How to add citations and references in research paper, thesis, how to use different citations style

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Hello friends in today's video I am going to tell you how to add citations and references

in Microsoft word, so here I am going to use two references, this is reference number one,

this is reference number two so what I did I copied the content from reference number

1 and here reference number 2, now how to add references and give citations in your

research paper or thesis, so first in Microsoft word there is one option references so first

click references.

So after clicking on references just click on insert citation, here already two references

available i am going to add one more reference, here once you click on add references, here

whether your reference is book, book section, journal article, article in periodical, conference

proceeding or report

Here my reference is a journal article, so select journal article, now here the paper

title i will copy, paste in paper title, second i will copy author name, here i am using only

one author name, copy here in author name, here there may be multiple authors, click

on edit, add author author name, last name and first name of author, add it, if another

author then again last name and first name and add it and ok, So all authors will be

included in author name, now journal name here, here year for example 2009, here pages,

i am just considering this numbers, if you have any other details and you want to include

all those details, click on show all bibliography field, here you can enter the other details

too, for example important is volume number and issue number, so you can add these details.

Now Here is tag name, it is unique identifier of all references, that we are going to include

in your research paper or thesis, so i am using first reference so R1, this R1 name