How To Sell Sneakers On StockX (MAKE MONEY)

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make it rain yo what's going on you

could wish you boys sneak her life back

with another video and I've been meaning

to make this video for the longest time

because I remember when I first heard

about this feature now obviously I may

be extremely late on this it's just

something that I learned most recently

so I figured I'd share that knowledge

with a lot of you that didn't understand

the process or didn't really know how to

work because personally I didn't know

how it worked and that's selling shoes

on stock X or any type of items now

obviously there's tons of other websites

that you can sell stuff on you sell

sneakers you can sell them on Instagram

you can there's there's a lot of

different ways but I'm just dedicating

this video specifically to stock X for

you guys I will make other ways to

making money I have if you haven't

already checked out my other channel

Mike I made a video about why goals are

important and making money I'm also

gonna make another video involving money

for you guys cuz there's just so much

money out there and I want you to have

the tools and the resources to be able