How to Sell Your Phone on Swappa for Cash!

the new iPhone 11 and pixel four are

right around the corner so today in this

video I'm going over how you can sell

your old iPhone or Android device on

swap to get extra cash to put towards

your brand new device Swapna is a

website for both buying and selling

gently used electronics I've used it

personally to both buy and sell phones

fact I purchased this iPhone se on swap

a few years ago I really like it because

I think it provides a really great buyer

and seller experience and it also has

lower fees than eBay so in this video

this is going to be how you can sell

your phone on swap ah what the entire

process is like from creating your

listing to taking photos to shipping the

phone out to the buyer this is

everything you need to know and how you

can get some extra cash for your old

device to put towards your new one for

those of you who may be unfamiliar

swapper is an online marketplace or you

can buy and sell newish text so this is

where people are selling some of their

older gently used electronics this

includes iPhones Android phones laptops

tablets cameras and smartwatches

and this is a really great place not

only to sell your gently used phones but

also to purchase phones you get some

great deals here

iPhone 7 starting at $165 iPhone 6s

going for $95 just for fun let's type in

the iPhone 10 see what this is going for

you can see on the major Network

starting at 465 that's the lowest from

Sprint I always recommend purchasing

unlocked so we can see what these are

going for and here you can see the

listings for the iPhone 10 you can see

554 for this fair one these are sorted

by sponsored posts first that's what the

little orange star means and if we go

down here we can sort by price lowest

just to get an idea of what what these

are going for here so we get our

sponsored posts up top these are

starting at 554 for the iPhone 10 and

scrolling down we have Gilbert here

selling his iPhone 10 starting at five

hundred ten dollars you do get Ray

people like Gilbert you also get some

more online resellers such as gadget

these accounts just do significantly

more sales but they can still be pretty

good options to consider to give you an

idea of what a listing looks like let's

take a look at what Gilbert has here

he's selling his Apple iPhone 10 and you

can see different photos here what I

love about swap is you can see here

there's actually a listing code in this

photo and that matches the listing code

right here so you know Gilbert had to

have taken that photo on the day or

after the date he created this listing

so that's how you know these photos are

current and accurate what you see will

be the condition your phone comes in you

can get more information you can see

this was listed August 30th which was

just two days ago you can see how many

people are viewing it and at the bottom

you get comments and this is kind of

where you can negotiate with the seller

if you want to try and get a lower price

and the seller can either agree or

disagree what I love about swap up from

a buyer's perspective is what you see is

what you pay so if I were to purchase

this device right now I would pay five

hundred ten dollars

Gilbert is selling his gently used

iPhone 10 if he were to go and try and

sell this on let's say a website like

gazelle he's getting four hundred

sixteen dollars that's significantly

less if we go to another site here

de-clutter $456 also Apple trade in you

only get four hundred dollars that's why

swap can be compelling you spend a

little bit of time you take some photos

of your device and you can sell it for a

higher price so let's dive in how you

can sell your phone on swap and get the

most value to put it towards your new

device swap it has a great article on

how to list your device I'll leave this

linked in the video description

basically you start by searching for

your product you create your listing and

then you get paid what I do love about

swap is when your item sells you are

paid instantly via PayPal no waiting you

will have payment before you ship I love

that then you simply ship your device to

the buyer PayPal is what they use for

all their transactions and you get a

special listing page where you can

communicate directly with the buyer

you can also have swap a staff step in

if you need swap Allah does have fixed

fees it looks like the buyer pays a

small sale fee if we click on this year

it will bring us to a page where you can

kind of see what the price is and what

the fee will be and how it compares with

eBay's fees and as you can tell by this

chart it is significantly less so let's

dive in and create our listing I'm

selling a one plus seven pro so I'm

going to click on that here we are I

purchased the unlocked model and I'm

gonna click cellphone right on the page

right here so it's going to be unlocked

boom sell on swap the phone is fully

functional and I have to accept swap as

Terms of Use which I do so I'm going to

click sell on swap here we get to you

feel in our listing as a pro tip I like

to have the current listings up for the

phone I'm selling so I can get an idea

of price and what other people are

putting in there headlines and

descriptions for context if you scroll

down on your listing you get to create a

headline which is a short description of

what you're selling that is this light

grey text right here and then you get to

create a description and if you click on

an actual listing this is what is shown

right here so this is the description so

once you have everything filled out on

your listing including your carrier

color storage memory price condition

damage description if applicable device

ESN your shipping zip code and express

shipping price if applicable your

headline and your description you can

click publish our listing is now created

and we got our listing code this is the

code you need to write down on a piece

of paper and include in the photos you

capture of your phone we're in the

studio now I'm getting ready to take

some photos of the 1 plus 7 Pro on the

bounce list on swap ah and I have some

tips for you to get the best images


tip number one is to use the best camera

you have this will help your images look

sharp and crisp and make the phone look

the best possible you can use your cell

phone if you like but I do think using a

nicer camera can have a huge impact the

second tip I have for you is

use a clean background here can see I'm

fortunate enough to have my desk space

it's pretty clean I've seen some people

use a blank white sheet of paper so you

can consider that as well the third tip

I have for you is to make sure you

thoroughly clean your screen and device

with a microfiber cloth you can see here

a before and after before cleaning with

the microfiber and after cleaning really

makes a huge difference

fourth tip I have for you is to write

your number on an index card and then

fold it so you can prop it up and put it

in the background of your images and you

can try and prop your device up using

something heavy oh and last up here is

to use good lighting I'm fortunate

enough to have studio lights but you can

use something like a desk lamp

Anglet on the device really helps show

what kind of condition it's in so there

you go those are some tips as you're

getting ready to photograph your device

for your SWAPO listing make sure to

capture it from all sides and angles

keep that swap a listing code in the

background and I like to do one pan down

shot with all the included accessories

as well once you're done photographing

your device now's a great time to reset

it to factory settings and erase all

information that you currently have on

the device of course make sure it's

backed up so you don't lose anything by

now you may even already have your new

phone and you can transfer your

information to that I'm done with this

phone so I'm gonna go into settings and

reset it to reset your phone you can go

into settings scroll down to system

scroll down to factory reset options and

here we have erase all data factory

reset so I'm going to reset system data

and optional erase internal storage you

want to make sure that is checked this

will erase everything make this phone as

if it's brand-new and ready for the next

user so I'm gonna do that now I'm going

to upload the photos we just took I

think they came out pretty well and we

should be all set to get our listing up

and running on

swap we now have our photo

so we are ready to upload them I'm just

gonna select all of the different images

I have click open and Swapna is gonna

upload them to this site

I made sure when I exported them from

Lightroom they were in a smaller file

size so they are all ready to go and we

can see them here looks like we got

everything we got our maintenance screen

on we have the back of the phone I took

a picture of the cameras

it was just highlighting some scratches

that were in the screen protector of the


I value highlighting the honest current

cosmetic condition of the device and I

think that can be helpful for viewers

this just kind of shows that it's not

visible when you are using the phone and

everything that is included and then I

got all the different sides some of

these honestly could have been a little

sharper that's okay

it looks pretty good to me and I think

we're ready so now we can click view

listing and then the next step is to get

this listing approved so it says pending

approval we're waiting for a swap a

staff member to come view listing make

sure we have the required images and

then we should be all set okay and just

a few minutes later our listing is

approved we can see our Buy Now button

Add to Cart we can view the images I see

more information the description I wrote

shipping and handling and comments that

can be posted on the listing you can

also see a little button swap I need

help checking this box and posting a

comment is what will cause the swap a

staff to be notified they can help you

either with the sale or when you are

doing the shipping part of this process

up top we have a few different options

we can upgrade to featured this puts the

listing at the top of the list and it's

$5 you can extend the listing right now

it is set to expire seven days from now

September 8 you can share it and you can

of course upload additional photos and

edit the listing now that our listing is

created I'm gonna check back in once

it's sold and show you what that process

is like okay my listing just sold on

swap you can see the 1 plus 7 Pro moved

from active listings

here two active sales and something

interesting actually happened with this

sale so I click on it and I can

immediately see the sale page this is

the dedicated page you get up top I can

see all the information about the sale

including the list price $5.99 the swap

a fee $20 the total amount I can see my


the buyers profile the item that was

sold and the serial number and if I

scroll down you can see the payment so

payment is instant I was immediately

paid on PayPal what makes this example

so great is here we have a direct area

of communication between me and the

buyer the buyer actually wanted to

change his shipping address or their

shipping address so he reached out to

swap a support and boom we have John L

swap a staff making a comment going over

how to change the shipping address you

can see how beneficial it is having a

direct line of communication with the

buyer swap a staff and everything else

and this really helps the transaction go

smoothly a boom just to show you in

PayPal you can see the recent activity I

did receive that payment of 581 33 K

I've issued the refund I'm waiting for

the seller to repurchase the device with

their updated PayPal address and then

I'll be able to ship it okay I have the

phone all boxed up it's in its original

packaging in the original container it

came in and I like to actually write a

handwritten note to include with my

package just something nice and friendly

for the person who bought it with the

buyers new confirmed shipping address

and the phone all packaged up I was able

to head to my local USPS store and

mailed the package I was then able to

take the tracking number and insert it

into the listing on swap and call it a

day in a few days the buyer received the

package and then was able to give me a

rating on swap and that was it so there

you go that is how you sell your old

device on swap off for cash please like

this video if you found it helpful click

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cellphone plans prices and features I'm

Stetson thank you for watching and I'll

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