Cite Film or TV quotes in text parentheses MLA 8th or 9th edition

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okay I'm going to show you here how to

cite either a moment or a quote from a

film in updated MLA format eighth

edition here I'm quoting a scene and

I've clearly identified the film that

I'm using as well as the character who's

talking and so what I need in the

parenthesis here is the hour minute and

second timestamp of when this quote was

said in the film so I'm watching the

film here I'm Amazon Prime and here's

the moment where she says the line and I

just look over here and I can see at

which hour minute and second that is

happening in the case where you might

have a situation where it's not clear in

the paragraph what film you're talking

about or maybe you're talking about a

whole bunch of different television

episodes or something like that and it's

not you know entirely clear to the

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