Society6 - How Much Money I Make (Passive Income Amount Exposed), Pros, Cons, and Tips.

Hello and welcome to design and business conversations for creatives. I'm Cheyney

and today I'm chatting to you about Society6. In this video, I'll cover

Society6, what it is and who it's for, I'll talk about the pros, I'll talk about

the cons, I'll talk about how much I make from Society6, and then I'm just going to

share some tips. Number one, what is Society6 and who is it for?

Society6 is a print on demand website which is literally, it's in the name,

print on demand. So as an artist contributor, I upload artwork to Society6,, and then it's superimposed on a range of products, they

have a huge suite of products, everything from mugs, to clocks, to bedding, to towels,

to furniture, tote bags, backpacks, everything. I mean you name it, there's

everything on there. I upload my artwork to the platform and then it's

superimposed on all these products and it isn't physically made until somebody

clicks the product, puts it in their checkout, and purchases it. So who's it for?

Society6 is for creatives who are wanting to make a little bit of side

income. I know there's some stores on there that make huge amounts of money

and it's probably turned into a full-time gig for them, however, I am not

there yet. For me, it's a nice little supplement to my income. I have a video

that I created a couple of weeks ago about how I make money as a graphic

designer so feel free to check that out, I'll pop

it in the links below. That will give you some other ideas of how to generate some

passive income. Number two, the pros. Society6 has a really nice functionality,

it's a really nice website, it's really really easy to use. When you upload to

Society6, it's "evergreen" so you do the work once and it stays on there. Someone

could purchase it tomorrow or in five years.

The beauty of Society6 is you do the work once, aside from the

marketing but that's a different story, once you do the work it's on there and

it stays on there. Until something happens to the website or unless you

have infringed on someone else's artwork and then they'll take it down and that's

serious business, don't do that. Don't be one of those people. Society6 will pay

you out monthly into a nominated PayPal account and it's super reliable, not only

as a purchaser but as an artist, to receive payments. In my experience, the

products have been really high-quality. I use Society6 as an artist and also as a

buyer. I have some of my products here that I thought I'd share with you and

show you the quality. One of the things that I designed is this dragon-

fruit, fruity, fun, colorful pattern and I put it on, can you see that, this bag. this

little, it's a little carry-all pouch, I think it's called. Amazing, so stoked with

it. I couldn't believe this one in particular is like my favorite. The zip,

super super heavy duty. The print is fabulous, the colors are vibrant, it's

really true to the artwork and yeah, it's just a really good quality pouch. So

that's one of the products. Stickers. I also had this design, I don't know if

that's going to focus, but I also had this design printed on a shirt, a singlet, and

really happy with that. This one here, so happy with that. This here is a shirt

that I, custom design that I did specifically for my partner, excuse the

language, really, really happy with the quality of the shirt. It's really nice,

it's really soft, and the prints pretty good, particularly for being on black.

Tote bag, 'take me to get candy please' so that's quite nice, good quality, and then

I had a whole lot of other products but gave them away as gifts. I had a travel mug

that was really, really, really nice quality again,

it was up there with the little purse. Those two, in particular, stood

out as really great quality. The other thing that I have is the giftwrap and

I designed, it's a line drawing of Auckland Museum. Could probably use that as a

poster, but really great quality as well, really thick, opaque, good quality

gift wrap. Probably the best quality gift wrap

that I've ever used. So to wrap up the pro's, nice website, easy to use, evergreen

content, good quality, and in my experience, quite reliable. Number three, the con's.

Society6 recently launched a new artist studio, they changed the interface of how

you upload your artwork, and tried to streamline it to make it

better. I think they're kind of on the right track, however I always find myself

switching back to the old artist studio. Even in the new and the old artist

studios, it can take a very long time to load your products. Especially in

comparison to some other print-on-demand websites I use. Another one that I found

is, if I wasn't driving traffic to my store I don't know how many sales I

would make. It seems that not many people are on the platform searching, you have

to actively point and direct people to your shop, which makes sense but it's nice

when you're on a platform where the platform is actively trying to send

people to your store. Another thing that I found, and this is from a user point of

view, however I think it does impact the designer because it could impact

people's decisions in the future to place orders with you, is the shipping

costs are separate. So how Society6 works is, say if I were to order the sticker and

this bag, they would be printed in two different

places and so then you're paying shipping for both, there's no way to

combine the shipping. You also can't see, as a purchaser, how much your shipping is

going to be before you commit to the purchase. It gives you a rough estimate,

which, I don't really like particularly, because

I'm in New Zealand, and I know that a lot of these products are coming from the US.

I know this bag is made in the USA, it says so on the tag in the inside

and it might be in a totally different state or even country to where this is

being printed. So that's something that I've, a little bug bear with Society6

where, I know with other print-on-demand websites they combine the shipping, and

tell you up front before you commit to the purchase how much your shipping is

going to be. Number four, this is the juicy part and if you're an artist this is

probably why you've clicked on this video,

how much do I make? Hold on to your hats, it is not much. I kind of go along

thinking that it's a lot and then I did the maths and I'm like, 'hmm okay', so I need to work

a little bit more on that. But I have been on Society6 now for nine months,

so since July last year, and in total I have had 55 sales. Those 55

sales have made me a total of $288 US dollars, so that's an average of

6.1 sales a month, round that down to six, six hours a month and roughly

$32 US dollars a month, so about a dollar a day ish. Not exactly breaking the bank

or paying all my bills, however it's very helpful to supplement my income as a

graphic designer. And lastly, I promised that I'd share some

tips with you on how to get the most out of your Society6 store as an artist. My

first tip is upload frequently. Research keywords and metadata and maximize that,

you're given the option in Society6 to upload 20 keywords, I recommend that you

do your research on these and you're putting in the best keywords for your

product, the most appropriate, the ones that fit your product the best. Placeit,, I've mentioned this in a previous video. Placeit's great, you pay

a monthly subscription. What you can do is upload your artwork and they

superimpose it on to different products and this just offers a little variation

from what Society6 gives you. Society6 will give you your artwork

superimposed on products, however, if you're uploading it to market yourself

on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, which is what you'll need to do

to sell your Society6 products to your audience, it just offers a little bit

of variation and interest and also offers people something that they

haven't seen over and over again. Another tip is don't put all your eggs in one

basket. Any sale that comes in, treat it like a bonus. Other print-on-demand

websites that you can try out, Etsy, Redbubble Spoonflower, Teespring, and

selling direct, which will give you the best margin. iI you can upload your

products onto your website and sell direct, that's great. Thank you for watching.

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