How to sell stock W/ TD ameritrade (5 min)

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moment as you guys can already see in

this video how to sell a stock on TD

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don't have a lot of time and I

definitely know what you guys have a lot

of time so we're gonna jump straight

into it so as you guys can see I have a

TD Ameritrade pulled up here you can see

this counter is pretty much empty just a

dummy account so I can show you guys but

I have the stock Amazon pulled up here

let's say I'm just typing F here for

four because I know that Amazon stock

price is pretty high right now so let's

say forward right and let's say if you

own forward you hit the sale button

right it's a different way if I had a

portfolio I can show you guys but I'm

just showing you a way you can do it so

you hit the sell button you're gonna

come down here you're gonna see all this

stuff here it's gonna ask you your

actions boom check box are there you

want to sell how many how many you want

to sell do you want to sell one do you

want to sell - how many shares your head

I'm just puttin 12 here right then

actually we'll stock you want to sell

you're not doing an option if you're

doing options that are toward different

time different video so that's the stock

symbol which is F which is the stock

symbol up here for for after that's done

it's actually your order type if you

don't know what the heck these means you

go here you can look up the different

order types and order types tutorials

but we're gonna do a little drop down

menu the limit means you want to sell it

for a particular price right so you got

a limit you put in a price over here

what you want to sell it for right now

the price with the markets closed right

now this is what it closed that you can

put in what price you want to sell it

for then ask you the time force how long

you want this to be good for you want to

be for today this is for good to close

the day plus an extension extension an

a.m. extended morning p.m. whatever the

case may be so that's if you want to

sell it for one particular price and how

long you want to be enforced at for like

hey I want to settle for $15 but only

for one day that type of deal so if you

don't want to do that you go down here

market this is the most popular one

market you can see how this one awaited

the price went away because market means

getting me the heck out at the best

price possible

that's what market means give me to get

me out for the best price possible right

best price possible at that moment right

now at the best price possible right

then you can go down and you can put in

a trading stop percentage a trading stop

dollar sign this is if you want to

trailer stock let's say this stock right

now is that twelve dollars and you want

to say hey keep the stock and I want a

trilobite dollar right it's a percentage

but I just I want to trade I want to

trill about one percent if that stop

drops a little one percent I want you to

sell it that type of deal and it's the

same thing you can do with a dollar

amount as well you got to stop limit

prices you want to stop

get yourself out of the particular stock

but just for general purposes I want to

go too deep into the price types that's

a hold in the video but you just go hit

market then you gonna go hit the preview

order so again you got your action you

want to sell you got your how many you

want to sell you got what you're selling

you want to get out the best possible

price today is if you want especially

special instructions that you want to do

and if you want to advance orders which

that's for hold on the video if you're

getting into that text message there

that's some crazy stuff there you go

here you hit the preview button after

the people preview button you hit the

place order button right

alrighty don't forget to hit that like

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peace be safe my name is Prince Danks

I'm out