How to Rob Houses in GTA 5!

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in today's episode of GTA 5 RP we're

setting up Hilda and taco on a little

date but little do they know we're on

our way to pick up buddy that I

convinced buddy that held which is his

girlfriend is cheating on him hey buddy

hey yeah oh yeah yeah yeah was it me

good to see that you're you know having

a lot of fun after our relationship

ended okay listen to cry myself to sleep

yeah I'm been crying you are more moody

drive more people you're balding and you

got like six chins my guy good balding

Garrett what's the deal but why'd you

bring her around here man not bode well

I just wanted you to see through your

own eyes bro see what she's telling

herself you know like she was in the

front seat with taco trifling out here

scuse me what the [ __ ] are we talking


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