How To Get Started with Selling On Spreadshirt Print On Demand How Much I Make

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we're gonna be talking about Spreadshirt

how much I've made on the Spreadshirt

platform so far and also how to quickly

upload products and do a little bit of

research to make sure your products are

actually found by buyers on the

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selling products on so that being said

let's go ahead and hop over to

Spreadshirt now if you guys aren't

familiar with Spreadshirt this is a

ecommerce site where you can buy all

kinds of different products everything

from phone cases to you know as you guys

can see here we have t-shirts tank tops

polos hoodies you know we have babies

and toddlers kind of stuff we have you

know phone cases bandanas so they have

all kinds of different products on here

and the really nice thing about this is

this is our traditional print on a man

method work we can upload a product

design so I'll just show you guys the

example we're going to use today so I

have this design right here I just

freaking love turtles okay I can

literally take this design upload it

into the Spreadshirt back-end here and

then they're gonna put it on t-shirts

for me so if I go ahead and search for

let's just do turtle shirt since we're

gonna be using the turtle niche as our

example today I'll upload a design and

they'll automatically put it as you guys

can see here on these t-shirt mock-ups

and if I click into any of these it's

also going to populate on a bunch of

other products so we can see that it's

automatically pushing this design to all

these different products so buyers have

a lot of different choices so if

someone's coming here and searching for

a turtle t-shirt or turtle fun case or

whatever there's tons of different

options for them to buy and all of these

are printed by Spreadshirt sent to your

customer and then you just get a royalty

for every sale you know it's normally a

couple dollars depending on what you

actually set your price point

now Spreadshirt does it's not the

biggest platform when it comes to print

on a man but they still do get about

nine million monthly visitors so it's

definitely something to consider

especially if you guys already have you

know 10 20 30

designs maybe a thousand designs this is

a great way to actually bring those

designs over onto this new platform and

start making some additional income for

your print-on-demand business and really

just grow that income to reinvest in

your business so I'm just gonna hop in

and show you guys really quick how much

I've actually made so far I've just been

on the platform for now about five

months and I'll just show you guys the

breakdown so in those so the last 30

days I've done 14 sales and I'm making

about $3.00 per sale so $42 my math

right there you have $42 you know I'll

just show you guys in the last six

months since I started kind of getting

onto this platform we've done 31 total

sales so just shy of a hundred dollars

on the platform and that's just with a

handful of designs so not a crazy income

stream for me yet but this is something

that I'm continuing to push designs over

to and slowly build up more and more

just to add to my revenue stream now now

we're actually gonna get into actually

how to do the upload process and how to

speed this up a little bit there's a

good tool I'm going to show you guys so

the first place that I actually start is

on the main Spreadshirt site and what

I'll do is just search for a product

that I plan on listing so in this case

the turtle t-shirt and before actually

do the upload I like to get a little bit

of an idea of what is kind of going on

in this niche right so I just want to

look at some of the other designs on

here I'm checking the price point that

they're selling at that's not super

pertinent but we just kind of want to

have a rough idea and then what I'll

actually do is go ahead and click into

some of these so they're sorted by

relevance so obviously the more relevant

once they're popping up at the top based

on our search term here and I just want

to take a look at what they're using for

the title so in this case we have men's

premium t-shirt sea turtle but what

they're actually using for the title of

this design is down here which is just

sea turtle and then they're adding a

description right here and this is what

I like to look at just to see what

keywords these guys are using so in this

case just sea turtle t-shirt hoodies and

accessories and more importantly are the

tags right I want to see what kind of

tags they're putting in but and this is

all gonna come in handy on the backend

once we actually upload the design so

they have obviously turtle turtles sea

life seaside turtle doves sea so

normally I'll go ahead and look at you

know two or three of these just get kind

of an idea of what else people are using

so let's see if they're doing anything

different turtle funny turtle

I'll always be it always be yourself

except if you can be a turtle so again

they have some of the key words in there

and then the tag section again they're

utilizing some of these key words as

well so that being said normally if you

guys are you know going about this

process you're gonna want to spend a

little bit more time here actually doing

some of the research but let's go ahead

and get into actually the upload process

for the sake of saving some time on this

video now the tool that I like to use is

the product or for Spreadshirt Google

Chrome extension this is a free Google

Chrome extension and I'll put a link to

it down below in the description but

once you guys have it installed it just

has a few helpful functionality features

for Spreadshirt and just helping with

our upload process so now that we're in

Spreadshirt again we're gonna hop over

to the designs area now i've already

uploaded this design so i'm gonna go

ahead and click on edit so that we can

actually get this design live and your

you guys are gonna notice at the top

here I have this nice little bar now

this will not normally be on Spreadshirt

so if you guys don't have this Google

Chrome extension this is not going to

show up this is only showing up because

of the Google Chrome extension now

there's a lot of functionality here I

don't use but what I like to use is this

feature right here the product color

selector and by doing this we can

actually easily kind of select colors

that we want without having to go into

every single design so if we don't have

this extension what we have to kind of

do is go in here and choose these are

all the colors that are going to be

displaying this design probably doesn't

really look great on this one so in

order to turn this color off I would

have to come down here and click on this

pink button to actually deactivate the

color which you know if I go through and

do this for every single product it's a

little bit time-consuming so the two

ways that I kind of get around this

number one is if I have a product that I

just maybe want to show on for example

light colors what I'll do is do prefer

light color and then go ahead and click

exclude other colors and hit apply and

it's gonna take a second and I will

caution you guys this tool is a little

bit buggy but as you guys can see it's

taken out all of the colors except for

our white shirt here so it's just

quickly done this for all of the

products so it just makes it really

simple if we just want to click through

I'll show you guys another one you guys

can see it's turned off all the colors

here and we can do the same and switch

to black again sometimes it's a little

buggy so it doesn't always

load you might have to refresh your page

but in this case it did right now so so

now we've turned off all the other

colors and we only have black on so this

is one really easy way to quickly just

change out all the colors rather than

going into each and every one of these

on your own now the other thing that I

like to do up here I don't use any of

this stuff really but is if you want to

change the size so maybe we wanted to

make this a little bit smaller we can do

that here without having to go in again

if we didn't use this we would have to

go in and on every single design we have

to actually manually you know change our

sizing here versus if I click this I can

select my size right here and then hit

apply and it's gonna automatically

change out that size on every single one

so that makes our process here a lot

easier now the other thing I'm going to

tell you guys about in that I use quite

a bit is the template feature so you're

gonna have to create a template but I'm

gonna go ahead and load a template here

and you guys can see I already have a

few in here but I'm gonna go ahead and

choose dark product colors and this is

one that I've just already built out and

you guys can see that once we run this

it should hopefully work that we already


so here we go so all the products as you

guys can see here it's already pulled

off all the ones I didn't want on here

so by using this template and just

loading this up it's automatically going

to populate this pre-built kind of color

scheme so I just already know what I'm

getting so if I have a design like this

one that you know maybe looks good

I think on darker colored products well

it's really easy for me to just love

this template and or I could do the

opposite and just load in on light

colored products as well and the one

last thing here is you can also change

with this product or tool you can

actually change you know what this where

this product is on the t-shirt

right or where the design is on the

t-shirt so if we want to move it up or

down or anything else we could do that

here without having to go into every

single product design so hey guys this

tool is very helpful I definitely

recommend checking it out and without

being said we're gonna go to the next

page I'm just going to show you guys a

few other things now there's two things

that I like here that the product or

tool helps with number one is if we want

we can actually import a sheet here

that's going to auto populate all this

information and then what that sheets

gonna look like this is just a sample

one but is you can go ahead and put in

your description right here add your

tags in right here and then the price

point and then you can actually import

this sheet directly in here and that's

going to automatically put that

information in here so it makes it super

super simple but one other really

helpful way that this tool can come in

handy is if you guys are on any products

page so for example this one maybe we

think this is a great product listing we

want to copy the tags I can actually

click on this little button here that's

gonna be pulled in by the product or

Google Chrome extension and now that

I've clicked that I should be able to

come over here hit paste and as you guys

can see it's gonna paste all of this

stuff in now this is helpful if you guys

already have maybe your own product

listing so maybe if I already had like

three or four other turtle products and

I didn't want to rewrite all this stuff

again super simple for me to just copy

this but it's also really nice if you

guys you know just find a product that

has all the tags that you already want

you can go ahead and copy those in here

now we can see that there's 25 slots for

tags we definitely want to spend some

time here and actually try to fill these

out so you know I would probably delete

some of these off

and this is where again we're gonna want

to do some more research but Turtles

you know turtle shell ocean blah blah

want etc so we're gonna go through that

and just continue kind of adding the

tags in here and then the last step on

this after we've done our name or

description in our tags is just to come

down to the bottom and set the design

price this is again where you might want

to look a little bit at what kind of the

other products are selling for I

normally like to get you know at least a

decent Commission so I'll normally do

with three dollars here again it's

nothing crazy but you guys can see here

you're earning potential for every sale

this product no matter or this design no

matter what the product is we're gonna

make three dollars so you can see what

the total price is gonna be right

Spreadshirt definitely does have some

higher pricing as we can see you know

they're they have a just a normal

t-shirt here well this one's not to

about nineteen forty nine but we can see

there's some you know higher end ones

right 27:49 etc but on all these any of

the sales that go through we're gonna

get a $3 royalty and once we're done all

we need to do is hit create and it's

gonna take a second and that product is

gonna be live on our Spreadshirt

marketplace so I hope that video was

helpful for you guys again I just want

to show you how much I made it was

Spreadshirt so far as I've been kind of

exploring this platform and also just

show you how to easily utilize the

product or tool and the templates built

into Spreadshirt to actually help you

upload a little bit quicker so again let

me know down below in the description or

in the comments if you guys are having

success on Spreadshirt and I'll try to

keep you guys updated as I continue to

put more designs on this platform and

hopefully optimize it and learn a little

bit more about it so I hope that was

helpful for you guys and with that being

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