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I hope since dr. bolt a handful of you

the other day had some questions about

how to cite Shakespeare within the MLA

format you remembered it vaguely and I

didn't go over it with you but I want to

make this video that way you had some

sort of reference that you could go with

so right now what I'm gonna do I'm gonna

share the screen with you and then we'll

sort of go over it step by step what

needs to be done so we're sharing our

screen at this moment let's sort of make

this larger so you can see it so this is

our remote learning addition of course

there's two things really we're going to

cover in this video and I'm gonna keep

it brief it's not gonna be ten minutes

by any means first of all I'm going to

show to you when you actually have your

textual evidence and you integrate it

into your own sentences how to

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