How to cite or refer to a youtube video using APA Style 7th edition: Tutorial for beginners

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You need Username, Uploading date, Video title, and the Link.

If you only have the creator's username, put it first then the date, the title, then the

word 'Video' within brackets, and the link. In your running text, write, for example:

Which was common during those historical times (Powerwatercat, 2019).

If you need to quote, use timestamps to tell the reader when the quote starts:

In this example, the quote starts 3 minutes and 18 seconds into the video.

If the creator has a username and uploads videos under that nickname but, at the same

time, publically has told everyone about his or her real name, then use both.

Start with the real name and put the username within brackets.

In your running text, use the real name. Smith, 2021, in this example.

If it's an organization, it's just like the previous examples, where you only know the

username. Here, it's YouTube but it could be that other

video platform, Vimeo. End with the link, without a closing period.

Let me end with some tips. In your reference list, the title has to be

in italics. Don't put a period after the links.

Your links can either be in ordinary text or in the form of clickable so-called hyperlinks.

Do whatever you want. Just be consistent.

If you don't know how to create those special brackets, just use ordinary parentheses.

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