How to Make a Quote Flow in an Essay : English & Writing Tips

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hi my name is Tina I'm an English

teacher and today I'll be discussing

ways to incorporate a quote into an

essay now there are three ways that you

can do this the first one is to start

with an introductory phrase and these

are phrases that introduce the quote in

different words one of the most common

examples is to start with according to

and you can include the author and then

begin the quote itself the next thing

you can do is try a semicolon a

semicolon is close to an introductory

phrase but instead of having to put

according to the author or the writer

you would put a statement of the main

idea itself so eating right is best

place a colon the quote from whatever

research you found then the period also

make sure to cite everything that you do

when you quote the final thing is you

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