Quoting Shakespeare (poetry) in MLA style

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hi my name is Meg Griswold and I teach

ninth and tenth grade English at Harpeth

hall and all-girls independent school

that teaches girls in grades 5 through


I'm gonna tell you today about how to

quote Shakespeare in an essay so first

I'm gonna start by showing you my

original source text so here is a scene

from A Midsummer Night's Dream by

Shakespeare and I'm gonna show you how

to quote different lines so first I'm

going to quote just one line of text so

let me show you my essay what my essays

looking like so I want to use a quote

from Shakespeare here's how you do it if

it's one line it looks like this so I've

introduced my quote and now I'm ready to

use it so I'm gonna use quotation marks

and I'm gonna go to the text and

highlight one line I'm gonna copy that

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