How To Set Up An E-commerce Shop | Storenvy Tutorial Guide

everybody so I'm doing a video on

Storenvy today I tried to do one before

but unfortunately that video didn't go

as planned so and I was told that nobody

can hear me after a while so I'm redoing

the video for you guys and gonna take me

through how to set up a shop and the

whole store and the logistics because

star NV is really really good food if

you're just starting out and wanting to

start a shop and I've used it before but

and I currently have a shop on a better

man the process of switching over from

here to Shopify because Shopify does

more that this is really the story of

use a really good platform to set up

shop if you're looking to get started

and open up your own shop so it guide

you through how to set up your own and

teaching you a little bit more about the

logistics oh so guys this is store

anything like I said you can go and open

up your own shop can literally get

discovered by a bunch of people and you

have you got a free custom online store

and it's also a social marketplace and

I'll get into a little bit about what

that is after I guide you through on how

to set it at the shop and basically I'm

gonna just guide you give you a little

guide before I uni set up so you're able

to build and grow your online business

with one easy platform you can upload

your products you have two great choice

to sell and you can be awesome so you

get access to millions of shoppers and

you get to grow your business and in the

process now I this is free to start and

this is why I said

really good for you if you were looking

for a way to start your own business I

will be doing a thorough detailed blog

post and I will put in the description

at some point why not you to blog post I

will put in the description but the

video this video will be linked to it'll

be linked so my my blog post and a video

I'm gonna be linking blog post the

videos and videos the blog post because

I think that's like the best thing to do

right now but that's a whole other topic

so know easily you can easily promote

your business you the story on your

marketplace work like a social network

for shopping for your store and be

following and gain exposure to new

customers so can get Watchers you get

sales shop go to watch your store will

be notified every time you're adding

products to the market please you got

exposure the soccer community votes on

their favorite products for you the more

MMD's your products gets the much closer

in your business will see you monitoring

them via the category pages and search

results and then then there's the option

of getting featured the more active in

your business Scouts in the marketplace

the greater the chance your business has

of being featured then you also get a

free customizable online store your very

own professional online store you can

customize it to look like your business

each team ll see you soon as you've

owned the domain fast and easy set up a

store in five minutes the store a store

every store admin panel is designed to

be simple and fun to use there's all the

features that's mean to a great store

and nothing you go so it's really easy

to use either here when you're just

starting out I'm gonna learn and grow

you can accept payments from stripe and

PayPal this part this whole plus and


and actually knew all of this actually

used to be free and then somehow they

changed it so it's not the same anymore

but regardless I still think that it's a

good platform to start on in terms of

leveraging your market and building a

business online because it lets you off

it free and it's like you don't get the

custom domain but I realize that a lot

of these things that start you off with

free they like it's not the same because

don't say it's free and then ends up not

being free so this is floor and be the

only thing I can think of it has like

100 percent free and easy to use and

plus and for 19 $14.99 like I guess I

just this all new when you guys can take

it upon yourself to like go over like

the pricing but plus you get $14.99 a

month pro $29.99 a month like I don't

really need all these extra products or

to go one just one episode for you guys

I don't you add all this extra stuff so

3d it's just perfect unlike my other

shot and a half where I need all this

I'm not gonna spend 20 30 dollars I'm

using this platform when I can go to

Shopify and you spend to $30 a month and

I might as well use that because it's

better better for me in terms of the

plugins I'm able to use for Shopify so

by the strap I'm setting up three is

about like the best way for me to like

go through it so guys I'm back I had to

take a little break because I had to set

up my account and start my accounts so

as you can see I already signed up

already for a store and it's already

already put everything in and so it says

that you've created a store and restored

Bob a united you're on your way

a certified store owner it gives me my

market place and custom store URL so

both of these stores are currently

closed and they will not be viewable to

anybody be until I say it's opened and

obviously I'm not done I have to add the

products but I only have like five

products to add so setting this up is

gonna be super super super easy for me

um you have the two stores and you have

your admin panel and if you need help

you can obviously go to the support

section or go to help so I'm gonna walk

you through the back portal of all of

this so you guys can see that so this is

the admin merchant admin panel as you

can see it says that my store is

currently closed and I'm on the hoppiest

plan but I would have to upgrade if I'm

gonna do anything else but we're not

gonna do that and the only thing I have

is Marketplace on cart abandonment you

use the Beeman you can see your sales

I'm right here shipping insurance but I

don't really need to worry about that

because I'm selling something digital so

it doesn't matter then you have

storefront you store every storefront

fees on your current you I can basically

tell you this expense commission on your

storefront orders which will allow you

to hide your fees near price you we will

allow you to choose what's best for your

storefront so on your storefront orders

you can either allow your customers to

pay the storefront Angeli fees by

default or you can pay a six percent

commission on your storefront orders

which will allow you to hide our fees in

your price and we will allow you to

choose what's best for you I'm not sure

used to upfront

see I don't really understand this so I

just need just long cuz this is like

kind of movie so I'm just gonna leave

that alone you can see your recent

orders recent ratings your storefront

visitors how many people top four Frank

right URLs your most you products

systems all good you can most envied

products that sellers top buyer

countries Google Analytics you know

these are all the the gist of what's

what like I said that plan thing this is

a new thing that they just did this was

not here before I don't know when they

influenced put this in place but it's

new I don't really like it too much but

like I said this is really good for you

if you really really want to start a

store but you don't have enough upfront

cost to starting the store so that's

works out in your favor and you can

start with this make some money then

switch over to switch over Shopify or

staying in upgrade it's your own so

you're cute and choosing but I'm just

trying to give you guys you know

something else to look forward to and

something else that you can use as a

reference so now I'm gonna guide you on

how to set to upload products this is

where you can go to upload your products

minutes products Mint collections export

products import products and bulk edit

Marketplace price and you add a new

product I have my manage collection I am

actually going to probably do a

collection first to be on the safe side

and then be open okay so this is how you

go to create a new collection so I'm

going to create a new collection

and titling is the busy busy boss if you

wanna upload an image that represents

your collection you can do that I'm

probably not going to do that ghost host

feature Friday save the collection

return okay so we have that and I'm

going to make another one store eBay

not gonna add anything in the

description for anything right now so

really that alone so that's how you

create collection so we're back to add

adding a new product so we're gonna add

a new product and this is regular

this is ghost toast let's just say ghost

those for 1125 not gonna add a sub

category because obviously like I don't

really need it

I guess I guess it go into tech I'm not


I mean specialty everything else I add

it to the collection I'm not gonna add a

I'm not gonna add a description right

now I'll do that when I'm not recording

because this is just to show you what

I'm doing this is the shipping notes


and you can add your tag Instagram

followers game and train services state

changing save changes and that is how

you a product I will show you

pinball up the product is my right here

this is a shock all when you go to busy

boslough it's right there actually you

will not be there

so oh you can also up to do the very

ends and different stock levels so like

you can do that have an image all that

extra stuff so this guide you on what

you have to do next so I added one

product I loved more when I'm done you

can update your business info your

payments you shipping your facts and

then using launch your store what you

did that so think about a business as

well have your logo I don't have one yet

the name on your bank business phone

business tight so priorities you can add

your links so I can add my links to my

Instagram busy balls and stodgy the game

calm balls busy Boston and you have

picture there I'm just going to add that

for now then

Save Changes okay Save Changes now that

works then you can add your stripe

account and connect to PayPal for

billing get paid Billings I'm not gonna

connect those I'll connect those off

camera um in terms of shipping these are

digital products so I don't really don't

much worry about this shipping so that's

kind of irrelevant and then we had back

page thank you message what is your

return exchange policy to accept yeah so

this is this is it she think you cannot