MLA Short & Long Quotes

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okay this video is going to cover one of

the most important parts of your

research paper as far as the formatting

goes the one of the most often run into

problems on MLA format is how to format

the quotation so again for a more

detailed look you can go to the Purdue

online Writing Lab click on where it

says MLA formatting quotations and it's

going to talk about how do you format

short quotations and long quotations how

do you add or omit words and close

quotations I'm going to show you really

quickly how to do short and long

quotations you should be familiar with

how to do the short quotation format

from our previous lessons but as a quick

review here you can see I have an intro

phrase for this quote I've kind of built

up to it with some background

information I have my initial quotation

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