Citing Documents with No Author or No Date Using APA Style, 7th edition: Episode 5

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Still working on that paper?

Good thing you left enough time to work on your citations and references.

You may be getting pretty good at citing articles and books, but what do you do if some of the

sources you used are brochures, reports, and other items that don’t seem to have an author?

Hi, I’m Sara and this is Writing Rescue: a video cast designed to help you write or

maybe mark school papers in APA style whether you’re in university, college, or high school.

First, make sure that you’ve seen Episode 1 of this video series on the basics of citing

in APA style.

If you’re dealing with a formally published article like a journal article or newspaper

article, it’s pretty straightforward to create a citation and reference.

For the citation, all you need is the author’s last name and the year of publication.

But some other items, like brochures, reports, newsletters, and some web pages don’t have

authors associated with them.

If you’re looking at a web page, be sure to check out this episode.

For all other types of documents with no author for individual articles, you have to look

for who published it.

If something is actually printed on paper, someone had to pay for that to happen.

Even if you found the information as a PDF document online, someone put it there, and

you need to figure out who.

Look at the small print at the bottom of the item.

It might say something like “Newsletter of the Organization for Better Citing”.

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