see you on the next page once we

get this all done we'll go down here to

open shop our shop will officially be

open all that'll be left to do is just

do a bit of decorating so I'll fill this

out you guys do the same we'll click

open shop and I'll see you there and

this is where it'll take us this is the

landing page for our shop as you can see

it's pretty generic right now

basically let's God is just our shop

name and the listings that we enter so

we're going to want to do go into edit

shop and this is where we're going to

decorate it and really make it stand out

we can start at the very top which will

be our banner if you've ever seen an

Etsy shop you've seen that big banner

across the top of it this is where we

will add that several different sizes

you can go without a banner which I

wouldn't suggest you do a big banner and

the mini banner you can see over to the

side how it's gonna look on mobile and

desktop as you switch between each one I

prefer the big banner just because it's

bigger obviously and stands out a little

bit more it'll tell you right here what

the dimensions are for each of those

banners 1200 by 160 for the small and

1200 by 300 for the big one so we're

going to pick big Google done it's going

to open up that image box now all we

have to do is select an image this is

one of the things that I mentioned in

the very beginning of the video that you

needed to have prepared beforehand a

couple different ways we can get this

you can go to on the next page

in the picture creation tab it actually

gives an option for creating a Etsy

banner you can just pick that if you're

familiar with canva and do it yourself

or if you're not tech savvy or not

creative enough or just don't want to do

it yourself

you can rely on the good folks at basically people there you

tell them what you want they got take

people that freelance and do this on

their own can basically do anything you

want for a small price anywhere from

five dollars all the way up to whatever

amount they charge depending on the

amount of work that they put in for

something so those two options are in my

opinion going to be your best bet for

getting ahold of some cover art for your

Etsy shop I've already done so

there is my Etsy shop banner so we're

happy with that so we're gonna click

Save that's how it's gonna appear next

we're gonna go down to our our shop icon

basically just a another picture and

branding you can add what a lot of

people do is they'll put a some sort of

decorative shop banner here you can

change this periodically maybe with the

seasons for Christmas you can have a

Christmas type banner this is mostly

where you're going to showcase your

products at for the shop icon that's

where your branding is going to go so if

you have a brand logo this would be

where you would put it the size

dimensions on these are 500 by 500

pixels and again a great place to get

this for a this would be on canva or

Fiverr or whatever imaging software

you're used to using

we've got our

I'm picked gives us one last chance to

approve it looks good to me and that's

how it's going to appear next we can go

to a location you can't leave a blank

doesn't really matter but if you wanted

to show people where you were from you

can't edit here that is something some

people will look at they will base their

buying decision based on where the

person actually is for example if

they're in a rush to get it for

Christmas and they live in Florida you

live in Alaska they may not purchase

from you but if they see in your shop

that you live in Florida they will

assume faster shipping times so they're

more likely to buy from you so we will

add where I'm from okay next we need to

add our shop owner logo this would be a

picture of you

it seems very personal people like to

see who they're buying from so you can't

actually add or change your contact

information so to do that we're just

going to open up our contact information

click on your name and this will be

where you would add your picture and

edit your profile information by adding

you can change your name and add

different descriptors about yourself so

once you've got all that done now we're

going to go to our featured area

this basically allows us to add featured

listings to the top of our shop perhaps

if it was a really hot item we wanted to

push we could feature this at the top of

our shop so anytime somebody entered our

shop it would be the first thing they

saw let's say we just want to feature

two of them those are the two we want to

feature save it

now when somebody looks at our shop

those two will pop up first and maybe be

there right in front of people to

persuade them to buy them next is gonna

be our shop announcements you can change

these periodically just based on what's

going on with your shop if you've added

a new item you can add something like

check out the new items with a dirt

whatever would apply just a quick

message people are gonna see when they

first open your shop again it's gonna

look pretty basic when you first open it

up you're not gonna have any sales or

favorites you're not gonna have any

reviews now we'll go down to the About

section basically this just gives us the

opportunity to to show and tell people

about our shop like I said earlier Etsy

is pretty personable people want to know

and see who they're buying from so this

sort of gives us the option to tell our

story we can add a few photos that's

usually a good idea to have like

possibly a few action shots from your

shop there you go now we've got a few

action shots of our shop shows the items

being made maybe you can add a

description just briefly describing

what's happening in that picture people

like to see their items being made

I said SEO is all about handmade items

so people enjoy seeing that their items

are in fact handmade and hearing a

little bit of the backstory about them

along the same lines you can add the

story of your shop

again it's just all about connecting

with people and telling them a little

bit about yourself to make them feel

that personal connection to persuade

them to buy from you then here you can

add your story just possibly just an

origin story about how you got into the

craft that you do and what made you

decide to sell some of the options that

you offer with your handmade items again

it's just all about connecting with your

customer and making them feel you on

that personal level this section we can

add our social media links if you have a

Facebook or an Instagram or a Twitter

account this would be where you would

add it again in today's market everybody

and everything is connected so if

somebody was at your shop they would

want to go see your Instagram page and

see what you had to say there and get a

better feel for you which would also

help them persuade to buy from you and

additionally it would be the shop member

bio section possible if you were a

husband-and-wife team you would each

have your own bio and the bio you can

add you know the name what your role is

in the shop and a little bit about

yourself again it's just all about

connecting with people next we have our

shop policies Etsy defaults to their

simple default shell policies I would

suggest leaving those just how they are

you're shaping a processing time you

said earlier we set your listings and

will appear for each individual listing

your payment options I don't know why

you would want to change this Etsy

handles all of the payment options for

you so basically the people pay Etsy

Etsy turns around a page you so it's

really no skin off your nose what

payment option you accept you're never

really gonna know anyway so just leave

all those on there lets you take money

from everywhere because it's just going

to turn around and pay you in the simple

way that it always does this may or may

not be the only section of the policy

section that you might actually want to

change this will be returns and

exchanges and again it's up to you

whether or not you want to accept

returns or exchanges and you can set the

guidelines for when you will and will

not accept those return to exchanges

we'll go down a little bit further have

a frequently asked questions section

you're not gonna know a lot of these at

first but as you have your shop open for

a while you're gonna be asked a lot of

different questions you can have those

or if it's something that you wanted to

go ahead and tell people about you can

just pretend that it's a commonly asked

question this would be where you would

add those it's basically just giving you

the customers more information about

your shop in your products now this is a

new section uh it's the EU buyer

protection if you don't know what it

means it doesn't apply to you so I'm not

gonna try to explain it because it

doesn't apply to me and that is all we

have to do in order to decorate our shop

once we've got all that set we can go to

view our shop

and this is how our Etsy shop is gonna

look to the average customer that views

it it's got our shop banner our branding

icon all of our information once we

start making sales it'll reflect those

they're all of our shop owner

information the items that we featured

earlier and all of the listings that we

currently have in our shop and down here

they can't all go through our About

section where we added the action shots

and as they scroll down they can click

and check out our shop policies and

there you have a vote you now have a

complete Etsy shop stuff with items

ready to buy there you go folks that is

how you open up your IC shop hopefully

that answered a lot of questions you

guys had I know there are a ton of

things that I didn't touch on its these

pretty complex once you get into the

dashboard once you get your shop open

but to just get your shop open to get

started that's really all you have to do

I think in the future I may do more HC

demo videos so if there are any videos

about NC that you'd like to see feel

free to let me know in the comments and

if there's any aspects of today's video

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