Dropshipping Taobao To Shopee Full Tutorial With Cj Dropshipping l Taobao Shopee Dropshipping

hey guys - ring huh so in this video I

will share with you how you can drop

ship from taobao too shabby I will share

to step myself how to set things up from

drop shipping from Taobao to your shop

is top so make sure you watch this until

the very end if you missed out any of

these steps you will not be able to

connect how about you shall be stop so

just spend a good 15 minutes and finish

off this whole video and inside this

video I will also show you what happens

when someone buy from your shop is don

how you need to do the fulfillment and

also parcel of shipping method that you

have to select in order to ship the

product to your customer as a dropship

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support my works thank you so there are

plenty of dropship company where you can

use to dropship products to your shop is

stop for example come attend channel

brands and safely to you CJ drop

shipping and also Aliexpress and it

depends where you are from camasta and

say that it is only available for our

Malaysia and China branch cgo shipping

and Aliexpress are available

internationally so before we go into the

setup it is super important that you

understand how this drop shipping

actually works in shopping so that you

will not get confused about all these

drop shipping and shop the things I have

been making videos tutorial around of

the hop drop shipping for the past four

years so I might not be the best person

to answer all of your questions but I do

have one or two things that is very

valuable to share with you so let us

begin as a choppy drop shipper we are

helpless the thing about row shipping

will shop the allah-allah

is that this Performa actually do not

encourage any drop shipper on the

platform so yes just let me repeat this

again this platform do not encourage an

interruption on the app perform enhance

if you have any shipping problems with

your supplier

such as Aliexpress they will not give

them you have to sort it out by yourself

if you cannot integrate China bread with

a shop in store for dropshipping you

need to come

China brands as choppy we'll give them

to you as well okay so you have to

contact customer service of China brands

or your supplier for your products okay

second company like CGI drop shipping or

safe value to you they're able to

integrate with shoppi does not

necessarily means that this company is

working together with choppy photo

shipping so if you are a software

developer or a coder shop it does

provide something called API where you

can write code and build a software

integrative shopping and it is open and

you can get that API from shop e

therefore do not misunderstand if a

website can integrate shop e means that

they are partner they are actually not

necessary become a partner the thing

prize competitions as a drop shipper we

do not have much control on the product

price and very often the product price

shipping cost and also that delivery

time are so high that press down the

profit margin and lead to loss of

customer if this is your concern the

only way out is to become a stockist buy

the products in bulk as a dropship for

our biggest strength is that we can sell

millions of products we have millions of

products that we can choose from our

dropship supplier so do your market

research on which products are hot

selling and low in supply and get those

products and sell on your pistol okay so

I think that I have shared enough now

let's learn how you can drop ship from

Taobao to your shop e-stop I am Not sure

with this work in others country such as

shopping Philippines Thailand or

Indonesia as I do not have an account on

this country so I cannot test things out

you can follow these steps and share

with us will this works in your country

or not I will just quickly go through

the introduction about what is CJ

dropshipping so CJ dropshipping is

pretty much a platform that integrated

with top out Aliexpress and also 168 and

this also means that you can drop ship

from this platform by using CJ drop

shipping alone and in this video I will

share how you can drop ship from Taobao

to your shop a store in Malaysia

so first of all go to this link here

register your CJ dropshipping account it

is hundred percent for free no need any

membership or upgrade fees to use this

platform so do not worry at all I have

lived the registrations link on the

comment box below this video just check

it out put in all the details needed

over here so it's pretty straightforward


registration the success and you will be

redirected back to CJ dropshipping home

page next all you need to do now is just

to sign you using an account name and

password that you register just now okay

do not be too excited yet like a boss

that's more we need to do next we need

to authorize our 50 stop meanings we

need to connect our shop a store with CJ

drop shipping so just go to the top over

here and click on authorizations as you

can see on the left corner over here we

have Shopify eBay and also others

platform where you can drop ship your

product as well I have not tried the

others so just comment below if you

would like me to do any testing on any

of this platform as well okay click on

shop e at store

select the sharpest allocations so for

me is shopping Malaysia

and T in the OTP could ascend to your

headphone that you register on your

pistol so CJ dropshipping is able to

assert to all of this data in your stock

click on yes okay

authorization success and you will be

redirected back to the authorization

page and it says activated so you have

now already successfully integrated your

table exceeded or shipping if you click

on this storage that you will have two

options CJ too shabby facilities China

and CJ packet so CJ to shop in

facilities China is for those shoppers

Allah that based on China and CJ

packages for any solar others and then

you can actually ignore this setup you

do not need to select any of this but if

you do accidentally select any of this

it is 100% fine it will not affect any

of the shop e drop shipping process from

Taobao to your stop

okay you can just play around with the

tabs on top of here but you will not

show much details and information as it

is a new account now we are going to

learn how to pick a product from topper

and dropship it to your shop east door

so just click on this CJ and drop

shipping comm icon and you will be

directed to CJ dropshipping homepage

next undersea more products you have

three options go to 168 good how about

or Aliexpress so you can actually drop

ship from this tree suppliers to your

shop east or click on go to town and you

will get this install

CJ Chrome extension thingy so it means

that you must install this extension in

order to make things works do not vary

at all it is super duper ultra easy just

click and install only when it is done

go back to your seat or shipping website

and refresh your browser okay

now go back to go see more and go to


okay so you're actually now in Taobao

website and you can choose whatever

products that you want there are

millions of products that you can choose

and drop ship from Taobao to your pistol

and you can actually type English in the

search box as well but the products of

variety will be much more lesser as most

of the products over here are unarmed

Chinese so I would just have been many

more which means some face mask

so we had tons of face mass products

that you can choose from I would just

pick the cheapest one to sing to my

store as some I'm not going to sell this

products I'm just going to do this on

for demonstration purposes only

okay so this is 0.06 cents only click on

list and now I will be sharing how to

calculate the shipping cost and also how

to set up the shipping methods please

watch this very closely and carefully if

you miss this out you will not be able

to successfully complete your order on

your store if the shipping setup is

quite confusing when I first use this so

please stay focused after clicking list

you will be sure to this page click on

cancel first click on this shipping

method so select the platform shop be

country Malaysia and ship my order to

Malaysia I have been told by the CG drop

shipping customer service that the

shipping method in this sections is all

we need to care off you will see other

shipping options later on when we set up

the products pricing and descriptions

but just to not to confuse you for now

all you need to know for now is this

tree and the only available shipping

method for this products and these are

the tree live shipping method this may

change on from time to time but for now

these are the three methods okay so the

first one's ever to 60 days definitely

is too too long so is a no-go cj2 shall

be facilities China is only for choppy


so no-go as well we only left see JPEG

get SCA Express and the shipping fees is

four dollars and forty four okay so we

don't have any any other choices so this

is the shipping fees and we are going to

choose this you will need to check out

the product sizes as well as you need

these details later on to fill in on

your products click on list select all

images select your store and search for

your products category

okay now set your selling price I will

just put a five ring get on it as I do

not intend to sell these products it is

just for demonstration purpose so make

sure you calculate your cost plus your

shipping fees into your selling price

okay as you can see over here there are

more shipping options that you can

select from over here based on the

information provided by CJ a drop

shipping I can actually ignore this but

just to be safe I will just choose

Malaysia over here select all the

products details and this details will

be reflected on your epistle so do not

worry if your select wrongly over here

as you can change later on on your copy


as you can see over here you can again

choose shipping matter as well this

shipping method is provided by Sharpie

but we are not going to use any of this

and we can actually not this as well so

if you choose any of this option like

GDX we need to insert the shipping fees

and we do not know how much does it cost

so I will advise to just pick a shipping

fees included so just make sure that you

calculate your shipping fees into your

selling price too

and based on CGI drop shipping this

shipping method over here options over

here does not really matter we can

actually ignore all this but just to be

safe so I just pick shipping fees

included in the width and package sizes

over here as well so when you are done

just click on list

so least successfully go back to your

shop and refresh

okay it is over here so you have

officially successfully dropship

products from how about to your shabby

store congratulations

so all the details that you key in on CJ

drop shipping will show up over here as

well and you can change it as well next

we are going to learn how to do the


so I have asked Dillon to buy the mass

from my store to do the fulfillment you

need to go back to your CJ drop shipping

click on drop shipping center and click

on sing latest orders and the orders

will be here with your customer details

name price and the product as well next

go to drop shipping order where you need

to buy the product from CJ drop shipping

so that CJ drop shipping can send this

product to your customer okay and yes

you have to buy from CJ first before you

receive the money from shopping

click on pay now so yeah you may take

longer due to colleagues and blah blah


so there are a couple of pin method that

you can choose from I have a PayPal

account so I will be using PayPal click

on pay so after payment you would get to

see over here is under processing and

this means that CJ drop shipping is

processing your products now and your

job now is pretty much done CJ drop

shipping will automatically update your

tracking code to your shop is done so

you are pretty much done for now and

just waiting for the products will be

delivered to your customer so this is

how you can drop ship from taobao to

your shop a store in malaysia account

and i hope that you enjoyed this video

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channel thank you bye bye