Social Media Marketing Tips - How To Sell More Products On Social Media Using Demo Posts

so I talk a lot about what to post on

social media to stir up more business

but today I want to talk about one post

type in particular that's gaining a lot

of traction and working so so well and

if you can do this right in your

business you can stir up a lot of

business volume I call these post types

demo posts and we're talking all about

them today so stay tuned


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single week so what the heck is a demo

post well if you're on Instagram I'm

sure you've seen them and they're even

getting popular on Facebook the

Instagram right now if you scroll you'll

see a demo post I'll promise you and the

reason why you see so many of them

lately is they are working like

gangbusters basically what a demo post

is is you sharing with people how to use

your product and what benefits they're

gonna get from using it the way that

they're supposed to use it so you can

get creative with this depending on

whatever product or service you're

selling so something that I learned as

far as marketing goes it's very

important if you're marketing a product

or a service you've got to understand

this it's not about what your service is

it's basically what it does for people

so you've got to find a way to take your

prospects on a before and after journey

so what is life like before they use

your product or service so what are they

struggling with what are they having

problems with or what are they kind of

stuck in and then what is life like

after they use your product and you have

to paint a picture and help them to

visualize themselves with the after

state the after using your product or

service so benefiting from using your

product or service and this is

beautifully done in

demo post and a demo post is a very

short video or a short explanation on

that before and after journey so I want

to give you a couple of examples here

I'm going to stop this vid perfect it's

done so in every episode of tanyao Eliza

TV if you tune in each week you know

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business to create results with fast

this week since we're talking all about

the demo posts I want to give you some

examples so you can really see this in

action so I'm gonna be giving you five

post examples demo post examples that

you can use and model when you post on

social media whatever business or

service that you happen to be selling

one of these examples should stir up

some really good ideas for you in your

business if you'd like to get these demo

posts examples that I'm sharing with you

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five demo post examples that I've put

together for you to give you some really

good ideas on how to implement this

specifically in your business now you'll

see some examples if maybe you have a

weight loss product all right so a

weight loss product so what was life

like before and what is life like after

and maybe you have some shakes or you

maybe have a three-step formula or

three-step product three products that

you take in the morning or whatever and

you want to shoot a little demo video of

your before and then you taking the

product each morning so have somebody

film you maybe speed up the video or

whatever and you're you're maybe

drinking your shake you're having fun

with it you're with the kids in the

morning or whatever and demo like what

life is like taking the product and how

easy it is how great it tastes

ever and then share some of your after

results later in the video or buy a

picture or maybe it spices in again pick

up the free resource that goes together

in this episode because I'm gonna give

you some really good examples on how to

do this maybe you're selling a facial

product makeup skincare regime or

whatever so people you using the product

how easy it is how good it feels your

before and afters maybe you have travel

services that you market so what was

life like before when you had to book

your travel how is it did how is life

different maybe it was more complicated

it was more expensive and now using the

service demoing how to use your surface

how easy it is to use your surface and

how much money you guys save and how

much fun you guys have and maybe better

experiences that you have using your

travel services so start thinking about

the before and after and then

documenting it in a demo post this is

probably one of the most powerful things

that you can do in your business because

I really wanted to paint the picture on

a demo post how important they are

they're posting tape that you can use

your business on social media and don't

worry I have you covered again this week

I'm going to give you some really good

examples that you can look at in model

and so if you head over to Tammy Eliza

comm oversize 174 we'll leave a link

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post examples that you can use to model

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sure to pick it up okay so question of

the week if you have some good ideas

drumming up and stern up write down your

head on how you can do your next demo

post or your first demo tips I want to

hear about it in the comment section

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for your next demo

I'd love to see what you have going on

in your brain right now and I'd love to

maybe pass the insight to comment back

to let me know an example that you're

thinking of right now in the comment

section below on what your next Emily

Post is going to be like so did you get

some value out of today's episode I

truly hope the exist if you did and you

know anybody else if you use this


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