How to open a Taobao Store as a foreigner. Part 1 of 3. Set-up

in this video I am finally going to show

you how to open a Taobao store as a

foreigner if you want to sell goods in

China as an individual coming up




now there's a lot to opening a table

outdoors a foreigner so I decided to

make a three part series the first part

is in this video one morning discuss how

to open and design your store so it's

either on a mobile application or

desktop application in the second part

of the series I'm gonna go into how to

list your products and descriptions

properly so that you can get as much

exposure as possible in the third and

final part of this series I'm going to

be discussing how to actually follow

through on a purchase when it comes to

logistics talking to the customer and

finally getting that money into your

bank account after the purchase anyways

for the first part let's get started the

first thing you got to do is to actually

log into Thapa so you go to telecom and

click on I tap out it's all in English

for me because I have the Google

Translate function on Google Chrome but

you can also turn it off and just click

where I click I find it easiest to login

by clicking on the QR code here and then

log in through your phone if you don't

have a table account please refer to

this video up here and I go through step

by step on how to create a table out

account once you're logged in then

you'll go back to the homepage of Taobao

and then you're gonna go to where it

says Chandni o seller and then you're

gonna click on the first option you can

keep it in Chinese as well if you think

it's a confusing mind just automatically

translates you should see a page looks

like this think of this as a platform

for sellers in China now the first thing

you need to do is to verify your ID so

to do that you need to click on the

verification as I did right here and go

ahead and log in your Ally pay to log in

your ally pay just use it your phone to

log in your Ally pay and scan the QR

code then you'll continue on with the

authentication process you just click

continue to authenticate something to

note is that you must have a Chinese

bank accounts to do this if you want to

sell online on Taobao you must have a

verified Ally pay with Chinese bank

account you cannot do this with a tour

pass I've tried you will then go back to

the home page and then download the

application because that will make your

life easier you can click up here and go

to download once you download you can

select to download the windows version

by clicking these buttons or the Android

version I'm going to use the Windows

version for this example because it's

simple two hours later after that paying

full download process you can continue

on with installing the application and

looks like this now you may get a prompt

right here to scan a QR code if you want

to download the mobile version of this

or the Android or the iPhone version

which could be helpful if you're on the

go and want to continue doing business

but for this example we're gonna

continue on by clicking right here

now you need to scan in one more times

click on the QR code and you can scan in

either using your Taobao to go ahead and

continue on with the platform and

welcome to the platform for sellers

using Taobao so now I'm going to

introduce the entire platform just to

simplify it for you because it can be

overwhelming almost hop here is the main

operations for your whole store you can

see different options here for what

you're already sold the shipping status

and other and if you go down here think

of this as transaction management you

can see items that have already been

sold you can also manage and look at the

comments here and you can see the money

that has already been received then

think of this area as for advertising so

you can use this area to advertise to

Weibull or Chinese social media tik-tok

and do all those videos and all that fun


this one is shipment status so I guess

yes shipments so you can see the

different options here that you've

already shipped where in the process it

is in the shipment and if the customers

already received the customer service

but you can select if the customer pays

to the shipping if you pay for the

shipping or if you use a third-party

entirely for the shipping now this area

is for your products that you're gonna

sell I'll go into greater detail about

this in the part 2 of this series but

this first section is the products that

are actually live but the customers can

see the second section is any products

that you put on the cloud that are

waiting for approval and the last one is

to check the legality of your product so

if you click there you

there's a process for them to check to

make sure your products are legal and ok

to sell in table out and here you can

actually manage your store you can see a

design for the actual store itself and

you can store items and images in the

cloud up to 1 gigabytes for free and you

can even select to manage how the

cellphone or the Android version of the

store would look like here so you can

see every one of these options you can

actually choose what options you want to

pin and not pin first starters we're

just gonna name our store for this first

step in this first tutorial and just go

on forward so you want to select this

option right here under the store

management option now what you want to

do is to actually name your store right

here name it whatever you want to name

it I'm gonna name mine expat Survival


and then you want to select the logo

right here know that the logo must be 80

by 80 pixels and I'll just use my logo I

use from my youtube channel in this

example then you got to put a little

description about your store what

services you provide maybe like one or

two sentences should be enough in this


then you want to input your address you

actually have to put a physical address

here like the whole address if not it

won't register so make sure you put the

full address and go ahead and continue

then this option you got to select where

you get your products from so you can

see if your like a service you provide

the product by yourself maybe you get it

from a factory maybe you get it overseas

maybe get it from Alibaba there's many

different options just you can select

the first one if you don't know which

one it is and go on with your day

and for the last part just put in more

description maybe more detail

description of your store and then

you're good to go make sure you go to

the bottom click save this may take

about 24 hours to go through the system

and get checked but once it goes through

then you have started the first part of

your tab off store I hope you learned

something from this video especially

understanding the total platform to use

and tap out and how to start opening a

tab off store as a foreigner again parts

2 & 3 are gonna be coming out shortly so

stay tuned for those consider

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