How to Start Selling | Squarespace Tutorial (ft. Will Paterson)


hi guys I will Patterson I'm a logo

designer hand lettering artist YouTube

content creator and an author it doesn't

matter if you're a large or small

business or even just a one-person

powerhouse having an online store is

essential for reaching a wider base of

customers and no matter what kind of

products or services you're selling

Squarespace is the perfect place to

start your online store in this video

I'm going to be showing you how you can

list items for sale write-up

descriptions and how you can get paid by

people collecting payments though who

doesn't like getting paid to begin let's

look at some of my products that I've

got listed on my store a product listing

page is the start of your store layout

where you can add products and good

clicking on an item will open the

product description page which includes

the product description multiple images

to view and an option to purchase to add

a product to your product listing page

we'll go into pages I click on the plus

icon so let's click on products give you

a public page a title click on the plus

button one more time and select the type

of product you're selling all of my

items can be downloaded once purchased

so I'm going to choose digital product

in the next window you'll be able to

click on the product description page

which will provide all the information

about the item in one place in the item

tab you can add images of your product

the title price

and short description Squarespace also

allows you to add multiple images of

your products which gives customers a

more detailed look and may lead them to

purchase a read a useful feature for

your online store is the ability to add

tags and categories which helped

organize all of your products this

allows your visitors to navigate to

other items that you may sell by

clicking on the category navigation link

or by searching for a tag once you're

ready hit save and publish this sets

your product as available for purchase


well I hope this video helped kickstart

your online store if you did enjoy this

video subscribe to squarespace's channel

to view more how-to videos from me let

me know in the comments down below what

products you're planning on selling and

I'll see you in the next video bye