How To Make Money Selling Shoes On StockX App (Beginners Guide)

today we're going to be talking about how to sell shoes on the stock eggs

website so I'm going to teach you all the tips and tricks is very simple

process but I'm gonna help you go through it step by step and then that

way you can learn how to sell shoes and make money as well and never take any

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helps out the algorithm oh so much I picked these up recently the other day

but they were a size eleven and a half our size thirteen so the best way to do

is try to sell these or do something else to get them in my size so what I'm

gonna do is put these on stock X website and show you the process of how to list

the sneaker and then I have another shoe that I already have sold so I'll show

you how that process works we'll ship that shoe out and then at the end of the

video you guys should have a good understanding on how to do everything

from there so the first thing that you're gonna want to do is go to the App

Store and download the star eggs app once you have that app downloaded then

you're gonna go on login and create an account you can link it to your Facebook

page or you can create a new account with a new email what you're gonna want

to do is make sure that you have a payment method so if you have a PayPal

that is always convenient for me I can get my payments done through PayPal and

connect that through there everything runs smooth and seamless so again you

can go set up a PayPal account on PayPal comm and that is free for you as well

and then from there there are fees for transactions and different things like

that there's no actual account fee to have a

PayPal so that's a great way to hold your money and transfer it to your bank

account or you can pile the money in your PayPal account and make purchases

from there and try to treat that as your business account compared to your normal

checking account that you usually would have that's another way for people to

manage your money and understand what sneaker money and what's regular

lifestyle money so once you have all that setup you're now gonna be on the

home page here and you're gonna see all different types of things like popular

brands Jordan Jeezy Nikes adidas then you're gonna see the

most popular selling sneakers that are trending right now what are the Hot

Topic shoes one of those prices going for then you got your newest Louis ass

price you got your new highest bids and then you got your release calendar to

let you know what's coming up in the future or what just recently dropped so

you can understand how to kind of track the market I understand what shoes to

buy and what shoes to sell so now people have the simple question of how do you

sell the shoes on the app for me I have this shoe right here the Air Jordan 3

red cement unite whatever you like to call it I'm gonna look it up into the

search bar and I know this is like the Air Jordan 3 Ritz and me so we have the

Air Jordan 3 fire red is what they have it listed as this is not the shy version

mine is already populated to a size 13 but this is 11 and a half so I'm gonna

select the size 13 category and then it's gonna pop up all the different

sizes and all the different prices from there I'm gonna click on 11 and a half

another kind of show me what the market is for this shoe and I can scroll down

and see the trends of the shoe and what people are selling this shoe tap typical

sales right now are going for 230 closer to around that price so if I wanted to

sell this shoe which I probably wouldn't because I don't think it'll be a wise

decision but I'll just show you anyways how the process works we'll click on the

sale button here and then I'll pop up everybody else's beating prices what

other people want to pay for the shoot not what they're willing to settle this

you for it so then I'll click on the size eleven and a half and now I'll be

able to see my asking price or the sale now price so basically right now in this

world somebody is willing to buy the shoe for two hundred and twenty dollars

if they purchased the shoe for two hundred and twenty dollars the payout

would then be one hundred and ninety 6.47 sync now the retail on the shoe if

you didn't pay any taxes or have any fees was two hundred dollars so that

means you're gonna lose somewhere around three dollars in some change if you were

to sell the shoe at two hundred and twenty two dollars for example let's

just say that I bought the shoe for two hundred dollars retail and I wanted to

try to turn a profit or at least just make a buck right Louis asking price

which somebody else is willing to sell it for two hundred and thirty dollars so

we're gonna click on two twenty nine and this is what usually drives down the

market somebody else at all bid one dollar less one dollar lesson next thing

you know they drive the prices down and then the buyers have a chance to get the

shoe for a good deal if I were to sell the shoe for 229 as

you see on here the payout is now two hundred and two dollars and sixty seven

cents about the shoe for two hundred dollars and now my profit is two dollars

and 67 cents yay right so you see what I'm saying

certain shoes show you that maybe it's not worth selling and now maybe it's

worth holding it on later or if you think the shoe is gonna go down in value

maybe it is worth selling it now because it might go down in value or because it

hasn't released yet you know there's a lot of factors which comes to another

part of the game so I'm gonna post a shoe for 250 dollars and that's gonna

give me 221 I'm gonna ask over the normal asking price and then you accept

yes I have the sneaker box yes this is authentic I'm able to ship in two days

once the sale happens and then I confirmed the asking sale from there and

now it says hey you've successfully listed the shoe for two hundred and

fifty dollars it is now live size 11 half doc X requires that sneakers are

dead stock and a hundred percent authentic whatever it is that comes with

the sneaker you have to have everything that comes with the shoe so you can't

just try to keep the Hang tag or different things like that otherwise

they'll send it back to you and they'll not give you the sale and they'll kick

the money back and you won't make any money and you'll have to pay for

shipping step number two it says buyers have the option to bid on your sneakers

or buy them immediately so what that means is just like we saw earlier with

the bids people are able to bid on the shoe to try to get you to accept a lower

offer or you can stay firm with your sale price and say hey this is all I

want to sell it for I don't want to go any lower and you can wait until the day

that that sneaker sales sometimes it takes a really long time and sometimes

you can over bid what the shoe is worth and people sometimes buy it so don't

always be gung-ho to just go ahead and sell it for that lower price and not

make as much money if you're patient and you know that you can afford to be

patient and you know the shoe that's gonna hold its value be patient and

you'll get your money it always works so always try to do that to stay ahead of

the game and that way you're never losing any money just trying to say I

flipped some shoes yet you didn't turn a profit or you took a five dollar loss

for no reason so step number three it says stock X is not an option so

sneakers are not automatically sold to the highest bidder which means yeah they

could be $1.00 underneath your bid but that doesn't mean there's an expiration

date or anything like that once you say yes to those bids then it's

a sale but there's never any sale unless you accept that or they buy now on your

price that you request it when it comes to your shoes being listed on the stock

X app they're normally listed for 30-day period and then from there you have to

refresh that listing cuz it expires and then they want you to repost it again so

every 30 days if that shoe has not been sold yet you have to remember to refresh

that listing and say hey I'm still looking forward to selling this shoe and

that way it lets the app know that you still have it and you're still trying to

sell it so that way people don't just put stuff on there and forget about it

and then it sells and they don't have it number four the last step it says you

can accept the buyers bid at any time to complete a transaction so people have

accepted low low bids before and literally just dumped shoes for the very

low which can be advantage for you when you're buying sneakers not selling

sneakers never sell it for that low a little bit right I always try to get as

much as you can for it but that's another topic in another video on how to

get shoes for a steal on stock X and how to get those great deals but we can talk

about that in another video so we're gonna hit the finish button now and we

are going to have a live it so now I said your current asking price is two

hundred and fifty dollars and I can update that on the update button right

here and change my asking price and go down to match the market but I know

personally I would like to make more money so for me it makes more sense to

just let the shoe sit let it ride let the numbers do its course and you know I

can afford to wait on selling the shoe personally I'm probably gonna take it

down after this out but I'm just using this as an example for you guys because

I have a new strategy on how I plan on trading these for size thirteen when I

go to sneaker car so stay tuned for that video as well but that's basically the

gist of how you get your shoe listed onto the site how it works how people

bid and they can do everything like that and then from there once the shoe sales

I'm gonna now click on a different category so I just sold these I have a

few pairs of these cleats and all different colors and all these different

things I say hey I'll need an extra pair so it's easier for me to sell them and I

think I can get a good price for them right so I posted them for two hundred

and fifty dollars the fee was eight percent plus payment processing fee

another three percent at the end of the day my total payout ended up being two

hundred and twenty one dollars and twenty five cents now

retail on this cleat was like 125 bucks or something like that

so as you can see I was able to profit almost $100 off of this cleat by just

letting it sit over time letting it sit around this cleat was selling for let's

go back and look actually a hundred and nine dollars one hundred and twenty

dollars two hundred dollars and then myself recently for two hundred and

fifty dollars so I was patient with the market and I was able to sit around and

wait wait wait because I knew somebody else will buy that shoe for that price I

just didn't get you know anxious or needed the money or anything like that

where I drove my price down on myself competing against myself trying to get

that sell so if you can be patient if you can't afford to be patient trust me

it's worth it because as you can see I was able to make a quick profit of $100

off of a cleat like this and I have multiples of it so for me it's a win-win

so let's go now and talk about how to ship it out and how to complete the

order and make that money so the next step is printing the label getting the

shoes ship that waiting for it to get confirmed and authorized once it gets

authenticated then you get your money paid out to your PayPal and I'll show

you how that works so what you're gonna want to do is print

the label you're gonna click on label print print label whatever you wanna

call it they're just gonna show you right here than us a pretty label then

you're gonna select your printer and you're gonna print that out once you

print that shipping label out then you're gonna now take that label put the

shoes and the original box into a shipping box you cannot ship just the

Box you need to ship the box of shoes inside of a box once you ship it inside

that box you're gonna take that label put it on top of the box tape it drop it

off at the post office once you drop it off at the post office you're gonna wait

for two to three days sometimes four days depending on the day that you ship

out and they will get the shoes authenticate the shoes and once they are

authenticated they will then pay out the money to your PayPal account and from

there the deal is done you made your money everything is good

to go so it's a pretty smooth pretty simple process and if you are right and

strategic with how you price your sneakers you can always win because it

will show you how much money you get paid out for the price that you're

asking for and if you're never ever ever impatient and don't try to drive the

prices down like other people do you can be patient you can make some good money

off of this app but it's also bigger wise and being patient

so if that was helpful I hope it was if you guys have any other questions let me

know I have other tips and tricks on how to never lose money and how to always

get good deals on stock eggs so if you guys want to see those different things

stay tuned for that I'm gonna be dropping some videos about stock and

stuff this week so also stay tuned for those show you guys how to get started

on investing on not just sneakers but other things with life stock investments

you name it different things like that with real estate all different type of

stuff I'm excited to introduce that stuff to you guys I hope you guys enjoy

this my name is DJ don't forget to Like comment share and subscribe I'm going