HOW TO SELL ON AMAZON IN 2024 (Beginners Guide)

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if you're someone that's considering to

start an Amazon business but you're kind

of confused about exactly which steps

you need to take well in today's video

I'm going to go through the five or six

basic steps that every single beginner

needs to know for them to be able to

start their Amazon business in the right

way from day one and if you're new to

the channel and you've never seen me

before and you're thinking who's this

guy and why should I listen to him

welcome my name is Sam and on this

channel so far I've been able to make a

video every single day to help you guys

when it comes to making money online but

most importantly I was able to start an

e-commerce business selling on various

different e-commerce platforms quit my

full-time job travel the world to

various different locations while still

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