How to cite using APA style (7th ed.): Web pages

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This video will provide some guidelines on citing free Internet web pages using APA style.

If you’re trying to cite a journal, newspaper, magazine, or blog article

that you retrieved online or from a library database, this is NOT the best example for that.

In that case, you want to follow our other APA style video for citing articles.

Web pages are probably the most difficult citations to create

because a lot of the information can be hard to find, or missing.

Keep in mind that if you can’t find much of this information, it’s more challenging

to validate that you are in fact using a reliable source.

If you are missing information, visit this page from the APA Style guidelines to see

how you need to rearrange the citation pieces you do have.

Here’s the basic format for a web page.

First is the name of the author or authors, then the date

the information on the page was last published or updated.

Because websites are frequently updated, include as much detail as the page gives you –

if it tells you the year, month, and/or day, include all of that, formatted like this.

Then include the title of the specific page you were actually on, in italics; then the

name of the source or hosting organization if it’s different

from the author; and finally the stable link for the page.

Let’s take a look at this example webpage.

If we can find an individual’s name as an author, that’s preferred, but often we don’t

have one, so APA tells us to use a “corporate author” – the most specific group or agency

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