well hello my friends it's bob and I'm back again with another video today I'm

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I'm looking at selling one of my shares in fact all of my shares of a particular

ETF today so I'm gonna take you along for the ride

and we're gonna go from there so what I'll do is I'll pop up my screen right

over here as you can see i have a wealth of little investments here on

stash but here's the one I'm looking at getting rid of

home sweet home so there's a couple things that when you click

on let's say you own so right now i own home sweet home and I'm going through

here and as you can see you can look at your position the

overview and you can also look at how many funds

this particular ETF holds carrier and some of the different

housing and development and construction companies

also you can look at transactions now these are the transactions that

either you have made by either buying or selling shares of this particular etf or

stock as well as any dividends you got but

let's get right down to the point guys what you want to do here is we want to

sell I'm going to hit sell and then for this

screen right here I always choose other you can go through and you

can select whatever you'd like keep in mind when you do that they're

going to ask you why or they're going to try to give you

some type of hint I just simply click the other button

and hit continue now next screen is going to ask you

how much do you want to sell i am going to sell a total of

dollars and 17 cents that's my entire value of this ETF of home sweet home

so I'm going to type in 33 17 so that way

I'm selling all shares hit continue and then there's a little acknowledgement

button below on this confirmation screen part of the financial practice it does

take two business days for the funds to show up as available

for you to use so you do need to acknowledge that

that's what this is also telling you about date cash is available

one important thing here guys if you're getting into stash

and you're still in debt or you're getting into stash and you're worried

about getting money back very quickly into your bank account i

gotta caution you and say don't do this stash robinhood and all the different

investing apps are not meant to be an emergency

fund they're not meant to be something that you can get

cash quickly this is about long-term growth

and building wealth let's move on here i'm going to confirm this date cash

available great sell all of my shares of home sweet home

you can see it's thinking and now it's going to schedule the sell

order stash has certain windows in which they can tender the trades of

different shares and stocks so when that comes up it will sell all

of my shares of stock and you can see my sale will arrive

so then we'll sit here and we will wait um the two or three days it takes for

the funds to show up so what do you want to

talk about for the next three days as we uh

wait for my money to show up so i can i can continue the rest of this stash

review now i'm just kidding i did that all before so now i'm actually going to

show you live what happens there's a couple of things

and by the way the first thing you're going to see

eventually once it starts executing the share

is this right here you can see it says unsettled sales of 33.23

that's the money that was in the home sweet home etf that i owned within stash

and unsettled means it's still going through that process

before it hits portfolio cash so that portfolio cash

that's where you can either transfer it to your bank account or reinvest it into

another stock or another etf or mutual fund another

thing that they'll do is they will send you an email just like

this one right here this is for the one that i just completed that says you sold

3323 of home sweet home and whenever you sell an investment

you'll have access to the funds two business days after the sell date

this is just a us settlement process as i mentioned earlier it's not a stash

thing so that's just the way things are guys

don't think stash is trying to scam you or

or steal your money or anything like that it's just gonna be a two day

waiting period for the funds to settle and again if you sell this on a friday

keep in mind you're gonna have to wait through the weekend

for those funds to be available so now we're gonna skip forward and this is

what happened earlier today i'm gonna pop it up here again

you can see portfolio cash available of 33.23

now right here is where i have a chance to make something

different i can now choose do i want to reinvest which is what i'm actually

going to do today and i'll let you know what etf i'm going

to choose today but i can either do that or i can transfer

that 33 dollars into my bank account keep in mind when the cash hits

portfolio cash there is going to be a waiting period so

the thing with the five-day waiting period the reason they do that is

because of fraud and scams and things like that

there have been issues where people were selling things and things were getting

kind of strange so they do a five day holding period before you're

able to take that and actually transfer it to your bank account

goes back to my earlier statement guys if you're looking to have quick cash

don't do investments get yourself an emergency fund with a liquid

savings account again if you want to just reinvest it you can do that

immediately as soon as it hits portfolio cash

so because it does that this is what i'm going to be doing today i'm going to be

investing in the good old delicious dividend stock

now if you're wondering why why first of all why did you sell home

sweet home and why are you doing the delicious dividends i'll tell

you the thing i like about delicious dividends is the fact that it's just

that this is actually one of the schwab managed accounts and i think they do a

very good job here for a lot of different reasons

and i don't want to bore you to death with all of them but what i will say is

i'm really kind of focused right now on dividend

increased funds my goal right now is to increase my overall dividends how many

dividends which are basically funds that companies

give you either quarterly monthly or sometimes yearly based on their

profit these funds and this particular etf tend

to pay a little bit more in dividends typically on a quarterly basis so every

three months you'll get a dividend and what's cool is it will show up in

your portfolio cash within the stash app for you to then either transfer to your

bank account or reinvest it into another stock or etf so that's it guys that is

how you sell shares on stash it's kind of

straightforward it's to the point it's just a matter of

hitting the button waiting your two days of settlement process and waiting the

five days to transfer your bank account so if you have any questions about stash

app feel free to comment below i will also include a link if you're

interested in getting the stash app where you'll also get a bonus

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[End Screen]