How To Sell On Ebay For Beginners (Step By Step Tutorial)

in this video I'm going to show you guys

how to sell on eBay

from start to finish here are a few

things that you'll need to sell on eBay

for your smartphone so that you can

research your product and what it's

selling for packing materials so that

you could obviously package your item a

scale so that you could weigh your item

and prep it for shipping a computer so

you could actually process the shipping

information and a printer so that you

could print out the shipping label I'm

going to split this video into three

different parts listing and researching

packaging and finally shipping

all right so we are just on the eBay app

now you could do everything I'm about to

show you on the desktop but it's much

easier if you are just on the go and

have the eBay app and about to do

everything that I'm going to show you so

just a brief overview here are all the

different pages on the bottom section

here you'll have home my eBay search

notifications that's selling and up here

I'm gonna be referencing the search bar

and this little picture icon right next

to the search bar so let's say you just

made your eBay account since you just

made your eBay account you will have 50

listings every month and that will

recycle for example I have 50 listings

currently let me show you guys

underneath my selling page just click on

the very bottom right here

so as you can see currently I have 39

active listings this is how much revenue

I made in terms of sales within the last

60 days this is including shipping so

all my active listings are currently

right here and now remember how I say

you have 50 active listings every month

keep in mind every time that you post

something that equals one listing and

every 30 days if the item hasn't sold it

realists so that's why I try to keep

myself under 50 because I haven't

decided to start paying for an eBay

store yet and every additional listing

that you post eBay will charge you 30

cents so that's why I'm very careful

with my listing and that's why I would

recommend for you guys as well just to

keep track of how many active listings

you've had and keep track of the 30 days

cycle alright so say I am trying to sell

this copy of Mario Kart for the Wii now

we're gonna go back onto our home page

here so you could do this one of two


you go up to the search bar and type in

Mario Cart or if the item has a bar code

like this game does you could click on

the picture icon here and it will have a

barcode scanner so I'm just gonna scan

the barcode here just to show you guys

what that looks like and here we have

all of the active listings for

Mario Kart currently and as you can see

there are 205 active listings from Mario

Kart and this is what they currently

have it listing as they have auctions

and they have items are buy it now this

is twenty one dollars and thirty-five

cents plus three dollars and seventy

eight dollars shipping so these are the

items that are currently listed that

doesn't mean that they're all selling

for these prices if I want to see how

recent Mario Kart has sold and what they

sold for this is how you do it so up

here right next to sort you'll see the

filter option so click on filter and

then you're gonna want to scroll all the

way down you see these two sections here

called sold items and completed items

now if this is your first time opening

up the ebay app you might not have that

option open for you this is how it is by

default you're just gonna want to click

on show more and you'll have that option

available to you so I'm gonna click on

sold items here and now automatically

tick completed items as well

after I've ticked the option for sold

listing I'll click on done and now you

can see what this item is actually

selling for in addition to when it was

sold so this top option here was sold on

May 20th for 16 dollars and 49 cents and

free shipping so here you have another

one now sold on 520 for 1995 pre-owned

16.99 free ship pre-owned also sold on

520 this one 520 as well for $17.99 free

ship this one sold for 1899 on the 19th

so as you could see there was three sold

just today now these are the range of

prices that you're going to be looking

at there's one that's sold for 1499 free

ship now video games are really easy to

sell it because they're really light and

really easy to package

video games in their original packaging

are typically under 8 ounces and that is

really easy to price and ship it'll

range anywhere between $3 to $4 for

anything under 8 ounces and all you have

to do is throw the game into a bag like

this and then you can just ship it

that's ready to go bags like this have

bubble wrap lined with in the inside so

it keeps the getting nice and safe if

you guys would like to purchase any of

these I'll have links in the description

below so let's say I'm trying to sell

that copy of Mario Kart that I showed

you guys earlier I'm just gonna use

these as a template so I'm gonna click

on the one I would like to replicate the

most so I'm gonna click on this one

right here and once you click on a

listing you'll have these two options

over here click on sell one like this

and it will bring you up the listing

screen so here you could add photos you

could modify the title you could change

the category if you need to you can add

additional item details if you'd like if

the condition is not in very good

condition you could change that there

and you got all a bunch of different

fields here but since I use a posting

dollars already sold all that stuff is

prefilled for me if you have any

description that matches your item you

could enter it here and under pricing

you by default it will be under auction

a seven-day auction and this is the

starting bid price if you would rather

do a Buy It Now type of listing you

could uncheck auction you know I'm

actually go to buy it now and then you

can set your price for example if I

wanted to look at the most recent sold

here you could do that on this screen as

well so this is what they're training

for four items kind of similar to yours

earlier I use the barcode to search for

items exactly like it this is just going

to show you items that sold that relate

to it like you see here here's Mario

Kart with the set of the wheel so I'm

not gonna price my item based on that

listing so for this particular item

since it was selling from anywhere

between the 14.99 to $19.99 range if I


get it sold quick I'll probably list it

somewhere like $15.99 but if this is an

item I could hold on for a little bit

and just wait for everyone listings to

be sold I probably prices a little

higher since four of them were just sold

today I probably put this item somewhere

in the ballpark of like 1899 now here

you could choose to accept offers like

people could make you an offer

say if Mario Cart has sat around for

like 20 days and you haven't sold it you

could come back in and modify the price

manually or you could wait for someone

to throw at you an offer like someone

might offer you $15 sometimes you'll

have people really low balling you and

it will be really irritating but that's

just the process and say if I had more

than just one Mario karts you could

change the quantity here but I only have

one and you could also modify the lowest

price you're willing to accept here

under offers for example say the lowest

some willing to go is $15 you could also

choose to not accept offers whatsoever

so there's the option there if you want

to but I like to leave offers open just

so that people can make me an offer if

they're willing to pay whatever amount I

set there so when you're happy with the

Buy It Now option you could just click

done however if you wanted to do an

auction style you could keep this

section highlighted and you could

determine the starting bid and the

duration here we have a one-day oxygen

three-day 5 7 10 days whatever you guys

are trying to do but I personally like

to buy it now style because they could

just buy it at the price I set and I

don't really have to worry about it so

I'm gonna click on done so as you can

see here at this point my items gonna be

priced at 1899 and I'm willing to accept

offers of says 9 here but I guess I

didn't save it but you get the point so

here is we could choose the delivery

option so since everyone else that's

selling this item is offering free

shipping I could choose to offer free

shipping and then just pay it out of

this price here

nope this price here or I could choose

to lower this price and have them pay

for shipping but like I said most

are typically going to be 8 ounces but

you might want to get your own scale and

weigh the item yourself if you would

like to choose a different packaging

route like say if you wanted to use a

different service if you wanted to use

FedEx instead typically USPS first-class

packages are the best way to go for any

item under 16 ounces so that's the item

I would highly recommend because it also

sends it in two to three business days

but every item is different I'll

probably make a total of a separate

video on shipping if I have that video

already made I'll leave it in the

description below or it will be in a

playlist on my channel like I said we're

just using the video game as an example

here so this is the best option the

cheapest option for the video games so

I'm going to select USPS first-class

packaging click on done it will

calculate based off of the weight so you

want to make sure you have the correct

weight of the final package on here now

they're going to be in integrations of

four like um from one to four ounces

it's going to be a set price from five

to eight ounces it's going to be a set

price from nine to twelve ounces it's

going to be a set price and from

thirteen to sixteen ounces is gonna be a

set price so just keep that in mind it's

gonna be increments of four that's why

if I think it's going to be six ounces

I'm just gonna bump it up to eight if I

think it's gonna be ten ounces I'm just

gonna bump it up to twelve and so forth

so if I want to offer free shipping I'm

just gonna click on this option down

here which this buyer pays between this

price and this price so click on there

and I could decide to charge a fixed

amount like if I want them to pay like

$1.99 two dollars fifty cents whatever

amount may be I could add that here or I

could decide to just offer free shipping

and like I said I'll pay whatever the

final shipping cost is now this is just

personal preference sometimes I do offer

free shipping but typically I have the

buyer pay for shipping if I were to go

back and change the price this was this

would be the price if I were to offer

free shipping so since I'm having the

buyer pay for shipping I'm just going to

subtract four dollars from this so I'll

have the listing at $14.99 and the buyer

will ultimately pay about

$19.00 for this purchase alone because

they're going to be paying for shipping

up around $4 to the high $4 range this

is everything you need to know about the

listing portion so after you're done you

could scroll down and list your item you

could click on preview or you could save

it for later if you don't have all the

details or if you don't have all the

pictures that you want yet so saving it

for later is always a good option or you

could list it so under the selling

screen if you click on save for later

all you have to do is scroll down and

you can see your drafts as you can see

Mario Cart is highlighted down here so

now that we've explained the listing

process all you have to do is package

your item once it's sold and like I said

earlier games DVD is really easy to

package all I do is have these six by

ten bubble mailers and I said I'll leave

links to that in the description below

if you guys want to try making your

first sale as a video game just to try

to understand the process now let's talk

about fees so eBay takes roughly 10% of

the final sale price and 10% of the

shipping price PayPal takes roughly 3%

so you're going to want to take all that

into consideration

so 13% of your final sale price is going

to go to eBay and PayPal so if I sell

this for 10 dollars overall $1 is going

to go to eBay 30 cents is going to go to

PayPal in theory like I said it's just

going to range you're just gonna have to

experiment sell here and there and

you'll see how all the fees work

she's gonna be using the poly mailer

method pretty stacking them on top of

each other like so never you know

there's not a lot that needs to be done

with this one just because it's so light

and no way they can actually really get

damaged in transit here just like that

like that we go have some cushioning

I made my own bubble mailer there and

there we go all right so let us start by

trying to package up our little VCR here


okay I'm just gonna line it up with some

newspaper because it just needs some fun

cushioning well this is what is

currently looking like I mean it's a

bunch of newspaper but under it there's

gonna be bubble wrap this paper this

newspaper is just gonna be trying to

keep it from moving around into package

so that's what it's for

so this is the scale I will be using for

this particular video this is actually a

food scale that works really well for

small packages like games and such so if

you guys would like to purchase this

particular scale there'll be a link to

it in the description below I also have

a more high end scale for bigger

packages that has the weight capacity of

I think around a hundred and fifty

pounds which I would recommend if you

were trying to sell bigger items like

VCRs DVD players glassware heavy

antiques etc but this works well for a

bunch of the lighter items so I'm just

gonna put the package on here so as you

can see it is four point two seven

ounces now I can't just enter into eBay

that this is four ounces because this is

heavier than four ounces so you always

want to round up the lowest number I

will put is five ounces but like I said

earlier it's increments of four is how

they do their pricing I'll explain more

about that as I'm entering it into eBay

but just keep in mind four point two

seven ounces alright so we are currently

on our desktop and we're about to print

off the shipping labels so when you sell

an item it will be under your

notification bill over here as you can

see today I sold Tony Hawk underground

for the PlayStation 2 so I'm gonna click

on it and it will bring me to this page

so I sold the item for $8.99 and the

seller actually paid for shipping they

paid four dollars and forty nine cents

so as you can see here you can enter in

your dimensions of the package now this

section doesn't matter too much for

packages under a pound so under sixteen

ounces it doesn't matter so I don't

usually bother with this section for

items under a pound my main concern is

the weight so as you can see here the

total cost of the shipping label is

three dollars and 22 cents and this

package weighs four point two seven

ounces I believe somewhere around there

so like I said if I were to just input

five ounces the cost would still be

three dollars and 22 cents that's why I

like entering it in increments of four

because if I change them for five ounces

to eight ounces the price is still the

same however if I jump from eight ounces

to nine ounces at this point it went up

from three twenty two to three eighty

eight now again the increments of four

so if I go to twelve ounces it's still

going to be that eight thirty eight

number so we're gonna go back down to

eight ounces because that's the closest

to my item I can't do four ounces even

though the pricing will be so much less

so if you could sell anything under four

items the shipping is gonna be insanely

cheap but since it is for point two

seven ounces I have to round up and go

to at least five but I'm just gonna bump

it up to eight because the pricing is

still exactly the same as five ounces so

after you have everything entered in if

you're worried about this dimension

field you could feel free to enter in

your dimensions like if you want to

measure your actual package feel free to

do so but at this point in time I'm not

gonna do it for my package so we're

gonna click on purchase and print label

and then this field should pop up just

to pay for the shipping with PayPal and

you could choose your preferred method

of payment and like I said earlier it's

still three twenty two I'm gonna click

on Pay Now just to print out the

shipping label and obviously for this

section you're gonna need a printer I

have a thermal printer that I'll link in

the description below for more advanced

sellers but if you're just starting off

I'd recommend just using the printer in

your house print it on normal printing

paper cut out the shipping label and

tape it on to the package and that in a

nutshell is how you sell on eBay so if

you have any specific questions leave it

in the comment section below for more

videos on how to grow your reselling

business feel free to subscribe and

everything that I referenced in this

video is going to be linked in the

description below in addition to more

packing materials I have a whole series

on my channel dedicated to eBay for

beginners so feel free to check out that

playlist and you guys for watching and

I'll see you guys little