How To Profit On The Steam Community Market (Updated)

hello and welcome i am chef getty and

today i'll be giving you

everything you need to know about how to

make money on the steam

community market almost a year ago i

made a similar guide

check that video out if you haven't

already i will be teaching you

the number one way that i make money on


buying and selling low float cs go skins

on the steam community market

there are other ways to make money on

steam i also invest in the steam market

but i can go over those

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before we begin making money there are a

few things that we're gonna need

first and foremost you have to

understand that these methods

are not free you need to have a little

bit of money in order to make money

don't worry though you can start with

even as little as a dollar

if you don't have any money in your

steam wallet i recommend checking your


inventory for stickers backgrounds


other things that sell for a few cents

each anything you can get rid of

in order to get a little bit of money in

your account

next you're going to need to make sure

you have steam guard activated on your


to be able to have access to the steam

community market

next i highly recommend getting one of

these browser extensions

steamwizard steam inventory helper there

are a few

these are free and all safe to use


and most importantly you will need to

understand what a float is in cs go

a float is a number used to represent

how worn as skin is in more detail than

just a where

it is a number between zero and one

factory new floats

range from zero to point zero six nine

nine nine

minimal wear ranges from point zero

seven zero zero zero

to point one four nine nine nine nine

field tested goes from point 15 to point


and so on so forth to make money

we're gonna be looking for these low

float skins at a normal

or below market price and you're going

to be selling it for a lot more

you might be asking how does this work

why do low float skins sell for more

well this is a great example here

here are two p250 whiteouts

with minimal wear as you can see

one has a low float and one is not

as you can see even though it's the same


with the same wear minimal wear

the one with the lower float makes a

huge difference it looks a lot cleaner

collectors people that do trade up

contracts and people in general that

just want nicer skins

will pay more for skins that have a low


now that you understand what we're doing

this is how we're going to start making


step one find a skin that you can sell

for more than market price

i would stick with minimal wear and

factory new skins when you're just

starting out

take a look at the graphs of recently

sold skins

you must find a skin that has bumps in

the graph like this

these spikes and prices indicate that

people are buying low float skins for


if the graph looks like this this means

low float

doesn't really matter in this case so

they're not worth looking at

so make sure it has these spikes step


now that you've chosen a skin to look

for bookmark it so you can check back

later on

this is a small list that i have of

things that i look for on a regular


these are some of the popular skins that

i look for because they're bought and


regularly activate your browser


and we can begin our search step three

view all the floats of the skins on the

first and second pages

what we're looking for are skins with as

low of a float

as possible but remember it has to be at

or below market price

to be able to sell it for more for

minimal wear you want it to be as close

to .07

as possible the lower the better but as

long as it's under 0.099

it should be able to sell for more for

factory new you want to get

as close to .0000 as possible

the more zeros the better but as long as

it's under 0.02

you should be okay but use your

discretion check the market price

step four buy the skin

and check out your competition as you

scroll through the pages eventually

you're gonna find

other people who are also selling low

float skins

check the price that they're selling it

at to decide what price to sell yours at

sometimes their prices are really good

and you're not going to be able to beat

it and still make a profit

so it's better to wait a few days for

theirs to sell before listing yours

other times their prices are a little

bit too high so it's better to undercut


so yours will sell first

step 5 list your skin

and have some patience depending on the

supply and demand of the skin

and the price that you listed at

sometimes the skin will sell within the


other times it might take a whole week

to sell if it's been over that

consider lowering your prices because

either there's someone selling a low

flow for less than you

or your price is just simply too high

you'll get a notification

and an email when your skin sells and

you'll have the money in your steam


step 6 rinse and repeat obviously the

more money you have in your wallet the

more skins you'll be able to buy and


you can sell up to 200 in a year and

that's pretty much all there is to it

this is my favorite and most reliable

method of making money on steam

when i started doing this a couple years

ago i started with 20 dollars

and got over 500 back i use all the

profits on new games

and other steam items if you follow this

outline of the guide

you too can make a lot of money from the

steam community market

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thank you for watching good luck on your

search and i hope to see you in the next