How to Start a Tmall and TaoBao Store in China

I said he is willing ngspice talk all

about trial the foreman will be slightly

different for hours so I would be

sharing on China marketplaces Andrew

Andrew will be sharing on haha and I

will be sharing on team all so be

showing more on the cultural stuff and

what China is about so we feel a lot

about China and we often we hear this

question we just need one percent of the

market but what is at least one percent

of the market I think that question it's

bloody ridiculous because how could you

actually get 1 percent of 1 billion

dollars plenty of businesses tell me hey

one percent of like Windows and set for


congratulations tell me which one

percent right now that are you going to

go China is actually a really complex

marketplace system and be sharing food

just the two biggest marketplace which

is actually owned by Alibaba so now I'm

going to pass it to Andrew to cowboy top

of us so yeah again this time is just

going on and wrote about me on cancer

and chemo so anyone using

yeah what do you think no community

whatever do sell ten dollars you can't

hate those but of course you have to pay

the shipping power you can console

shipping to the customer so anyone know

to stay single day or some people

medicine is now I have another Wednesday

I remember the people Tommy who has

already decided in First World War

this is a factor because cells in China

and even now in Australia in USA you all

can getting a good sales in here last

year I mean the weather in the nineteen

the FA it is expedient Australian

all day but in Austria we only did how

much 20 take alien with the whole total

year so you can imagine how much money

you can make in happy single day if your

father in how about selling on a team or

you can see from now on happy Cinco days

already changes from last year costly

the first Monday of every single day or

cycle day or the co-winner contain is in

2009 and now this one is the reference

to years ago and they are doing 41 for

alien including Alibaba Alibaba and evil

and 140 billion in sales in 85 seconds

and this one pressure on the single day

is now better than a larger space and

cyber monday Faraday and all together

this was happening after the single day

in China and all the time so is building

like a mountain a small example the food

total you file Google someone even

stepped on the console and walking away

and working

1% over daddy in the whole market 43%

echo Amazon contain fat Friday and

Saturday but only 43% of the whole

surrounding single day so anyone want to

study how about to sell first thing you

need to do you have to get money for the

process this money is life insurance if

something we all say from your I apply

something or you're not selling the coop

to them they will eat up from your

insurance and another thing you need to

get a pension in China or our VP our

clan and IP for home and your passport

and of course the real Austin is the

poorest firstly we have passed the

recipe on the katakana and then fill out

their number is Cathy on Hong Kong

Taiwan server in the next and then


Japan is mafia most of them Chinese and

that one is opened a store coffee on the

website and next you can see you can

stop using in your go perhaps or website

one to upload the steel and everything

in there and itself of course when you

open a store we have to find 10 take

lightly website design difficulties on

store to make people to get interest to

buy your stuff in your store and buy

something and these are application they


when you open a story eBay or Amazon the

first thing people each metal will build

the we will will be on your delivery

speed and your dispatcher and all your

goods of others and how you like us to

your customer or some people's would you

say just pay the money or you buy that

you can of thing or something so and

customer will bills based on your own

something to make reveal good bad so in

how about at the first five at 500 poem

you don't need to pay anything any money

fee but then first you can find a poem

you have to make handles 500 screamin to

make so when you pay the deposit you

have to pay 1200 stores is a 100 tons of

candles and then within sinus or if you

want you take this out

hey all right what's brewing China I

would like everyone to repeat after me

wall down - does anyone have any clue

what I just tell everyone to reveal

community I just wanted a dumpling so

Chinese it actually helped because I

actually got doing a really good advice

from one of my mentor who is actually a

brand owner % 40-foot container of

Australian wine to China he told me if

you want to do business in China you

need to live breathe eat drink

experience China because China this is a

really unique place and one thing the

next part I emphasize on one scene so

once you could actually direct

translation personally like relationship

if you think relationship is important

networking is important the Chinese

people take it to the next level because

Chinese people will take that as a

social currency so yeah and I know

sometimes doing of Chinese people

something easiest as well so be what

relationship and more businesses

actually close a lot of bowl of hot pot

and actually the office itself alright

I'm going to share with everyone so my

stuff that I did in China so I came back

from China so be very afraid

all right I'm just gonna be the most two

months ago I don't even know Coronel I

was exist and when I got back to

Australia the first news I got was two

people actually dying

from the boohoo note the black plate and

I was like China so basically I was

privileged enough to be sponsored by

Austria and Australia Chinese business

permission to actually send me to

Shanghai to represent businesses here in

Perth and I was actually lucky enough to

be in the same room as the president and

about China China all crazy in China you

can find a puppy Gucci bag every bag of

anything related to Peppa Pig sounds

like crazy I know

an Austrian business will just sell fake

merchandise of Peppa Pig alright

relationship part and the fun sucker

solo so let's get down to business I'm

going to talk about t-bone global which

is actually the syste and I believe have

actually started before Timo so how for

Fort Alba is more to see to see but for

Timo is actually for more b2b it's one

of the largest marketplace designed for

the poor and brain it's on my Alibaba

game as 20,000 brand currently and 4,000

Katherine her category from 37 country B

to C marketplace

all right so these are some of the

biggest brand which is currently selling

in China team or so can anyone see or

spot any Australian brand yeah bullies

and the latest news who's actually file

a trademark to actually start selling in

China so yeah Oh first thing first

if you want to do business in China try

to get

IP lawyer to southern IP I was actually

told by the story there was an

Australian guy who got a request from a

Chinese person to say hey can I actually

have some same product Your Strengths I

say yes next thing you know is

productive sunshine outfit isn't owned

by him yeah place IP is very serious

when I went there to tell me you know if

you bring any friend

Whiteley wait destroy the branding

doesn't let anyone figure out what brand

are you running order

alright so that three types of people

over stall where people can set up like

so would actually be when you add the

trademark or you own the brand

speciality store what actually be

someone who actually own the

distribution right and lastly the

monopole store would actually be someone

who is running on a franchise structure

so it's actually quite important to know

if you actually own the brand on the

distribution right or are you just

owning the franchise itself alright what

are the requirement of setting up in

team or she was actually much easier

even though topology free so the

requirement plate is it actually started

when a lot of foreign brand it's

actually requesting Alibaba a can

actually get you to China and listen to

show why not let's not this pet project

which is team on global so it must be

brand which is actually registering I

will see it must you must be the brand

owner or at least have a permission to

sell on it and it needs to be authentic

product because very serious and lastly

you can actually have a bank account in

your home country as opposed to town

where you need to

they account for Chinese bank account

and your legal entity start of China

so the logistic and warehouse don't

worry you can actually have your

warehouse in Australia and actually to

shoot it up so it's more of a

cross-border e-commerce plane and for

the merger

we must actually ship package directly

from policy or alternatively Tomoko

actually provide the warehouses in China

for you to ship to there was really

strict policy on the shipping itself

once you receive the order 15 72 hours

you must actually pick back and get your

order ready to go and within 14 days it

must be lured to your customer and the

cost to set up the expensive it's all I

can say okay hemoglobin is designed for

foreign brand which is actually having a

really high turn over and again going

back to what end you actually share one

customer assurance is a really big thing

because they do not want to risk a lot

bad review going on to their marketplace

that's why they're asking Allah for

grant to say hey you need to and $5,000

deposit in case anything went wrong

we're just going to not bother to return

we're just going to take the money give

it to the customer that's it case closed

and anyway between 5,000 to 10,000 USD

it actually depends on your product and

if you heat care yeah you may be able to

redeem half of it or team or Commission

so compared with how they do have a


structure between two to four percent on

the sales price and lastly Ali paid

service be one percent flat rate for all

merchant transaction so yeah we give an

estimation you would take at least

seventy five thousand AUD to set up to

more global but so basically we won't

correct the link for you to actually

check it out yourself and you can

actually go through the whole process

basically this is the Emma if a custom

actually make an order it actually go

back to the front part where to buy

actually select something you start to

publish opinion send it to a trivia

warehouse either in Australia or opened

up a house in China where when the order

actually accrued the sales gone through

the order payment logistic and it would

be delivered to the customer so it's a

pretty straight or process that's why a

lot fake phone brand do love it and

lastly I would like to share a really

successful case study or came into the

house chemists warehouse I would say is

one of Australia if not most successful

instance we actually got on board into

China and gained a really strong


I was actually for Pam they recognized

that China is a long term investment for

the first year they spent close to a

flat of million dollars just to

understand the market its own when

setting up any store and they were

losing money for four years chemist

warehouse I was actually there for 2011

and I was just watching the television

it was crazy

they got together and the sales just

walk but for chemist warehouse they

actually got a chatbot to the show how

fast those are coming in for chemists

warehouse that equals twenty million

dollars in sales just in three hours and

15 minutes for 2019 our stand witness

what are people buying and the funny

part about this is this table 11 is not

a festival to make profit but rather to

break even and showcase how big your

friend really is because in China SEO

all the stuff looks really differently

it's more on ranking traffic coming into

your store pitch itself so a lot of

businesses deliberately cut their prices

to just keep pushing out to the top of

the chain so you see impressive sales

bigger but at the back of the same

they're not even making money so yeah

and to sum up how about as a c2c

marketplace to go to China long term

play and lastly team oh it's just a b2c

marketplace so