Quoting, Paraphrasing and Summarizing

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quoting paraphrasing and summarizing in

business writing you often need to quote

paraphrase or summarize someone else's

ideas to make your point powerfully and

avoid plagiarism you must learn how to

properly refer to other people's work

a quotation is a set of words written or

spoken by someone else use just as they

are with no variation let's look at an

example of a direct quotation from an

article called Instagram co-founders to

step down about instagrams founders from

the September 25 2018 edition of The

Wall Street Journal here's the whole

article but we just want to quote this


in order to use this quote in our

writing we need to indicate who said it

and where it can be found in this way

The Wall Street Journal's technology

contributor diva C theremin said the two

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