I Sell Cool on the Street

thank you so much congratulations okay

miss Bali I'm Ali and you may remember

me from such things as the cool badge

infomercial yes I developed the

technology to make you cool and I so

cool on the internet and now I've got to

make hundreds of cool badges but sitting

at home alone making cool doesn't sound

cool and also I think I should sell cool

to people in person in LA in a

high-traffic area so today I'm gonna

make a booth where I can manufacture

cool badges on the street and sell cool

to people that walk by I will be making

people cool in person for three dollars

I need to design what my retail

establishment is going to look like all

right not that I'm making a lemonade

stand as an adult but that might be

what's happening here they almost got a

woodshop membership for this but then I

realized I could probably do it from the

comfort of my own home with a little

ingenuity when I bought these the guy

was like be careful they're flimsy and

now that's fine I'm totally just gonna

stack them on top of each other and then

use it to support this big heavy right

it's already looking like the drawing I

did it oh haha

anyway I stripped one of the screws so I

had to fix it aggressive also quit

judging I haven't worked with wood since

calm sweet you got some structure

absolutely a suitable cool manufacturing

surface we need a sign okay yeah great

this is gonna look ridiculous and this

is just about the perfect width using

foam core because you just kind of

finding a bandsaw and from past videos

you might be familiar right now I'm not

gonna be sawing anything with this it's

just the only straightedge I have in my

house ah now make some 3d letters

because that sounds cool I have to do a

little math thing to get this grid right

are you impressed

and basing this on one of the coolest

typefaces Cooper black one

definitely not regretting choosing not

to do this with a bandsaw

oh yeah the science turning out doe I

mean cool now it's time to get this

booth painted blue and white the exact

shades of these two walls huh what are

the odds I'm painting it blue because

obviously blue is a color on the cool

spectrum but mostly because it's what I

have left after paying my apartment have

to do a bit of a wardrobe change for

this part it's looking old we'll see how

this goes yeah I don't know if I'm

remembering incorrectly but the stirs at

home people used to be free they're not

now obviously I didn't pay for any so I

will be ruining a knife too now I just

realized that ruining a knife is

actually more expensive and so the pain

for the wood piece is fine I'll still

use it oh yeah

thank you got a great ready to go this

is why I need pants that are basically

like wearing a towel

did I need to paint the already white

letters whiter No do I aim to create the

highest quality outrage as possible cool

I mean yes look yeah the blue and white

is looking awesome together this is

great the summer after my freshman year

of college I actually got a job painting

walls the guy doing the hiring was like

you don't want to do this it's not

moving your career forward it's not an

internship you're just painting walls

and I was like okay hire me then for

those three months I was the only person

that didn't use painters tape on the

edges and when we were going around

outlets or when two colors touched up

against each other's and so I cultivated

that skill and look at me now guy that

hired me to paint because I'm using it

for my career those perfect edges right

up to the white wait a minute loser this

is a cool booth we got to get rid of

that okay

close call all right

I can't even see it it's just

disappearing into the wall I need some

help with the coolest sign so I brought

Lindsay along and I'm like coolest most

positive friend so Lindsay has a

positivity YouTube channel help perfect

I have a motivational channel where I

give advice and help you achieve your

goals and get through whatever you're

going through this is like part of it I

wanted to do a random act of kindness

there now we're selling cool I still

think it comes in there and I know it

totally does this is a this is a D our

retail establishment district

on my chocolates USP they didn't charge

me to print out this on page how awesome

is that

it's a word yeah I developed the

technology to make people cool and

selling $50 maybe maybe it's less

trouble just like tell them the baby

I was going to say wheel but like just

gorilla go for it and then I realized it

would cost found some dollars and

possible six months in jail if we do

that for me I'll make you cool for three

dollars a button I wrote it

I'm cool

we pool but we can be way cooler

I agree how it's just one at a time

right one

only like 399 to go you can be for $3

you do it's only three dollars and then

I maybe

what do you say

so I went

we are all the same it's true

oh I can see credit cards you can pay

thank you so much congratulations

appreciate this for sale okay it's cool

now I'm so excited

very neat

I put a lot of thought into it that

means a lot like your presentation

I like that title I'm weed Lord third I

am the brand ambassador

on the street she said people are crazy

about their spot but they accepted us


a guy called us cool

do you have anyone is your change back

thank you so much enjoy being cool cool

I'm trying to figure out what's going on

though do you write everyone custom or

do you write it yourself or what yeah

I'm customer ID I'm cool I'm cool until

then I'll give this to you and that's


on price

you want to be cool

one guy who owned for a trade and that

we sold to

so it's going really well and please

tell me yeah yeah we're making people

it's going great it's awesome people

love it

yes oh thank you I kind of already thank

you I like it that you don't need my


you seem like you should for sure if I

lied to you you probably infect my


keep the change oh thank you what a


not even any place before shooting oh

you want me to make you one right now I

appreciate that you want your own that

you see yours

who knows who wrote it they might have

not even a cool person secondly

tonight so maybe I'll see you then

getting cool photos with people just

making obviously anything Freddie made

my day and that girl what is he so cool

she had to go make a business call so

it's just me for now

what would you like me well you know

I know that I've achieved is entrepeneur

people don't know yet

you guys have a nice yeah

like to be cool like that'll never

happen good luck


they said yes cool and I'll give this

badge you

so I feel like we've got a really great

today and also I was hitting entirely

too cool so success did it like three

whole people and a Freddy Krueger okay

school today thank you so much I

appreciate your help thanks for watching

I am please don't tell many people

changed the world dollar check out her